1 Chapter 1 A welcome surprise

Date: 7/21/2001 6:17 AM

I opened my eyes, trying my hardest to not scream, scared of the outcome of my shouting when my mind caught up to the state my body was in.

Even though I looked normal, under my clothes, several nasty bruises, some fresh, and others gaining a yellow tint, could be seen, all placed in parts that couldn't be seen unless specifically searched for, my uncle, aunt, and cousin are stupid but intelligent enough to not straight up hit me in the face.

Without wasting much time I get up from what should be my bed but was quite simply a futon, and not a very good one.

I had gotten used to it, or more like I had become numb to this life, humans adapt and evolve, and I did just that, I adapted and understood that if I wanted to escape from this hellhole the faster and safest way is to resist.

I headed towards the kitchen, trying to make the least sound possible, and headed towards the fridge, taking out raw sausages, eggs, milk, oranges, bread, and bacon.

First thing I cut the orange and juice with them, enough for six people, and then started cooking.

After more or less five years of cooking, I had gotten used to how they liked the food, and I was also pretty good at it, being fast enough to at least toast a piece of bread for my breakfast.

After finally finishing the whole cooking session I noticed two things.

First, I wasn't in as much pain as when I had started cooking.

Second, a blue screen, similar to the windows I had seen when I used the computer in the school library, appeared in front of me.



Name: Harry James Potter

Race: Human Age: 10 Sex: M

Lv.1 XP: 0/100

Occupation: Gamer Title: The Boy who lived

HP: 150/150 HP regen: 6/min

MP: 300/300 MP regen: 16.5/min

SP: 1070/1070 Sp regen: 71/min

Str: 3

Dex: 6

Vit: 5


Int: 10

Wis: 10

Luck: 1

Status points: 0


???, ???, ???, Genius, Astigmatism, Pain Suppression, Gamer's Mind, Gamer's Body, Malnutrition





'What the hell is this?'

I tried to touch it but just as I was about to the sound of feet nearing me scared me and instead of touching it I swiped it away making it disappear.

" Seems like you have finished cooking, then why are you still here?" A voice said from the entrance of the kitchen.

And there he is, the man, the fatso, the main culprit for my hate towards humanity, my uncle.

" I am sorry, I have just finished cooking and I was about to wash my hands." Which was the truth, but I had gotten interrupted by the strange hallucination.

" You can't wash what is always dirty." My cousin, Dudly said from behind my uncle, trying to be funny in his stupid way.

" You are right sweaty." My aunt said after coming down the stairs and hearing Dudley's words.

In all the exchange I continued to remain silent and made sure to not meet the eyes of none of the three, knowing the outcome if I were to catch their gaze.

They continued insulting me for more or less a minute and then stopped, not finding it funny if I didn't answer.

" Go to your room." My uncle said and I immediately followed his orders.

But just as I was about to pass the trio, Dudley put a foot in front of my way making me trip and fall on the ground, making the trio laugh.


You have gained the skill: Physical Endurance Lv.1

Check the skill tab through your status window to see all of your skills


This time, the hallucination disappeared by itself, thus not blocking my vision and letting me get to my room.

After I got inside I rushed to my sleeping bag and hoped that I had not gotten crazy from the too many hits while thinking about the word status.

And the same screen appeared when I had finished cooking, but I understood nothing of it if only I had a tutorial or help function.



Quest: Understand the game

Goal: Listen to the whole tutorial

Reward: 10 XP, 10 Pounds

Accept? YES/NO


I moved my hand and clicked on the yes, and a new screen appeared right in front of my face, much smaller than my status one.


Welcome Gamer, you are allowed to become one of the Gamers through the Multiverse, deemed worthy by the First Gamer, and embark on the Journey of the true Gamers.




Traits and Perks



Following the same logic I first clicked on the information tag.


Name: The name that was given to you on your birth.

Race: You are a human with ??? genes, all information regarding these races can be studied in any ??? libraries.

Age: How many years it has been since your birth

Sex: The gender with which you find yourself most comfortable.

Level: Your current level is achieved through killing monsters, levelling skills, and completing quests, every level up gives 5 status points, which can be used to raise stats, and 1 perk point every 5 levels.

Occupation: Your current way of living, a normal farmer would have their occupation as Farmer, while a spy would be Spy.

