The Story About me and The Girl who Asked me out Book

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The Story About me and The Girl who Asked me out


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New Version of the story is out please proceed to click the link to read https://www.webnovel.com/book/the-story-about-me-and-the-girl-who-asked-me-out-ver.2_28507228708385305 So basically this is the story about our Mc, Matsuki Satoro and this girl Kira Miyoko. Kira asked him to go out with her, but unexpectedly, Matsuki hates the opposite gender. Though there are few female that he doesn’t dislike. To be more precise he doesn’t like beautiful girl who has the slightest resemblance to “Her”. Matsuki accept her confession due to his own selfish and unreasonable reasons and that reason is, he wants to get his revenge on all girls. While Matsuki plans to use her as a stepping stone along the way for his goal, something went incredibly wrong. What could have possibly happened along the way? Will he be able to execute his plan or will someone get in his way? Find out by reading "The Story About Me and the girl who asked me out" [Note from the Author] “Hello this is just a story I just imagined and wanted to try to write it, but you may not like it though because Mc may look a little dumb or whatsoever but even so I’ll finish it even if on one reads it”  [[This story is in revision process]]


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