Chapter 0283: Dark Clouds (Extra 600, Asking for Monthly Tickets at the Start of the Month!)

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The next day.

Inside Wolf Fort.

Duke Frank looked at Su Lu:

"Su Lu Pottery... your courage delights me, and your kindness and compassion are even more precious qualities... Allow me to express my gratitude. I grant you the right to make a request to me!"

As soon as he said this, Su Lu immediately felt many heated gazes focused on him, the envy barely concealed.

In the eyes of many knight attendants and guards, this was a shortcut to becoming a noble.

Any sane person would surely choose to have a fief!

"I have an unusual thirst for knowledge. If I were able to freely peruse all the books in your library, my lord Duke, it would bring me immense joy…"

Su Lu was actually quite annoyed with the Duke who had so early in the morning sent Mas to fetch him to the Wolf Fort, but he still made his request.

This was a bit helpless.

After all, in this era, knowledge still largely rests in the hands of the nobles.

"This is indeed… an unexpected request, I accept."