The superhero was startled Book

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The superhero was startled


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Jantis wandered into Gotham and was picked up by a red hood one late night. From then on, the amnesiac little ninja had a home. But why would Gotham have things that shouldn't exist in reality?! From the appearance of supernatural horrors like Sadako, Hanako, and Kayako in reality, did Jantis really encounter ghosts today? Not only that, she was also startled. Even the superheroes who had never thought they could see ghosts: ...were truly seeing ghosts now. Facing Jantis, they just wanted to say: Shut your ears! Don't listen to (horror stories)! Shut your eyes! Don't watch (horror movies)! Shut your mind! Don't think! In Gotham, where highly intelligent villains abound, suddenly appearing ghosts aggressively occupied the darkness. Gotham might become a playground for ghosts. No one knew what they wanted to do, and even if they were killed, they would still come back. Until the superheroes discovered that these ghosts existed because of the girl's fear, then let her overcome her fear—come on, become a firm materialist! Jantis was very strong, but she was still afraid of ghosts. But screaming in fear wouldn't drive them away—so physical exorcism was a good solution. What to do when ghosts are always frightening? Beat them up first, then talk.


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