Torn Between Twin Brothers Book

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Torn Between Twin Brothers


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She was betrothed to one and loved the other. Thus, she became torn between twin brothers. [MATURE CONTENT R18] The story is a continuation of ‘The Billionaire Contracted Wife, and I accidentally married a CEO.’ It's their children’s story. You do not have to read the parent’s story, but if you want to know all the characters, It's up to you... Ava is the daughter of Ann and Jeff, ‘I accidentally married a CEO.’ The twins, James and Ashton, are the sons of Tanaga ang Ashley ‘The Billionaire’s contracted wife.’ ~~~~ Excerpt: ~~~~~ "It is with great pleasure that I introduce to all of you our newlyweds. Mr. and Mrs. Jones!  Mr. Jones, you may now kiss your bride!" Everyone applauded and cheered, shouting for the couple to kiss. "Kiss!  Kiss! Kiss!" The bride and groom glared at each other, while the groom was not moving to comply with the guests' requests. "Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!" Shouted the guests again, waiting for the groom to comply and kiss the beautiful bride. Suddenly, the church door flew open, banged against its stopper, and stopped with a crack. All eyes swiveled to assess the intrusion. A smile surfaced on the bride's flawless angelic face. Then suddenly, she runs as fast as she can muster toward the intruder, leaving the groom dumbfounded on the altar. As the smattering of polite applause died away, the bride and groom's parents got up and shamelessly followed to chase after the bride and the intruder... Journey with me and find out what happens in the end... **** If you want to chat with me and has some question. Join me at discord. Link below: https://discord.gg/CwtEzBG Instagram: @Ajzheny If you want to donate, you can do it at: https://ko-fi.com/ajzhen I own the cover.


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