Title: Title can only be given by others, and unless special has no secondary effects, for information regarding unlocked titles click on the title tag.


All pretty obvious apart from one small detail... what were those question marks? Do I have some kind of strange genetic disease? Am I not human? I need answers, answers that I can't have right now, so I simply decided to continue to understand what was happening by clicking the stats information tag.


HP: Representation of your vital energy, can't die unless this reaches zero, if HP reaches 1 by small cuts a deadly blow must be dealt to die. (100 + Vitx10)

HP regen: Speed at which your vital energy regenerates. ( 1+ Vit)

MP: Represent the Magical energy inside your body, most humans either have none of this energy or a very small amount of it, you are one of the few humans with the ability to use mana,( 100 + Intx10 + 50% from ???)

MP regen: Speed with which your magical energy regenerates. (1+Wis + 50% from ???)

SP: Representation of your physical energy, if this energy reaches zero there is a chance to feint, if the gamer goes below zero with each point there is a chance for a heart attack. ( 1000+ Endx10)

Sp regen: Speed with which your physical energy regenerates.(1+ Endx10)

Str: Representation of your physical strength, speed, and other small factors, a normal kid your age should have 10 points.

Dex: Representation of your agility, coordination, reflexes and other small factors, a kid your age should have 10 points

Vit: Represents how healthy your body currently is, and other small factors, a kid your age should have 10 points

End: Represents how durable your body is, how much stamina you have, and other small factors, a kid your age should have 10 points

Int: Represents your brain power, thought speed, other small factors, and how much mana you have, while also giving a small boost to how well you wield magical energies, a kid your age should have 5

Wis: Represents your decision-making ability, your ability to connect dots, and problem-solving, also represents the speed with which you regenerate MP and gives a small boost to how well you wield magical energies, a kid your age should have 5

Luck: Represents your luck, nothing more nothing less, if it's good or bad depends purely on chances, this stat is only accessible by a Gamer.

All stats can be risen by completing specific tasks.


' I am weak, scarily weak, is this because I do not go outside and do no type of physical labour apart from cleaning and cooking? I need to do something about this. at least I am two times smarter than my peers.'



Traits are specific effects gained at birth or by overcoming certain requirements




Genius: Your mind is sharper than those your age, placing your way above others, all skills and the Int and Wis stats will grow two times faster.

Pain Suppression: After years of abuse you have learned to suppress your pain to not cloud your decision-making, pain can be suppressed until a certain limit, and this train can be trained.

Astigmatism: A type of refractive error due to rotational asymmetry in the eye's refractive power, The gamer will for now be unable to see correctly unless wearing glasses.

Gamer's Mind: As a Gamer, you have the mind of a gamer, all emotions won't from this point be able to cloud your decision-making ability, and all information regarding the Gamer's ability will be blocked from mind reading, other information must be blocked by the Gamer himself.

Gamer's body: As a Gamer, you have the body of a Gamer, injuries will either be converted to status effects or will be healed instantly, the only effect they have is to the HP, sleep regenerates HP, MP, and, food regenerates HP/MP/SP.

Malnutrition: Not being able to eat as much as need as lead you to have a weaker body than others, you can only use half of your strength, SP consumption is doubled, physical skills grow much slower, and can be removed after eating correctly for one week.

Perks: Perks are gained by buying them, perks will be unlocked when reaching certain points with stats, or by having enough levels on certain skills.


' I can be happy with most of my traits, the ones that worry me though are the ones with question marks, one of the being surely related to my genes problem and my stats difference, and the malnutrition one, am I really in that bad of a state? I thought while looking at my pale skeletal hands.

I sighed and clicked on the last tag.


Skills: Representation of how good you are at doing something, every level up gives an XP point, depending on the skill XP point gains vary based on the skill.

Current Skills:


Cooking Lv.21 ( Due to previous experience, rewarded 20 XP)

The sluttiest thing a man can do, represent your cooking ability, as some say, boost the taste and cooking speed of the Gamer by (Skill level)%


Physical Endurance Lv.1

Harder daddy, your ability to endure physical attacks, reduces damage dealt by physical damage by (Skill level)%



Congratulation you have completed the quest: Understand the game

Current XP: 10/100

Current money: 10 Pounds


'... What have I gotten myself into?'

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