Toji Fushiguro: Young Justice(DC)

One day, while scrolling through the internet, Victor came across a questionnaire. When he clicked on it, it asked if you wanted to be Transmigrated. He answered yes, and it allowed him to meet the god of gambling. He gambled and hit the slot machine three times. What he got he thought was decent, but it did make him look like Toji so he was all for it.

A_Real_Werewolf234 · Anime & Comics
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14 Chs

Powers and Abilities.

Heavenly Restriction—The user is granted a superhuman body for lacking Cursed Energy. The five senses are elevated to superhuman levels and combined grant the user a rudimentary 6th sense. 

Allow the user to see Curses/Ghosts, interact with them, move at Hypersonic Speeds, and lift to 50 tons effortlessly. With just his body, he is resistant to the effect of curses that apply to his body. 

Canis Lykaon-One of the random wishes that he was granted by the god of Gambling when he was chosen to be Transmigrated. The Longinus was bound to his soul, allowing Victor to have an innate ability to draw on mana. 

The Longinus was created by the fusion of Ame-no-Ohabari, the Divine Sword of Izanagi, who used it to kill Hinokagutsuchi, his son, the god of Fire. This caused the divinity of the fire god to fuse into the blade. 

 The second ingredient was the King of Arcadia, Lycaon, cursed by Zeus, turning him into a Cursed Wolf. When both were fused, the potent curse of Lycaon corrupted the Divinity held in the Divine Blade, turning it into a Cursed Sword. 

When the Sacred Gear took form, it did so as a black dog operating with both Cursed and Divine powers simultaneously. As a result of its method of construction, it grants its host numerous abilities. 

Canis Lykaon, whom Victor has named Yami, can produce blades that can slice souls, ghosts, and divinities, as Ame-no-Ohabari, which killed Hinokagutsuchi. As a result of its previous owner, Izanagi, the blades created can 'Cut all Things'.

The wielder and Lykaon can produce numerous black blades from shadows in the user's surroundings. The extremely potent Darkness Affinity of the Sacred Gear allows the user to call upon Darkness and Shadows to battle. 

They can become darkness, conjure constructs of Shadows, and create Shadow Creatures. The user is also granted use of the Divine Flames of Hinokagutsuchi, which have fused with the curse of Lycaon to create Black Flames of Divine and Cursed Use. 

Balance Breaker: Night Celestial Slash Dogs. In this state, the host's use of darkness is elevated to almost god-like levels. The darkness transforms the user into a 6 tailed, dog-like Werewolf, elevating their physical abilities to extreme levels. 

The blades produced in this state begin to tap further into the Divine Blade Ame-No-Ohabari's Power, able to slice through nearly all defenses, magical or physical. 

Abyss Side Balance Breaker: By refining the original Balance Breaker, the user takes the original's abilities to new extremes. In this state, the user's physical and magical abilities are infused with proper Divine Energy, making them almost a demigod. 

The user can start cutting Concepts in the most mastered state, making defense obsolete. 

Mana—Victor exploits a loophole that allows him to keep his Restriction while accessing magical energy. Rather than using Cursed Energy, he uses mana, an entirely different energy that allows him to use Lykaon's Powers. 

After intensive training, he constantly circulates mana through his entire body. During training, it helps him push his Restrictions to new heights, increasing his speed, strength, endurance, and durability and pushing his senses to new heights. 

His senses make him skilled in using Mana, as he can somewhat feel mana. As a result of the curse of Lykaon and his natural Darkness affinity on top of Lykaon, all his elemental affinities are tied into darkness, Dark Lightning, Fire, and Wind. 

The Ten Shadows Technique Evolved-At first, Victor didn't think of using the Ten Shadows because he lacked cursed energy. He didn't know it would work even with mana, but after three months of isolated training, he began to circulate mana through his Skeleton. 

He hoped to cause his blood to begin to be produced with mana in his cells, which worked. Mana flows through his bloodstream, invigorating him, and it results in him awakening the Zenin Innate Technique. 

Much like everything else, the technique drew on power from Lykaon, causing it to be reworked to operate on Mana. Unlike the original, the Shikigami they are called can be killed, and they will regenerate by drawing on Victor's mana in his shadow. They can also grow stronger by feeding on the souls of their victims, meaning the technique can grow alongside them. 

Divine Dogs/Wolves—The first Shikigami to be tamed are the Divine Wolves. These evolved wolves are four times larger and can increase their size by drawing on Victor's Mana. Due to Canis Lykaon, their fangs and claws are made of metal. They were named Gram(White Wolf) and Garm(Black Wolf). 

Nue--The second Shikigami tamed, which also evolved. Rather than a bird-like creature with red feathers, it became a giant griffin crow-like creature with metal feathers and an ominous skull mask. It can draw on black lightning and rain-down metal feathers. Once tamed, it can be used as an Ariel mount or to stop Ariel opponents. He was named Balerion. 

The Great Serpent--This giant snake is the largest Shikigami that Victor has tamed through the Ten Shadows. She is over 24 meters long, with metal scales, black acidic venom, and incredible strength in battle. Once tamed, Victor named her Ramsa, and much like his predecessor, he wears her like a sash around his body in her shrunk form. 

Toad--The 4th Shikigami to be tamed as its name takes the form of a gigantic toad large enough to swallow cows. Despite its bulky appearance, it is incredibly nibble and can swim through the Shadows like water. It can swallow people without harming them with two stomachs. 

Its tongue can be soft or tipped with a poisonous barb in battle. Victor named it Froggy because, despite his grotesque appearance, he is relatively friendly to the other Shikigami and his pets. 

Rabbit Escape-- Like is the original technique, and Victor can use this move to summon thousands of rabbits. Unlike the original, these rabbits are black, and their mouths are tipped with flesh-tearing fangs. They have an extra eye on their forehead, which they can use to paralyze the foes who look into them.

Their teeth are made of Lykaon-produced metal, allowing them to tear through even the most robust defenses. They turn into shadows to avoid damage and are used as a diversion to escape. 

Max Mammoth: Hannibal, named after Hannibal of Carthage and Formerly known as Max Elephant takes the shape of a massive mammoth with 4 metal tusks and is covered in a coat of black fur made of metal. It can produce massive amounts of dark water fused with Darkness Mana. 

The water isn't poisonous but can consume light and can darken an area while also being able to be frozen into dark ice. 

Round Deer: Orion, the Round Deer rather than using the Reverse Cursed Technique, uses pure Divine Energy to heal his master. It can also use this energy in combat. More of a support Shikigami, but Orion can and will defend himself and his allies. 

Piercing Ox: Lancelot the Ox, can gain more momentum and force as long as he runs in a straight line. There is no maximum limit and could be used to run around the world if allowed to run without interruption. 

Tiger Funeral: Siegfried, the giant Tiger Shikigami can absorb the souls of the dead to use as ranged attacks or enhancements for his physical abilities. A very violent and destructive Shikigami. 

Untamed: Eight-Handled Sword Divergent Sila Divine General Mahoraga.