The Way of The Dao

Author: Riixhiie
Martial Arts
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What is The Way of The Dao

Read ‘The Way of The Dao’ Online for Free, written by the author Riixhiie, This book is a Martial Arts Novel, covering ROMANCE Fiction, R18 Light Novel, HAREM Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: A mysterious young man falls into a small unknown world after surviving the terrifying void, barely recovering. However,...


A mysterious young man falls into a small unknown world after surviving the terrifying void, barely recovering. However, the heavens punished him with a mysterious seal, sealing his powerful and terrifying strength and even restricting his body strength, turning him into a weak mortal, a cripple in the end. Feeling somewhat desperate and uneasy, he will begin to explore this small but interesting and unknown world, realizing that not everything is what it seems and that much knowledge he had ignored in the past was more important than it seemed. However, his heart that had been sealed and indifferent to almost everyone for his entire life, will gradually begin to open up when he meets people who will unexpectedly break the barrier in his heart easily but mysteriously, creating strong bonds that he never thought he would have had after the tragedy. Even memories from his childhood that had been forgotten or sealed away seemingly began to slowly emerge after a long time, realizing that his apparent origin was not simple either. With his power sealed, but with his knowledge and experience of thousands of years will gradually push him to the peak once again, even discovering unparalleled secrets and knowledge to step into the heavens and succeed in becoming an existence above the universe! ... It is my first novel that I started a long time ago and that I write with some slowness but always trying to give the best of me. I love very much these themes of cultivation and fights, romance and soft slices of life, so I decided to create my own novel that maybe could be enjoyable and charming for some or boring and disappointing for many, but it doesn't matter. In the beginning you will find a lot of clichés and tropes similar to almost every novel, even in the first 200-300 chapters, because I didn't know how to give an original and unique start. But I'm always aware of your comments, criticisms and complaints, which help me to broaden my horizons and perspectives and give a better writing and story to the novel. My writing and consistency at the beginning can be ugly with many mistakes, but as the story progresses I have learned from my mistakes and corrected a lot, even changing the way of narration a little as the story progresses and I write gradually. PS: Don't get carried away by the names of the chapter titles, some will seem to say the MC's cultivation or that he will start planning or have objectives against others, which is completely wrong. Sometimes I can't think of a suitable title and just write the simplest one, hehe. * Riixhiie * ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ * The cover image does not belong to me, so if the original owner has problems he can inform me and I will gladly remove it *

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I’ve only read the first volume. The first volume was amazing. The author proved his ability to make a great story by summarizing an entire novel in 30 chapters, but then you took it a nitch higher by making the MC someone who has actual love for people. He does what he has to when the time come, but he just wants to keep his adoptive family safe. Not afraid to admit that you also did a great job with makIng my eyes water a few times with his “children’s” backstories and him taking them in. If his personality stays the same from here on he’s going to be my all time favorite MC. Cannot wait to continue reading!


A cultivation novel without a bit.ch crap mc trying to be a young master or a fk head... a really great novel if i should say so... cz it actually focuses on mc development... and his character as well... like nobody is an all knowing crap all the time they have to learn... though sometimes mc will make some unreasonable choices BUT only in pre chaps... not the start ot true story... so don't focus on that... also has a great focus on relationship development... though it will be slow but steady... unlike 'picking Pokemon' harem type development... where everything goes cz it should be...😑 ........ well anyway give it a read and will know what a slow pace peaceful life with adventure romance and action in cultivation world....😎😎👍😉😁


Wow, this was a surprising and delightful find as I had to scroll down quite a bit for it. The writing quality is fine, updates are pretty frequent, and everything about the story is decent. The Way of The Dao is underrated and I think it deserves way more views. I rated it as 5 stars because I believe that the author will continue to improve as the story progresses.


I do not understand by those who give a negative rating. Did you read this novel because of TAG • R-18? You feel as though the initial 30 chp is rubbish and unimportant. If you want to read the novel of an immortal who immediately sex then read 'immortal only accept female' and you can masturbate to your heart's content. Author I think you should exchange the [R-18] Tag with [Mature] to repel the muddling flies.


if you want to read nerfed mc whom after his power has been unsealed, it was sealed again for no reason, this is for you. If you have read atg, it's like yun che of past life live again in floating cloud city, his poison pearl is sealed for no reason. instead of become stronger as time pass by, mc becomes weaker. author decided to nerf him down even more as time pass by for no reason. all the characters are stupid and one dimensional naive idiots. mc doesn't have goals and there's no clue when his power would recover. all depends on author. he will unseal his power at whim and seal it again at whim for no reason. So yeah, his age becomes much older but compared to his peers from his immortal world, he's just trash at this age and now he's just wasting it away in this place for no solid reason except from author pulling things out of his a ss.


Start from 33 chapter then you will never drop this novel.I really like character development.Writing style is good[img=recommend]. But think this novel underrated.


Good plot it remind me TDG. novel start with character development


Start from 33 chapter then you will never drop this novel.I really like character development.Writing style is good[img=recommend]. But think this novel underrated.I think it deserves way more views. updates are pretty frequent, and everything about the story is decent


I really-really love this novel...this story is getting more n more interesting...if this novel get anime adaptation or manhua adaptation ..it's really gonna break the record of other novels..but too bad it's underrated..I even recommended this novel to others to read it.....Anyway thank you for the chapter❤..hoping to get more chapters


Reveal spoiler


I want a manhua of this amazing novel. which is my top 1 cultivation novel in my entire collection.. I would have gave it a 5 star, but the update stability is very poor.


Novel deserve 5 stars but i donot know whys it is never been in top 200 .but recently releasing rate in too slow it will be good if it is continues 2 ch per day


Great novel. Hidden gem. Such a relaxing, wholesome story. Definitely recommended. I really enjoyed this novel. Writing quality, story, characters I liked them all. I hope the author would like to write at least a couple of thousand chapters. Because I feel like everything is just getting started.


love the story and characters .................... ............................................................................................


Excelente novela 👌👌👌 Ojalá el autor no termine rápido la historia mínimo unos 800-900 caos 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩 Buena acción, romance, fantasía, Mc OP, R-18 👌, nada que envidiar de otras novelasss Exp, Exppp, Expppppppppppp




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everything is good about this except update stability. hey author don't forget us


Please update![img=update][img=update][img=update]


well author great work really good novel. but due to your so slow update i forgot the past events happened in the plot and it is really disappointing and i can say there are more users like me so can you listen us and continue update on regular basis even if you update 2 chapters per day it is still good then mass release i think. again great novel👍


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