Toji Fushiguro: Young Justice(DC)

One day, while scrolling through the internet, Victor came across a questionnaire. When he clicked on it, it asked if you wanted to be Transmigrated. He answered yes, and it allowed him to meet the god of gambling. He gambled and hit the slot machine three times. What he got he thought was decent, but it did make him look like Toji so he was all for it.

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14 Chs

A Harmless Questionare.

Late at night in his Colledge Dorm, Victor scrolled through the internet, reading his favorite Reddit posts or opening Webnovels he liked to read. Some were better than others, and some were not so much, but he did not care about the ratings. 

As long as he liked it, he would read it, and he did so across many genres. Eventually, he came across a questionnaire and decided to fill it out. 

'Could be fun?' 

"If you could be sent to another reality, if given the chance, would you do it?" 

Victor thought about it because his life was better than most people's. His parents were not wealthy, but they were undoubtedly well off. However, this reality was mundane, and the laws of reality were severe. 

"Yes, I would." 

Once Victor answered that, his phone turned off, which confused him. His parents bought it for him last month, so he did not know what could have gone wrong. A bright blue portal opened under his feet before he could see if it turned on. 

"What the f-" 

Without even completing his curse, he fell with his gaming chair. He closed his eyes as he felt his chair land roughly. He didn't open his eyes for a few moments, but when he did open them, he was standing in front of a guy in a bright green suit. 

He wore a top hat and a fancy cane, which reminded him of the riddler. 

"HEHEHEHEHEHEHE! Riddler? I will accept the praise. Welcome, Young Victor of Earth. You must be wondering what the hell is going on, yes? Well, you are in luck. You are being chosen to be sent away to a new reality. 

Doesn't that sound great?" 

The man began to tap dance, but Victor paid attention to what he was saying. 

"The questionare was real?"

The man stopped his dancing before grinning, showing his emerald teeth. 

"Yes, it was mine, by the way. I am Eldir, the god of Gambling, and you are here to GAMBLE!" 

Victor recoiled. He was terrible at Gacha games. The number of times he had pulled for an SR and pulled a rare was uncountable. 

"I am terrible at gambling." 

Eldir laughed even more. 

"Not everyone is, Victor. But you can refuse and be sent back. You will lose your chance at transmigration FOREVER!" 

Victor got up from his chair before he walked forward. 

"I will gamble. How will we do this?" 

Eldir smiled as he tapped his cane on the ground. In front of Victor, three items appeared: a wheel, a set of cards, and a simple TV. 

Eldir explained. 

"These three bets are what will determine your fate. The first is simple: you spin it, and it will decide the kind of powers you get or lack, therefore, off. The second will be an item to take with you. 

It can be something as insignificant as a bottle of water to The Omnitrix or Excalibur. The third is where the fun is. It will determine where you will go. I will turn it on, and it will randomly choose a reality to send you. 

It could be The Walking Dead, Warhammer, Marvel, Ben Ten, or DnD. So, are you sure you will gamble? You could end up with the powers of Robin, with a stick in 40k where death is sure to come? Will you bet or go back?" 

He started his mad tap dancing, but Victor did not coward out. He popped his knuckles before he walked toward the wheel. 

"Let's do this." 

Eldir grinned as he watched Victor pull the lever. He saw the wheel spin at speeds so fast that he thought that even Light could not match. That might have been his human mind not comprehending what he saw. 

It spun for 30 seconds before it stopped instantly. Victor and Elder looked closely to see what had been picked, and it seemed he had won out. 

"Toji Fushiguro body? Damn, you lucked out. You get to be beyond Super Human at the cost of no Curse Energy. You could be a god if you end up in a lower-level world. Or end up in a higher-level world and become a more significant bug."

Victor sighed, knowing that at least this was useful and he wouldn't be powerless. He was also used to no Curse Energy, so he would give up something he never had for something he also never had. 

He walked over to the set of cards before looking up at Eldir. 

"What about the cards?"

The god smiled as he pointed at them. They started to shuffle quickly before they floated in their air. There were 64 choices, but Eldir explained that away. 

"While it looks like there are only 64 choices, they are cycling through endless possibilities every 10 seconds. A good item could leave you and be replaced by a rock or worse. 

Will you wait and let them pass, or will you pick randomly? When they switch, they will shine, so be ready. It starts now." 

Victor looked at the 64 cards with bated breath. He trusted himself and decided to let the first 64 cards pass by. When 10 seconds passed and they all shone, he looked them over before he made his choice. 

He grabbed the very last card before turning it over. When he looked at the item, his face split into a grin. It was an image of a black dog with red eyes and a sword in his mouth, which he recognized. 

"YES! Canis Lykaon." 

Eldir stopped smiling. 

"Damn it, I wanted you to end up with a piece of gum. You got lucky, and your gamble won out." 

Now Victor had a question. 

"Hold up, how will this work with the Heavenly Restriction?" 

Eldir rolled his eyes. 

