The Way of The Dao

A mysterious young man falls into a small unknown world after surviving the terrifying void, barely recovering. However, the heavens punished him with a mysterious seal, sealing his powerful and terrifying strength and even restricting his body strength, turning him into a weak mortal, a cripple in the end. Feeling somewhat desperate and uneasy, he will begin to explore this small but interesting and unknown world, realizing that not everything is what it seems and that much knowledge he had ignored in the past was more important than it seemed. However, his heart that had been sealed and indifferent to almost everyone for his entire life, will gradually begin to open up when he meets people who will unexpectedly break the barrier in his heart easily but mysteriously, creating strong bonds that he never thought he would have had after the tragedy. Even memories from his childhood that had been forgotten or sealed away seemingly began to slowly emerge after a long time, realizing that his apparent origin was not simple either. With his power sealed, but with his knowledge and experience of thousands of years will gradually push him to the peak once again, even discovering unparalleled secrets and knowledge to step into the heavens and succeed in becoming an existence above the universe! ... It is my first novel that I started a long time ago and that I write with some slowness but always trying to give the best of me. I love very much these themes of cultivation and fights, romance and soft slices of life, so I decided to create my own novel that maybe could be enjoyable and charming for some or boring and disappointing for many, but it doesn't matter. In the beginning you will find a lot of clichés and tropes similar to almost every novel, even in the first 200-300 chapters, because I didn't know how to give an original and unique start. But I'm always aware of your comments, criticisms and complaints, which help me to broaden my horizons and perspectives and give a better writing and story to the novel. My writing and consistency at the beginning can be ugly with many mistakes, but as the story progresses I have learned from my mistakes and corrected a lot, even changing the way of narration a little as the story progresses and I write gradually. PS: Don't get carried away by the names of the chapter titles, some will seem to say the MC's cultivation or that he will start planning or have objectives against others, which is completely wrong. Sometimes I can't think of a suitable title and just write the simplest one, hehe. * Riixhiie * ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ * The cover image does not belong to me, so if the original owner has problems he can inform me and I will gladly remove it *

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Are You Referring To Me?

"Ah! Bastard!" 

A man gasped in pain as he was stabbed with a sword, piercing him through the chest like paper, dying at once. 

"I said that everything here belongs to the sky sword sect! Whoever disagrees step forward and fight me!" 

A young man shouted with arrogance and disdain, stomping contemptuously on the body of the man he had just killed and throwing mocking glances. His aura of a golden core early stage realm expert spread fiercely, frightening almost everyone present. 

Behind this young man was a strange barrier that seemed to be intertwined with vines and some flowers, with tree roots and mysterious patterns blocking the way of others. 

"It seems that young people have become arrogant nowadays!" 

An old voice sneered as the next moment an old man had appeared in front of the young man and with his sword fiercely attacked, expelling a fierce aura in the golden core's middle stage that seemed to reach the late stage. 

The young man's pupils shrank in fear as he felt the terrifying power of this old man, feeling his strength buckle before this old man and he was unable to move. 

"Old Rong seems to have become stronger!" 

* Clang! * 

A sharp clash of metal resounded the next instant, as the old man couldn't help but retreat several meters before steadying himself and glancing gloomily at the figure that had appeared. 

A middle-aged man appeared, saving the young man and stopping the old man as he expelled a powerful aura belonging to the golden core late stage! 

"It's the sect leader!" 

"Greetings, master!" 

"Sect leader!" 

Upon recognizing the identity of this middle-aged man, several individuals exclaimed joyfully and excitedly. They quickly rallied toward this man and gathered around, demonstrating that they were in the same sect. 

The leader of the Sky Sword sect had appeared in person! 

"Master..." The young man who had just seen his life flash before his eyes, let out a sigh of relief and cupped his fists towards this middle-aged man, respectfully thanking, "Thank you for saving my life, master!" 

"You are my personal disciple, and the next leader of the sect! So you must maintain your dignity at all times and make them respect you! If you can't even completely resist against this old man, then it's a waste of the treasure you used to enter the golden core realm!" 

The sky sword sect leader snorted lightly, showing that he was annoyed. 

"Disciple knows that he disappointed the master and will do his best to remedy it! So I will give satisfaction to master!" The young man lowered his head even further, knowing that he had disappointed his master. 

"Ha! You old bastard! I didn't think you could still break through!" The old man who was forced to retreat did not escape and on the contrary he mocked the leader of the sky sword sect, mockingly adding, "It seems that the resources and natural treasures of the clouds on the horizon sect were worth it for you to destroy it!" 

"Only the strongest have the right to speak, while the weak can only wait to be destroyed." The sect leader spoke indifferently, not being swayed by the old man's provocation. 

"But you are not strong!" The old man shouted as he lunged towards the sect leader, his aura drastically increasing and reaching the golden core late stage. 

The sword in the old man's hands seemed to glow a deep red color, as if it came to life as the power suddenly exploded. 

"And you do?" The sect leader sneered and calmly raised his hand, swinging the sword he held as the next moment a terrifying force surged out of him. Cultivation essence circulated and poured onto the sword. 

A cut went all the way through the old man, piercing through both his sword and his body like they were tofu. 

"The sect leader is strong!" 

"The sect leader is invincible!" 

"With the leader here, this whole place belongs to the sky sword sect!" 

