28 Extracurricular Assignments


Once Black Widow's course was adjusted, avoiding those strange topics, it turned out to be quite interesting when she was not talking about how to seduce men(or women). Her various driving techniques and the use of advanced high-tech gadgets opened the students' eyes.

As Daisy left the classroom, she heard someone calling her.

"Miss Johnson." With an honest face resembling more of a counselor than a teacher, Phil Coulson was greeting her not far away.

People with friendly faces are easy to like, and Daisy could sense that he had no malicious intent. She stopped in her tracks and walked towards the man who was like Daisy's father in the original timeline.

She had altered the original trajectory, and now their relationship couldn't develop into the trusting, almost father-daughter bond from the original timeline. However, Daisy knew Coulson was a good person, a kind-hearted one.

"Mr. Coulson, just call me Daisy. Is there something you need?"

Coulson smiled gently. "Sure, Daisy. I heard from the director that you'll also be taking on some responsibilities?"

Was he going to assign tasks to her? She felt a bit upset, and the braised egg was too impatient.

But thinking about her commitment and how the education at the SHIELD Academy had helped her, Daisy nodded in acknowledgment.

"What kind of task?" she asked.

As if not seeing her displeasure, Coulson continued, "It's not exactly a mission, maybe you can consider it part of your coursework. Do you know Tony Stark?"

Daisy found it a bit fake to claim not to know such a famous figure, so she nodded.

"Do you know his father, Howard Stark, who was one of the founders of SHIELD?"

Daisy couldn't quite figure out what kind of medicine he was selling. Wouldn't this history be known within SHIELD? Nevertheless, she nodded again.

"SHIELD needs information about Tony Stark's personality, the way of doing things, and research capabilities."

Unable to contain herself, Daisy asked, "Haven't you already collected heaps of such data? Why do you need me to gather more?"

Coulson seemed to anticipate her response and calmly explained, "People's personalities change, and our previous observations were done discreetly. For various reasons, Nick Fury hopes you can make direct contact this time, provide a detailed analysis report, and use it as a reference for future actions."

Coulson was clear in his explanation. Meeting someone and having a chat seemed quite different from the life-and-death battles Daisy thought of; she agreed that it didn't really feel like a mission.

Her Skye Data Analysis Company was now on the right track, and she was preparing to meet with the top executives of Stark Industries this week. Nick Fury must be aware of this information, which is probably why he assigned the task to her.

Daisy hadn't planned on attending the meeting, but now she had to change her plans.

"All right, I'll make contact with Mr. Stark. I'll submit a report afterwards."

Coulson handed her a set of car keys and bid farewell with a smile

Daisy went back to her room, packed up, changed into casual clothes, greeted Sharon, and informed her that she would be away for two days. Then, in the underground parking lot, she found her new ride.

A brand-new Chevrolet. In this world, it seemed Chevrolet had a deep connection with SHIELD. As the saying goes, not everyone who drives a Chevrolet is a spy, but every spy drives a Chevrolet! Fastening her seatbelt, and stepping on the accelerator, she left the SHIELD Academy.

Back in New York, she headed straight to her company.

Her Skye Analysis had developed over two months and had gained some reputation within a small circle. This time, it had caught the attention of Obadiah Stane, the CEO of Stark Industries. He had requested a meeting, and their small company was fully making every effort to prepare for it.

James Wesley is responsible for daily management and external activities, constantly mingling in the circles of successful individuals, making him feel right at home.

David Lieberman, the otaku, continues leading his small team in research and development, simplifying algorithms. Given the vast scope of big data and the multiple interests involved, Daisy knows it would be dangerous to grab everything for herself. The next focus for the company, in her opinion, should be in the field of medicine and healthcare. Only by dominating this area can they secure an unbeatable position.

The legal team led by Miss Maid is steadily growing. Leveraging a healthy cash flow, the company has already won a lawsuit, accusing them of collecting citizens' information and violating privacy rights.

"Miss, you're back!" Maki Matsumoto, who had a stern face, instantly put on a smile upon seeing her enter.

"That guy has been under my watchful eye, and currently, there's no issue." Closing the door, she secretly gave Daisy a brief report. The 'guy' referred to is James Wesley, the former gang strategist and current head of the company.

Daisy appreciated Miss Maid's loyalty and suggested they have dinner together at home, enjoying her 'Chinese cuisine.'

In James' office, they meet to discuss the steps for the upcoming meeting with Stark Industries.

There isn't much to discuss, really. The other party is a giant, and they are just small fries, not on the same level.

Nevertheless, Mr. Wesley was excited to be in the sights of such a group and envisioned several scenarios for dealing with it.

Finally, he frowns at Daisy. "Are you planning to go like this? How about changing into something more formal?"

Daisy also realized the oversight. No one wears jeans and sneakers to a business negotiation. Even the unruly Tony Stark wears a suit and tie in public.

Upon careful consideration, she acknowledged the reasonable request and gritted her teeth, and reluctantly agreed.

After the meeting, Miss Maid accompanied her to buy formal attire.

After trying two skirts, Daisy collapsed. In this kind of pencil skirt, you can't walk and have much movement, for fear that the skirt will be torn by too much force.

After much consideration, she decided to wear a pair of trousers. Though not as comfortable as her combat suit, at least it's a pair of pants!

A white shirt, black suit, and trousers. Looking in the mirror, Daisy checked herself from front to back. This outfit, coupled with an FBI badge, screams classic secret agent! Even though she is a secret agent now, there's no need to flaunt it openly.

To appear less like a secret agent, she changed into a champagne-colored women's suit with trousers, looking much more comfortable this time.

Replacing skirts with pants solves the clothing issue, but she can't avoid the problem of shoes.

Whether paired with pants or a skirt, high heels are a must.

Fortunately, this is not a model catwalk. Daisy picked a pair of black pointed heels with a heel of 5 cm. She tried to walk a few steps, although feeling a bit shameful on a psychological level, relying on her high physical fitness and balance, it was not too difficult.

Handbags, necklaces, earrings, and various other accessories are purchased in a mishmash. It would be embarrassing to buy fakes and be discovered by a big dog family like Stark. With all the branded items, the expenses add up, making Daisy once again part of the invisible poor.

Her hair, previously too casually styled, is given a new look with the assistance of Miss Maid.


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