Chapter 0281: Step (Extra 400, Asking for Monthly Tickets)

Translator: 549690339

"In this world, there are too many unknowns and terrors that we cannot comprehend... They are collectively referred to as 'peculiarities,' and their appearance invariably marks a disaster..."

Knight Mas took a hearty swig of sherry, his eyes swimming with alcohol, said: "I once had the honor of dealing with such a 'peculiarity.' It was an evil tree growing in the midst of a village... It drained all the villagers of their blood and enslaved them... Luckily it was immobile and fearful of fire..."

"And the ice ghost is a terrifying creature capable of manipulating cold and blizzards. I suspect it had something to do with several heavy snowstorms in the North Territory... Trolls like to hide in dark environments, ever ready to attack humans..."