"Your restriction gives up 'Cursed Energy.' Mana is not Cursed Energy. These are two very different energies, so you can keep the Restriction that gives you that super body while having the powers the dog gives you. It's so unfunny. 

The last time someone bet, he got the powers of Fuhrer Ugly, and the item he got was a standard condom." 

Victor recoiled at the knowledge that he heard. 

"Where did he go?"

Eldir sighed. 

"The Walking Dead. Last I checked, he used that condom out of spite and killed all the zombies while taking over the world." 

Victor shivered at the knowledge he got. He felt terrible for whoever that guy used it on. Eldir snickered. 

"He was into men." 

Victor sent a prayer to Rick and the men of The Walking Dead. Regardless, Eldir walked over to the TV before pointing his cane at it. 

"You ready, Victor? Once I turn it on, the TV will cycle through millions of realities before landing on one. It could be DxD, Marvel, DC, or the same world the previous guy was sent to. Where will you end up? 40k, Dune, Star Wars, or another Earth. Let us find out." 

With a tap, the TV began to cycle through millions on billions of realities, which Victor watched with bated breath. After a minute, the channels stopped cycling, and he looked at the title. 

"Young Justice?"

He sighed with relief, as that could have been very bad. If it had been 40k, he could have been killed at birth or worse. As for Eldir, he stopped smiling. 

"Wow, your gambles won out. Congratulations Victor. So unfunny." 

With a tap of his cane, the card in his hand floated before entering his head. The wheel sent a stream of energy into his chest, and before he could think further, Victor was pulled into the TV. 

His thoughts went completely dark for an uncertain amount of time. 


The first thing that Victor felt was the feeling of a small wet tongue on his face. Small teeth grabbed his hair and pulled as if trying to wake him up. 


He could feel a set of thoughts, not his own, as Lykaon tried to communicate with him. He was starting to wake up from whatever Eldir did to him. Before he could finish waking up, he heard another sound. 

"Oh my God, SIR!"

Someone ran over and began to try to wake him up. Victor began to open his eyes, looking up at a bright sun. He squinted his eyes because his senses were much stronger than before. He covered his eyes because of the glare; even the smells, sounds, and other feelings were annoying. 

Lykaon jumped off him with the tiny puppy panting happily. 

"I think so." 

Victor felt a hand grab him before helping him to his feet. When he pulled his hand away from his eyes, he looked at the woman who had helped him. She was a woman with bright green eyes and long brown hair. 

She seemed concerned since he had been passed out in front of her house. He didn't focus on her but first looked down at Lykaon. The small dog had black fur, red eyes, and a red spot on his forehead. 

He seemed happy that Victor was up and awake. From what he could tell, Victor looked at his surroundings, seeing that he was in the middle of a city—Central City. His senses were wild, and he reached up and touched his head. 

"Where am I?"

The woman let go of his hand as she backed away from him. 

"Central City? You were on the ground in front of my house. I was about to call an ambulance. The puppy seemed to be trying to wake you, so I assumed he was yours." 

Victor shook his head as he bent down to pick up Canis Lykaon. 

'You hear me, buddy?'

He got a positive response, meaning Lykaon was bound to his soul just as intended. 


"He is mine. I appreciate your concern, but I should get going."

He started to walk away, but Iris grabbed his arm. 

"Sir, you are wet and cold; it looks like you got hit on the head and were just passed out on the ground. Before you go anywhere, get a change of clothes and let me call someone to pick you up. I don't mean to pry if you have anyone that is, but your eyes are black. 

And I don't mean your pupils; your iris is black." 


Victor stepped back, not wanting to go inside Barry Allen's house. 

"That would be intrusive to go inside your house. I just tripped and hit my head. I am fine now, and I should get back to my house. It is not far from here."

Iris sighed and shook her head. 

"Why do you men always refuse help that is given to you? My husband is at work, but he will be back soon. Just change out of your clothes into something dry, and then you can leave. How about that?

If you walk around like this, you will get sick, which will be more annoying than sleeping out in the rain." 

Victor shook his head. 

"Thank you for the offer, but I am good. As for my eyes, I got eye tattoos last year." 

Iris seemed speechless. 

"Eye tattoos?" 

Victor nodded as he pointed at his eyes. 

"Yup, dude, sticks a needle in your eyes and injects the ink. They were really painful, but they are sick. Thanks for the help offer; you are a doll." 

Victor first looked at what he was wearing and saw that it was Toji's outfit. However, Iris was right about one thing: he was soaking wet. From the look of it, when he got dropped off, it took a while for him to wake up, and it rained in that time. 

'Thanks anyway.'

Victor removed his black t-shirt and held it on his shoulder. He bent down and picked up puppy Lykaon, who seemed happy to see him awake. As Victor started to walk away, Iris covered her face. 

'Men, they never accept help. Eye tattoos? No way is Barry getting those.' 

With that, she ignored Victor and went back home. As for Victor, as he walked with Lykaon in his left hand and a black shirt on his shoulder, people would gaze at him from time to time. More, in particular, women because he was shredded now. 

More than he was before, so that was a gain. This new body was already paying off.