Toji Fushiguro: Young Justice(DC)

One day, while scrolling through the internet, Victor came across a questionnaire. When he clicked on it, it asked if you wanted to be Transmigrated. He answered yes, and it allowed him to meet the god of gambling. He gambled and hit the slot machine three times. What he got he thought was decent, but it did make him look like Toji so he was all for it.

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14 Chs

Speedy Getaway.

After Victor left the dangerous place that was Barry's house, he continued to walk through the streets of Central City shirtless. He was still getting his fair share of attention, but shirtless joggers or runners were not an unfamiliar sight. 

So, other than a look here or there, because of his impressive height and physique, he wasn't standing out. Just as he was walking, another shirtless jogger running by ran in place next to him. 

"Dude, how tall are you? At least 6'4, right?" 

Victor grinned. 



After a fist bump, the jogger ran on his way. Victor smirked as he gained an extra 3 inches from this new body. Being taller for a man was never bad, so he was beyond happy. For now, he gazed at Lykaon in his left arm. 

The puppy was panting joyfully while Lykaon was in his growth phase, and he was effectively a normal puppy. 

'Hey buddy, I am Victor. Nice to meet you.' 


From their bond, he could tell that Lykaon was in a super good mood. According to the dog. he was just about to be sent from the Heaven Sacred Gear System when he got snatched away from it. 

Most of the seals on his power were removed when he was bound to Victor's soul. He was in such a good mood that it was visible on his face. A big cheerful puppy that could produce blades that not only cut souls but also ideas and concepts. 

With Lykaon, even the Limitless would be slashed apart much like the World Slash of Sukuna. Though, since a Separate Avatar Sacred gear like Canis Lykaon had it's own personality, they had to be treated like a trusted partner to be effective. 

That was easy for Victor since he loved animals already and a powerful dog was perfect. 

"You know what, just calling you Lykaon would work, but it is not personal. I am going to name you Yami, after one of the coolest swordsmen in animation, Yami Sukehiro. We should learn from him since he had some pretty cool darkness powers. 

How about it, Divine Killing Dog?" 

Yami started to bark excitedly as he loved the name. Now that he was seeing Victor's memories of Yami Sukehiro, he wanted to make the same moves. Possible since the uses of Lykaon could not just create swords; they would control the darkness, so Victor just needed the training to use his powers. 

Seeing that Yami loved the name made Victor smirk at how cute this puppy was. 

'I can tell you like it. Now, what about me? Should I change my name to Toji or keep my name as Victor? I will be honest: I prefer to keep my name. Victor Fushiguro does not roll off the tongue the way I want. 

Victor Zenin sounds even worse.' 

Yami shook his head as both of those options sounded terrible. As such, Victor made the choice not to change his name at all. Besides, Victor was a cool name, in his opinion. He also would keep his last name, Cromwell. 

It was his identity, and he didn't really want to change it. However, now he didn't have an identity in this new reality. Last he checked, Eldir had just dropped him off in front of Barry Allen's house. 


Victor started to touch his pockets until he found a wallet. He stopped and pulled his wallet out. Inside was 1000$ in hundred dollar bills and an I.D. with his new face as Toji, with his name Victor Cromwell. 

There was even a small note written in green. 

'Don't worry, your little head Victor, I sorted your identity beforehand. I was considering reincarnating you as a baby, but that seemed mean. So, I just sent you over as you were. Good luck and have fun.' 

Victor smiled as Eldir was a fun god. 

'Maybe I will meet him one day and gamble at higher stakes. First things first, I need to change clothes. I am soaking wet.' 

As he was walking, he turned to a woman who glanced at him. 

"Excuse me? Do you know if there are any thrift stores nearby?"

With a smile, she pointed straight. 

"Of course, just take a left here and keep going straight for a few blocks, and you will find a Secondhand Treasures store. I got a steal from them a few days ago. I also love your dog." 

Victor smiled at her. 

"Thank you for your help." 

"Not a problem." 

Once she walked off, Victor kept going straight as he was told until he ran into the thrift store. Before he walked in, he pulled his shirt back on even if it was wet. Once he was dressed he walked inside. 

As he walked in the cashier smiled at him. 

"Hello sir, welcome to Secondhand Treasures. How is your day going?" 

"It was going great until I got splashed by a car." 

"Sorry to hear that." 

He nodded. 

"Quite alright, I am going to look around. Is it ok if I bring my puppy in?" 

She looked at Yami in Victor's hand, and even though it was against the rules, she caved. 

"Alright, as long as you keep him in your arms, that will be fine." 

"I appreciate it." 

Once he had permission, he started to walk around looking for clothes that would fit his size. Even in his past life at 6'2, he sometimes had trouble finding cheap clothes that fit. Even if his parents were well off, they taught him to be frugal and not try to show off. 

