Time Effect ( A Mass Effect Fanfiction)

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What is Time Effect ( A Mass Effect Fanfiction)

Read Time Effect ( A Mass Effect Fanfiction) fanfiction written by the author Pop0 on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is Video Games fanfic stories, covering action, romance, adventure, reincarnation, r18. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


A man is reincarnated in the Mass Effect Universe. At first, he was kinda scared about the possibility of dying to the Reapers, or other dangers across the huge galaxy. But, he persevered and, after making friends with Shepard and the crew, won the final battle. He was happy and thrilled about the possibilities of his new life after the war. But, on the day he turned 28 years old, he returned back in time, to when he was a baby. He was confused and mortified by the weird situation, but, our MC didn't let that shake his confidence. So, he tackled the plot of the game once more. But, again, after he turned 28, he returned in time. He finally had to admit to himself he was trapped in some sort of time loop but decided to continue ahead with his life(s). The problem was, this didn't happen just once. 2 times, 3 times, 4 times, 5 times... 9 times. It slowly changed him, to the point he lost the will to try after a few cycles. He realized what he was doing was meaningless, because no matter what he did, the changes he made, nothing mattered, as he would be thrown back in time anyway. So, he deviated from the plot and started to study a variety of things and he didn't care about the fate of the galaxy anymore. In those subsequent loops, he managed to become a master/expert in a lot of things, but the time loop never changed, and the MC started to lose hope of living a normal life. But, after the 9 loop, he felt something different from the other cycles! Perhaps this is his final one? Follow along and watch our MC conquer the whole galaxy, fighting the dangers inside it, and possibly getting a few girls along the way! --- Release schedule: 3 chapters a week (Monday, Wednesday and Saturday), as long as I have enough chapters in stock. Otherwise, 2 chapters per week (Wednesday and Saturday) Minimum of 1,500 words per chapter --- I do not own any of the characters I found the Image on the internet Also posted on RR and SH --- This is a fanfic written by a newbie, so there will be various grammar errors scattered across it. So please, bear with me!

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I will shamelessly give my fic a 5-star rating, because, why not? Anyway, I'm still a newbie in pretty much every aspect, but I'll try my best to create the fic I pictured in my mind. It will be rough around some parts, but I hope we enjoy reading it. There will be a major plot point regarding the cycles ( it will be easy to figure out what that plot point is, as I will be dropping hints here and there), but I don't plan on making much content with that part. It will be a harem, with Liara, Shepard, and Tali on it. I don't know if I will add others, but for now, that's it. I'll try my best to give all companions from the game their screen time, but I can't promise it will be good or that I will manage to do it. We will see how that goes. 2 Chapters a week, one on Wednesday and one on Saturday. Thanks for the support and I hope you guys enjoyed reading as much as I enjoyed writing it.


AUTHOR THANK YOU FOR THE MASS EFFECT NOVEL I AM A HUGE MASS EFFECT FAN I LOVE TO SEE MORE MASS EFFECT NOVELS BECAUSE I LOVE THE GAMES. I hope in the future the author makes a Mass Effect novel centered around a Mass Effect fan reincarnated inside Liera Tsoni's body with a technology system she saves the GETH and RACHNI and MASS EFFECT FAN UNITED THE GALAXY...love to see THANK YOU BABE


THE AUTHOR IS A TRUE MASS EFFECT FAN only a Mass Effect fan shows so much love for the story and the fans of the games..THIS NOVEL IS AWESOME IT STARTS WEIRD BUT YOU LOVE IT BY THE END The MC is not marry sue but a human with a strong will ..THIS NOVEL IS A LOVE LETTER TO ALL MASS EFFECT FANS AND THE MOVIE THE EDGE OF TOMORROW...cmon I am ok with this novel to have harem because in the games you can only romance one girl witch I hate ..the harem is the fun part and the author those it right., THANK YOU, AUTHOR,


Fk I can’t remember the last time a story was so good I felt the need to write a review. The start was alright felt like eating junk food but then with every chapter being a more and more luxurious pallet till with pain I caught up to the latest chapter. Author I’m glad you deleted your story and waited a few years till you came up with this masterpiece. Please don’t drop and deff don’t delete this it would be a shame


ok... I played all mass effect games and got 100% of things... But that was YEARS ago but i still remember quite a lot. The only game i didnt play was Andromeda since my pc cant handle it X_X... Lets see how it goes, the premise seems good. Lets see what you do with your character wisdom and intelligence. Since he resets the loop every 28 years... 9 times... THat means he has lived and learnt for over 200 years. For a human that is A LOT. Lets see how you do things as having lived that much, he should show it with his way of thinking, actions and decisions. He cannot commit rookie mistakes and so on. Its hard to write a very intelligent protagonist


I haven't even read the story but I'm gonna give this a 4.8 rating just because it is a Mass Effect fic. After how they massacred the franchise with Andromeda, anything that is even closely related to the ME Trilogy is literal godsend for me.


love it can't wait for more


A very good story, it has its problems but there is always something to improve, it's always worth listening to the opinions and ideas of others, but don't let them destroy what you want to create.


This story totally took me back to when I was a kid and gaming was my life. I freaking loved it! It was such a good read, I couldn't put it down. I hope the author keeps updating it, I can't wait to see what happens next!.


You dont see a lot of ME fanfics. This one is well thought out and can hook you if you pick it up. Really good please keep updating.


The writing level isn't the best, the author overly simplifies most parts of the story. It also feels like the author doesn't have the most complete knowledge of the canon events and lore. He either just skimmed the story without delving deep into the lore or he was just too young to understand the nuances of the lore especially political and sociological points. Currently the story isn't something I would waste time reading, it is mostly because of how the story utterly fails to take advantage of the strongest point of the setting. Lore, characterisation and background.


I realy like the start so far. i realy hope that it'll continue like that in the following chapters. keep the good work and i am hungry for more!!!


Well, cool story. As the author himself said, he is still a beginner but the writing is acceptable and the plot is interesting. Ps: I'm writing through a translator, sorry for my grammar.


I'm not at all interested in another protagonist who hides his strength from others, that logic of as long as you don't attract attention you can live in peace doesn't work when you get involved in dangerous things.


Reveal spoiler


The best word i could use to describe this story is boring. I don't want to discourage the author, but this story is pretty bad. There are no details on the people, or the characters interactions with the world. None of the characters have last names, or even descriptions. The world development is non existent because he doesn't describe anything about where he lives except that it's a slum area. When talking about all of the knowledge he has, and his inventions from the future; rather than look into mass effect lore about how these items are made, or what they are composed of, it's just skipped over completely. Most of what you see makes no sense. From a pilot parking, getting out of a large ship, and walking in front of people talking in less than a few seconds to creating an improved medi-gel with random materials is absurd. He upgrades his Omni tool somehow, without talking about any hardware or software upgrades, he just poofs it into existence. The grammar is rough to say the least, and the sentence structure is subpar. Rather than an exciting story about how his childhood was being spent preparing for the future, you just get time skips and him magically making things happen with no explanation. Good on you if you enjoy the story, but I can't do it.


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