Chapter 0282: History (Additional Monthly Ticket Request)

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Wolf Fort.

The current Duke of Wolf Fort is named Frank Mitteis! He's a vibrant middle-aged man, with brown curly hair and a rugged appearance.

He stands tall, wielding a giant sword that reaches almost to his shoulder. When silent, he seems as immovable as granite, completely embodying the majesty of a Northern lord.

"Welcome, my sister! I've already instructed the steward to prepare rooms for you... and for Gran, Cecil, and my little angel Julian. I think they will be very happy to see Linna..."

Frank spoke up.

His voice was deep and magnetic, currently carrying a rare gentleness.

"Thank you, my brother, but I feel the security in the north could use some improvement..."

Madame Monfali responded gently.

"I will assign the matter of the mountain clans to Knight Mas."