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Warning: Mature Content.  "I have decided what my first wish will be."  Santiago stared at her coolly as if he hadn't granted her five wishes in exchange for a deal.  "Dance with me." "What?" His indifferent facade crumbled instantly.  "My first wish-- I want you to dance with me every night we are together. So, Villain, dance with me."  ___   Persephone Marino, the stolen bride made a deal with the Villain, her captor, in exchange for five wishes. The sheltered Mafia princess got a taste of freedom in her captivity when Villain offered her a deal to get her out of his system.  Who would have thought that the bride he had stolen for a completely different goal would end up becoming his maddest and hardest obsession? __  Mature content starts after chapter 17. This book is R-18, so it's given that it will be hardcore smut. -- Regular updates.  --Anti hero Male lead.  -- No cheating or rape.  The author doesn't own the cover of the book.   


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