The Supreme Divine Concubine Book

novel - Fantasy

The Supreme Divine Concubine

Zhan Xiye

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  • 40 Chs

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“He” used to be the most eye-catching prodigy. Everyone would envy him, but no one could keep up with him. “He” was also the most disgraceful existence of the Mu family. His meridians had all been destroyed, and he had become nothing but a cripple! He had fallen from the top of the world, banished by his family, and suffered all kinds of humiliation! However, just like a phoenix rose from the ashes, he was reborn! When he had awakened, the world trembled! His power was enough to affect the world. He gained access to Yuan Energy, formed a Divine Body, forged a contract with the Divine Beasts, controlled the power of the stars, and controlled the fate of the world! The good looks of the third son of the Mu family made many fall in love with him! When he stood in the highest place and everyone looked up, only then did they realize that… “He” was actually a “She”! He had a mysterious background, his power beyond imagining, his excellence knew no bounds, and he was extremely prideful. However, he couldn’t part with that man, nor could he let him go. Billions followed him, but he only followed him! That world’s brightest pearl, only when I hold it in my palm would its light grace this world! Scene 1: Third Young Master Mu smiled and said, “Young Master Yun, my apologies. This time, I got in front of you again. This Divine Beast Core…” Yun Yi said calmly, “It’s yours.” Third Young Master Mu smiled and said, “How generous you are! Then let’s go find that Yuan Energy Liquid…” Yun Yi said without batting an eye, “It’s yours.” Third Young Master Mu couldn’t stop smiling, “You are truly a real hero! While you found this Ancient Divine Technique first, I’ve also done some work…” Yun Yi said as his eyes darkened, “It’s yours.” “Anything you want and if I have it, they're all yours.” The third Young Master’s smile froze. “However…” Before he could even react, Yun Yi’s eyes locked into him and said, “You… are mine!” Scene 2: The Third Young Master of the Mu family knew that she was very good-looking, and it was unavoidable that she would attract many suitors. But she didn’t expect to have attracted someone like Yun Yi. Not only was he good-looking, but his backer was also powerful, his talents were beyond imagining, and even his interests were just as unimaginable! After playing a game of cat and mouse for a long time, he finally decided to speak with him. “Young Master Yun,” Third Young Master Mu said with a gulp. “You’re a man, and I’m a man too…’ Yun Yi’s face has no emotion. “Yes.” Third Young Master Mu was taken aback. “I’m not gay.” Yun Yi’s eyes didn’t shift. “Yes.” Third Young Master Mu, “…” He gritted his teeth, “Young Master Yun, do you have some problem with us? Earlier, you tormented my younger sister, and now you do this to me…” Yun Yi looked at her with a faint smile. “If you’re a woman, then I like women. If you’re a man, then I like men. You understand?” Third Master Mu looked at him as he trembled, “Mon… Monster!” Yun Yi seemed to understand something and nodded in earnest. “Sure. Even if you’re a monster, I would still like you.”


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