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Interesting take on the world of organized crime and romance within the gangs of the east coast. The way everything is described seems almost everything lives and breathes. I know not everyone's a big fan of violence, but even that is incredibly graphic to the point where one can feel the actual dreadful sensations.. which is a good thing if we're to set things up for a realistic story revolving the mafia. The pacing is just right that the story develops fast enough for the readers to understand how this magnificent plot is being presented.. not much dialogue in the beginning.. but more well constructed and detailed explanations for viewers to understand the complexity of what is really going on. Overall, the quality of this work is brilliantly done. The author's skill in storytelling has great potential.. and is arguably one of the better ones I've seen in this platform. Great job, author-sensei! Keep updating and inspiring your readers!

THe Villain


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I hope like you my readers will like the book. thank you very much for sharing your views!


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