"The sky sword sect will remain the number one sect in the region!" 

Cheers and exclamations of joy quickly spread, causing many of those present who did not belong to the sect to flee the place when they saw more and more members of this sky sword sect arriving. 

"We have to go!" 

An agitated and anxious whisper reached the ears of Shang Moyu, Tang Jingtian and the others who had arrived and witnessed how the sky sword sect leader killed a strong golden core expert easily. 

"Brother Xuo! You're fine!" Shang Moyu recognized the young man who caught up to them and he finally sighed somewhat relieved. 

Everyone in the group had finally reunited. 

"Brother Xuo, did you breakthrough?" Lao Lihong sensed Hu Xuo's unstable aura, the result of breaking through to the foundation establishment middle stage. 

"Quickly! We don't have time to stay here! The other disciples of the mystic martial sect and the sun shining sect are about to arrive! If we stay here, then we won't be able to escape!" 

Seeing that everyone else was fine, Hu Xuo let out a small sigh before quickly urging to leave the place. He didn't even give it much importance that he managed to break through a few moments ago. 

Seeing Hu Xuo's desperate and frightened expression, the others began to feel somewhat panicked. 

"I think there's no time for that anymore..." Tang Jingtian said casually as he looked at the strange barrier in the background. 

"Huh?" Hu Xuo looked at Tang Jingtian, being stunned that he didn't know him but seemed to be with Shang Moyu and the others, as if they were all together as a team. 

"Oh boy, boy~ but are those the geniuses of the clouds on the horizon sect!" 

A voice attracted the attention of all the members of the sky sword sect. 

A young man in his mid twenties stepped out of the group where the disciples of the sky sword sect were, and came walking towards Shang Moyu and the others with an arrogant smile. 

"The clouds on the horizon sect?" 

"Haha! That's right! They're the so-called geniuses!" 

"What are they doing in this place? Are they stupid? They came to seek their death after the leader had spared them!" 

"What idiots!" 

Once they recognized Shang Moyu and company, the sky sword sect members began to sneer at them. 

The other wandering cultivators and belonging to other forces took advantage of the distraction and fled the scene, leaving Shang Moyu's group alone. 

"Na Wuyi..." Shang Moyu muttered grimly as he recognized this man. 

It seemed that they had truly met with misfortune. 

The sky sword sect disciples quickly surrounded Shang Moyu and the others. The auras of cultivators from the chi gathering ninth stage to the foundation establishment peak stage instantly emerged. Even some two or three auras surpassed the foundation establishment realm, demonstrating a golden core realm power. 

"Hand over all your things you obtained!" Na Wuyi extended his hand towards them, noticing some swords and weapons that some of them were carrying and expelled slightly strong auras, demonstrating their good quality. 

Earlier, there was a powerful expert nearby, so Na Wuyi did not dare to do anything. But now, the sect leader and most of the elders and core disciples were in this place, so he was not afraid of anything. 

The sect leader turned his gaze to this side, silently observing what was going on, but he did not intervene or say any words. 

Shang Moyu gritted his teeth helplessly, pulling Mio Yidan behind him as he sensed Na Wuyi's fierce aura. His gaze also caught the sky sword sect leader's gaze and he knew that things had gotten worse. 

"Isn't it enough for you guys to keep all these ruins and hidden treasures? Why don't you let us go?" 

A voice interrupted the tension, stunning Na Wuyi and causing his attention to shift to Shang Moyu's side. 

"Who are you..." Na Wuyi had barely finished saying when she saw three young women so beautiful and delicate, far more beautiful than the sect's martial sisters. 

Tang Jingtian narrowed his eyes as he noticed Na Wuyi's unscrupulous look at his wives, so he snorted and a glimpse of aura emerged, striking Na Wuyi. 

Na Wuyi flew out, hitting some pillars before coming to a heavy stop. Several wounds emerged on his body, with some blood appearing. 

"You are very weak even for a newly ascended golden core cultivator..." Tang Jingtian casually remarked, at the same time even he couldn't help but be surprised to see that he had seriously injured Na Wuyi. 

With the portion of spiritual aura he used, even a peak cultivator at the foundation establishment state could resist briefly, being in better condition than Na Wuyi even if they were taken by surprise. 

Na Wuyi let out a mouthful of blood as he tried to stand up, a terrifying feeling and fear gripped his body, realizing that he seemed to feel the breath of death in an instant. 

The others were stunned to see what happened, while some quickly went to help Na Wuyi stand up. 

The leader of the sky sword sect frowned at the sight of Tang Jingtian, sensing that the aura he had unleashed seemed to rival his current strength. 

A young man in the golden core late stage? That young man is a genius! 

"Junior, what sect do you come from?" 

The sect leader took a step and had instantly already appeared about 5 meters in front of Tang Jingtian, as a subtle yet powerful aura emerged from him, "You come from some sect in the capital?" 

Seeing that the sky sword sect leader had made a move, everyone around stopped and stood silently watching. 

Tang Jingtian raised his eyebrows in surprise, his gaze watching the sky sword sect leader, when at once a somewhat amused and playful expression appeared on his face. 

"Junior? Are you referring to me?

By the way, I modified a bit the previous chapters where the MC was behaving like a lustful man, since I didn't like it, in case you want to read them again

(chapters 882-883)

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