4 The unique functions of the first floor

After killing some chickens and filling up his food bar, Har started punching a tree, if an ignorant person saw him they would think he has fallen into madness.

Something unbelievable is that Har's fists didn't hurt one bit, instead, the part of the tree he was hitting cracked bit by bit as if Har's fists were metal exerting a powerful force, only he knew that it was actually just knocked casually.

The tree finally gave way and the part Har was hitting broke into a log block that entered one of the 9 holographic squares.

A clean cut was left on the bottom and top of the tree, the craziest thing is that the top part was left suspended in the air as if it wanted to give Newton a heart attack.

Har continued to hit the tree without paying attention to this as if it were the general rule of the world.

"How am I supposed to progress now?"

Har stopped when the tree was almost gone and only a few branches remained that also seemed to treat gravity like garbage.

Now a problem arose, he noticed that there was no holographic screen available for crafting, preventing the smooth progress of his plans.


Har only came up with this idea, he thought about the idea of it being like his state and he didn't hesitate to try it.

"Ohh, it really showed up"

After Har's call, a holographic screen, like a pop-up window from a computer, appeared in his eyes with obvious differences from the other screens.

This shows your character at the top, to the left of it are 4 square slots to place armor parts, to the right of the character is a free square, and at the bottom are 27 slots to store items.

"I can open the inventory and that's great, but the problem remains the same"

Har said regretfully, that's because the crafting function is not available in this inventory window.

'I guess I don't lose anything by trying it, anyway I can't think of anything else at the moment'


Har decided to use the feature word in the game, and to his surprise it seemed to work.

A holographic screen appeared to Har's eyes, smaller and simpler than the inventory window, only containing two rows of 2 squares on the left and a freestanding square on the right, both separated by an arrow pointing to the freestanding square.

'So there's no recipe book...'

Har said with an ugly expression on his face, in the crafting window there was nothing besides what you need to do it yourself.

'Does the tower want to add difficulty just with this?, heh, it's nothing for me'

Har took the wooden logs he had hit earlier and dragged them from the window with 9 squares to the crafting window, it seemed like moving files on a computer.

He added all the logs to one of the 4 squares on the left and instantly something appeared in the free space on the other side of the arrow, it looked like edged wood.

He clicked on the right wood and after converting all the logs he moved them to one of 9 free spaces.

-Oak Wood ×24-

"This will suffice for now"

Har took the wood and filled the four squares in the crafting window, immediately a table with tools appeared in the square to the right.

He moved the table to his inventory and removed the wood.

-Oak Wood ×20-

-Crafting table ×1-

'If I keep opening windows I'll end up not being able to see anything'

He looked at those windows and thought about how to close all those holographic screens, the next second they disappeared as if listening to his thoughts.

"Whoa, should I start taking this as a computer?"

It all seemed as if the world was a computer desktop and both his mind and his body were the mouse here.

'Since that seems to be the case, let's try the build function'

Har took the crafting table from his inventory, fixed his gaze on a space on the floor, with the mere thought of placing it, the miniature table disappeared from his hand and appeared in the place he was looking at. .

"Haha, it's really convenient"

Without further ado, Har placed his left hand on the table and a new window appeared in front of him.

It resembles the crafting window, only this one had three rows with three squares each.

He dragged the 20 pieces of wood and divided it into two squares for the center column, leaving one square below.

He took 12 sticks and placed them on the leftover square of the center column and moved the wooden sword that appeared on the right into his inventory.

After that he moved the wood from the center square and divided it into the two remaining spaces of the top row, then took a stick and filled that center space, immediately a wooden spike appeared in the space on the other side of the arrow.

"Now I must go to the stone age"

Har has planned to take the first floor easy this time, he wants to bring as many useful things with him for later floors.

Minecraft items such as enchanted weapons, golden apples or immortality totems should be of the utmost importance, if any of these are auctioned, surely the runners will bid hundreds of thousands of dollars or thousands of TP.

'Time is not an issue this time'

Har remembered an old news that he saw on the internet, a few months after the tower appeared, an activity was organized in the United States, everyone who turned 18 waited until the end of the month to enter the tower.

Thousands of young enthusiasts came together to try to dig into the core of the earth, according to the government, this was for the purpose of obtaining information about that world, only Har thought that they were trying to obtain a lot of minerals.

At that time only a few dozen people from wealthy families used worn-out tools. They broke shortly after starting to chop without achieving anything significant.

The days here are shorter, lasting about 1 hour, after 31 hours of digging, under siege by monsters, sudden falls and starvation deaths, only a wily few were left alive and teleported back to the real world.

The young people were stunned, only one day had passed in the real world, plus all those who died had reported that they had returned alive.

The government held a conference about this, happy that everyone could come back alive, but inside they were disappointed that they couldn't get the minerals from that new world.

Unlike the other tower worlds, that one is like a tutorial for new Runners, so death won't be real unlike the other floors.

In addition to the fact that it is the world with the easiest access to minerals, it is just that they disappear when chopped.

Rock, wood, earth?, friend, where is the gold or diamonds?

"So many lost minerals, it's a pity"

Har wanted to cry without tears when he remembered that news.

"At least they gave good information"

31 hours here, meaning 31 days, are actually 24 hours in the real world.

Dying here does not affect your life in the real world.

"Hehe, that gives me a 7 hour head start"

For the other Runners that doesn't matter much, but for him, who can enter the first floor as if it were his house, it's actually a big advantage over the others.

Besides he can afford to fight monsters to the death to earn points, he will still come back to the real world after all.

"It's like he's playing ultra-realistic Minecraft in VR"

After putting his thoughts of his future aside, Har set off to further his plans.

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