12 Maid?


Daisy was frightened by the devilish nature that was pushed out with the bowing of the Japanese. She stammered, "My current financial situation is not too good, so..."

The consul, who had been watching the scene, interrupted, "Miss Johnson, please rest assured. You bravely rescued our country's citizens, and we will provide some rewards as a token of appreciation. Miss Matsumoto also has her skills, so you don't need to worry at all!"

The remaining three Japanese women and several consulate staff members all had expressions of "Promise her" written on their faces.

Miss Maki Matsumoto, with an unwavering determination to achieve her goal, waited for Daisy to make a decision.

Daisy couldn't really refuse and was informed by the Japanese consul that they would deal with the criminal elements through official channels, ensuring no repercussions. She could only hazily accept a reward of ten thousand dollars and left the Japanese consulate with Matsumoto, her "retainer."

As the cool breeze blew, Daisy realized the true intention of the smiling consul. He didn't want her to publicize the matter; by accepting this "retainer" and taking a hush-money fee, she wouldn't spread the news.

In this era, everyone valued their reputation. Individuals like the heroine of Daredevil the Night Nurse, who accepted compensation and investigated the truth, were rare.

Marveling at the cunning nature of politicians, the poor Daisy accepted the ten thousand dollars with a smile.

Turning to Matsumoto, she asked about her skills.

Firearms, driving, melee weapons, stealth, assassination—she was not proficient in any of these!

Miss Matsumoto only had a Japanese lawyer's qualification, having not even completed her internship before being deceived into coming to the United States.

Her credentials were not recognized here, necessitating her to retake exams. Moreover, she had to master the language, and now, Daisy had to bear the burden of her food, shelter, and transportation.

On the way, Daisy connected to the internet and hacked into several cameras near the rental house, but the Japanese people she imagined were nowhere to be seen. She suspected that the consulate had given a heads-up.

Nevertheless, Daisy still felt a sense of crisis. In the eyes of Europeans and Americans, Asians might look similar, but the Japanese were different. They had seen Daisy's appearance and the Hell's Kitchen is quite big, but small.

Finding such a stunning beauty like her wouldn't be difficult.

Instructing Matsumoto to wait in place, Daisy called Angela, asking her to stay at her parents' house for a few days. She then quickly ran back to the rental house to pack her belongings.

Some electronic devices have to be taken away, and hackers are passive once they are caught.

Some clothing had to be brought along as well, despite being cheap; they were clothes she had worn, and who knew what perverted things those Japanese would do if they fell into the hands of those Japanese...

Angela's clothes were also collected. With a backpack and a suitcase, Daisy ran out of the rental house.

Meeting up with Matsumoto, they rented an apartment in the predominantly Chinese Brooklyn area.

"Here are two sets of clothes for you. After all, your current outfit is already ruined," Daisy said, handing two pieces of her own clothing to Matsumoto, whose clothes had been torn by the Japanese.

Matsumoto was slightly shorter and inferior to Daisy in all aspects. She obviously doesn't get enough exercise.

After tidying up her room, Daisy was surprised to find that Matsumoto could cook—a pleasant unexpected surprise. Upon further inquiry, she learned that they both had home economics lessons in their country, and girls around the age of ten would typically know how to cook.

This prompted her to feel a bit nostalgic. In the previous life, mostly men had become the cooks.

As a former struggling writer, Daisy could certainly cook, but she was too lazy and, coupled with poverty, never bothered. Now with a bit of money, she rolled up her sleeves ready to help.

"Please don't do this; you shouldn't be doing such things!" Miss Matsumoto firmly refused help, pushing Daisy out without any doubt.

Fine, if she didn't want help, Daisy wasn't the industrious type anyway. After a morning of washing cars, kidnapping Americans, fighting Russians, and beating up Japanese, she was now a bit hungry.

In Europe and America, lunch wasn't a big deal; they had substantial meals in the morning and evening, while lunch was typically improvised. Daisy never quite adapted to this eating pattern.

Now she could finally improve her life a bit.

Not long after, Miss Matsumoto prepared two dishes—one resembling mapo tofu, and the other a stir-fry of vegetables and bean sprouts. In her words, this was "Chinese cuisine." The staple food was plain rice.

"I'm very sorry; the time was tight. I will strive harder in the future!" Miss Matsumoto bowed in a very standard kneeling position, expressing her apology.

Daisy felt very embarrassed; this was already a hundred times better than the bread she had been eating before.

"Let's eat together. It's relatively safe here, but you should still keep a low profile for the next few days."

"Thank you for your trouble!"

After exchanging some pleasantries, the two began their meal officially.

Daisy now possessed superpowers, and her digestive system worked quickly. This was one of the reasons why she was modest in spending; most of her money went into eating.

She really wanted to eat some meat, in large quantities, but Japanese dishes were known for their small portions—delicate but not filling. She managed to finish most of a bowl of rice with two side dishes, but it wasn't even half full.

She really wanted to shout, "I want to eat meat," like Luffy, but after all, they had just met, and she didn't want to leave the impression of a glutton. So, she smiled and said she was full.

After finishing the meal, Miss Matsumoto started cleaning up the tableware and then busied herself with cleaning the room. Daisy, lying down with her legs crossed, felt embarrassed staying inside.

Leaving Miss Matsumoto to tidy up, Daisy went out and bought a bunch of law books and basic English learning materials. She also inquired at the consulate, and they promised to assist in obtaining some routine documents for Miss Matsumoto.

Buying a stack of books, as soon as she opened the door and took off her shoes, she found Miss Matsumoto had finished cleaning the room and was doing the laundry.

"Woo! This is too embarrassing!" Daisy hurriedly tried to stop her, but Miss Matsumoto calmly said, "It's okay; I often help my family with housework. Please don't feel burdened."

Feeling a bit awkward, Daisy could only change the subject, "I bought you some law books. You should have a foundation. First, secure your lawyer qualification, and also work on your English; your pronunciation is a bit weird."

Miss Matsumoto nodded again, bowing and expressing her gratitude.


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