The Way of The Dao

A mysterious young man falls into a small unknown world after surviving the terrifying void, barely recovering. However, the heavens punished him with a mysterious seal, sealing his powerful and terrifying strength and even restricting his body strength, turning him into a weak mortal, a cripple in the end. Feeling somewhat desperate and uneasy, he will begin to explore this small but interesting and unknown world, realizing that not everything is what it seems and that much knowledge he had ignored in the past was more important than it seemed. However, his heart that had been sealed and indifferent to almost everyone for his entire life, will gradually begin to open up when he meets people who will unexpectedly break the barrier in his heart easily but mysteriously, creating strong bonds that he never thought he would have had after the tragedy. Even memories from his childhood that had been forgotten or sealed away seemingly began to slowly emerge after a long time, realizing that his apparent origin was not simple either. With his power sealed, but with his knowledge and experience of thousands of years will gradually push him to the peak once again, even discovering unparalleled secrets and knowledge to step into the heavens and succeed in becoming an existence above the universe! ... It is my first novel that I started a long time ago and that I write with some slowness but always trying to give the best of me. I love very much these themes of cultivation and fights, romance and soft slices of life, so I decided to create my own novel that maybe could be enjoyable and charming for some or boring and disappointing for many, but it doesn't matter. In the beginning you will find a lot of clichés and tropes similar to almost every novel, even in the first 200-300 chapters, because I didn't know how to give an original and unique start. But I'm always aware of your comments, criticisms and complaints, which help me to broaden my horizons and perspectives and give a better writing and story to the novel. My writing and consistency at the beginning can be ugly with many mistakes, but as the story progresses I have learned from my mistakes and corrected a lot, even changing the way of narration a little as the story progresses and I write gradually. PS: Don't get carried away by the names of the chapter titles, some will seem to say the MC's cultivation or that he will start planning or have objectives against others, which is completely wrong. Sometimes I can't think of a suitable title and just write the simplest one, hehe. * Riixhiie * ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ * The cover image does not belong to me, so if the original owner has problems he can inform me and I will gladly remove it *

Riixhiie · Action
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930 Chs


Hi guys! What's up? Author here~

How have you been, how has life been treating you, my friends? Other than persevering and cultivating the dao of time waiting for chapters of this novel and obviously other novels more on this page, haha. 

Lately I have read some comments of the most recent chapters or past, as well as of some specific chapters when I was looking for some particular information that I didn't remember completely (haha) and I have read both positive and negative comments and some reviews (some of which make me not want to continue writing and even to abandon this novel, after all I am not paid for this hahaha >.<), so lately reading in this website and another where I publish novel too, have questioned myself some points that will describe below, to make the of more enjoyable for you.< p>


1.- Do you still like the story I have described so far in any way? Do you like that it follows this story pace, not too fast and not too slow, and that it describes all the arcs I have planned in my mind and try to give a satisfactory and not so cliché ending? (Obviously I would try not to fall into monotony and keep the story at a slow and boring pace, I would also rush it a little bit more and not wait hundreds of chapters for the MC to reach a small realm, but not getting powerups out of nowhere). 

2.- The story already seems a bit boring and you want it to go faster, for example the MC to become OP definitely and rule all the worlds he arrives in less than 50 chapters? That he arrives to the Immortal World and recovers his power in a couple of chapters and continues the story until the upper plane of the territory of the gods as planned but more superficial? (Keep in mind that here I would cut many chapters, and therefore the different arcs that I had planned to write would no longer be written, so the story would be shorter).

3.- The story has already reached the point of boredom and you just want the MC to regain all his power quickly so he can ascend to the Immortal World and then finally enter the arc of the gods. (The ending would clearly be very different from what I had planned from this point on) 

4.- The same point as above, but that the MC would spend some time in the immortal world and from there accumulate enough strength and by the time he reaches the upper plane he can fight for a few chapters and quickly rule the top of the world, becoming the strongest with some cliché. 

5.- Absolutely you want me to finish the story until 1,000 chapters, summarizing in these hundred and some chapters that are missing to make the MC very OP and run smoothly to the immortal world and the territory of the gods quickly. 

6.- Let the story end in this lower plane of the cultivation world and from there let it end with a chapter saying that the MC and the FMCs ascend together to the higher plane. 

7.- The course of your choice, I don't know, maybe the most outstanding comment? 



In this website I think that you, my reader friends, who really keep reading and keep up to date are about 10 maybe? According to the comments I read and I remember some of your names, since some of you comment every so many chapters or sometimes almost all the chapters to thank me for publishing, because although according to me there are many people who have this book in the library of their accounts, I don't think they really read it, leaving it forgotten haha. 

While on the other website I post on I think it's still about 5 to 10 readers who seem to like my novel as well. So, I want to hear your opinions and criticisms about the story and pace of this novel, and depending on the comments on this site and the other one, I will check which of the above points I described you prefer me to continue, so I can give you a better reading. 

In two-three days I will finish the revision, and I will continue posting, and according to your comments I will take the course of action to follow, unless between today and tomorrow the few who are still here comment quickly hehe. 

By the way, I remind you that I started this novel as a hobby and at first I never thought it would reach the 1000 chapters to describe the whole story, but when I was writing more arcs and story developed, which caused us to reach this point, therefore, I never contracted or made this story for pay, as I know that some people have to save to buy the chapters, as they prefer not to spend money casually, while others have no problem... but lately I've read one or another comment asking if I don't have a Patreon or Ko-Fi, something like that, so I was thinking about opening one, and whatever you want to donate will be well received, but this won't affect that I block the chapters or stop them, something like that. 

Even if it seems like I don't respond to your comments, I still keep reading them and taking your thoughts and reviews into account. Anyway, any comment or criticism you have I'm all ears and I'll try to see if I can satisfy you :D 

Or maybe I'll just ignore you guys and keep posting as I please, hahaha. Well, as long as one reader likes my novel I'll keep publishing :) 

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