It was good advice as rather than spending all their money on stupid things, they had invested a lot of it and put part of it aside for his college and his siblings. As he was walking around the store, his smile kinda died. 

'Mom, Dad, Vance, David, Alice, I am never seeing them again, am I?' 

Yami whined because he could feel how Victor's thoughts turned sad. Victor shook his head as he kept looking for clothes. 

'Maybe I should have thought of that when I accepted. I wasn't killed, and I would have been sent back if I had asked. I was given the chance not to accept, and I still did. Not seeing my family ever again is the price I pay for this new life.' 

Yami's ears dropped as he could tell that Victor was still sad about the fact he wouldn't see his family again. However, he suddenly perked up again. 

"Bark, Bark, Bark, Bark, Bark." 

Victor focused on the small pup in his hands as if what he was saying was a good idea. He said that Victor should just get strong enough to the point where he could go wherever he wanted. That going to his original world should not be impossible. 

He just had to believe that it was possible and that they would do it together. Victor smiled because even a dog like Lykaon was more loyal than any human. This is why dogs were man's best friend, they would never leave your side if you didn't leave theirs. 

'Let's do it then. Let us be the strongest to the point that mere dimensional barriers won't be able to hold us.' 

That was a promise, so Victor hurried up and picked out a new pair of pants, shoes, a new black T-shirt, and a white sweatshirt. When he had them all, he walked toward the cashier and began to check out. 

He had to pay around 70$ dollars, which was a steal. Once he had his clothes, he walked into the restroom, where he changed out of his soaked clothes. Luckily, his boxers were still dry, so he changed his pants and shirt. 

Once he was dressed, he looked like Toji after the Seance Technique, but it was a good fit for Toji. Once he was dressed, he dropped his Toji outfit inside his shadow, which was one power he would love from Lykaon. 

When the cashier saw him come out of the restroom dressed, she complimented him, saying she thought he looked great. When he left the thrift store, he put down Yami, who walked next to him. 

Now that he had dry clothes, he started to discuss with Yami what his plan was in this new world. 

'Let's get some things straight: we are in Young Justice, Earth 16 of the DC universe. This means that if there is a major event that affects the multiverse, we might get dragged into it. To avoid this, we must be strong enough not to be bound to individual Earths. 

To be as strong as possible in the future, we will need to make the most of the resources this Earth has to offer. I am not really sure what we can use since I am not sure what is available to us. 

Magic knowledge, a Scarab, but that invites treachery from the Reach. You can absorb The sword of Baewolf since you are a Sacred Gear. However, we also have to decide what we will do with our lives. 

Are we going to be forces of good and strive to join the Justice League, or will we be evil and join Vandal Savage? I will be frank: neither of those sounds good. It is better for us to be Anti-Heroes, which will make us enemies of the League and Light. 

Doesn't that sound fun?' 

From the look on Yami's face, he found it much better since they would have many enemies to fight. Victor had never killed anyone before, but he had gone hunting with his dad. Killing evil people shouldn't be a problem because there were people who would be better off dead. 

Joker, Count Vertigo, Wotan, Black Adam, but he was just a guy right now. Now, without any of the restrictions the original Sacred Gear had, Lykaon would continue to evolve alongside him. 

He would need to find a way to extend his life span because dying old was not in his future. He would not become Kashimo, meaning he would need to solve the issue himself. However, he had several ideas, meaning he would need to get access to magic. 

Since he had a Sacred Gear, he had an advantage, especially since Lykaon was one of the most powerful of the Longinus. Yami was created by fusing Ame-No-Ohabari, created by Izanagi, the creator deity of Japan. 

He then used it to kill his son, the Fire God of Shintoism, Kagutsuchi. This caused the essence of the fire deity to be fused into the sword, which was a sword that achieved its own Divinity. 

Effectively, the sword could be considered a god of its own, which was then fused with Lycaon. The curse Zeus placed on the mad king turned him into a wolf, which God fused with the Divine Blade. 

This resulted in the sword losing its divinity and becoming a dark, cursed blade. This also had the effect of turning Lycaon into a dog rather than a wolf. This means that if Victor and Lycaon together could master their power, they could, in theory, draw power from the divine sword that created Lykaon himself. 

Access to pure Divine Energy rather than mana would give them both an advantage in all cases. With this plan in mind, Victor knew he would need a quite place to go. 

As such, he decided to return to his home town of Dallas. Central City was fine, but the Flash lived here and needed somewhere with reduced heroic activity. With his plan in mind, Victor and Lykaon began to make their way out of Central City. 

To reduce their chances of being noticed by the League for any reason, Victor entered an alleyway where it was dark. Lykaon helped him and dragged them into the shadows, which they used to escape. 

It was also good practice because this was just one of the powers the shadows could offer.