The Stars in Your Eyes Book

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The Stars in Your Eyes


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Jian Kang Lu has spent the past two years wondering that maybe he was destined to live alone until the end of his life. He will turn 36 soon, and can’t find anyone piqued his interest anymore. He’s a doctor, with a decent look and financially well. His life seems so perfect, except that he was still single. Living his life day by day working in the hospital with the same routine everyday. Just like a robot. When he decided to go for a trip, he finally found someone that sparks his world once again. For the first time in his life, he was drawn to this young man’s charm. A very young man, pure like a fresh first snow falling from the winter sky. Jian Kang Lu can’t help whispering in his mind “Will he think that i’m just a pervert old guy?” Though he was 36 years old, lots of people said he doesn’t even look like a 30 years old man. He was quite confident with his own appearance. With that, he tried to pursue this pure young man, trying to bend this pure young man into his lover. Starting from a small conversation. After that question he threw, that young man looked at him and his eyes stared with wonder. After 5 second he answered, “Yes, how do you know?”. His voice is soft. Somehow just to hear this young man’s voice for the first time made Jian Kang Lu’s heart fluttering. Just like a small kitten that’s so cute, and pure. Make him want to embrace this lovely kitten in his arms. This is a simple story about two people with their own insecurities, trying to find their own little happiness. Along the journey, will they finally find the meaning of love? Cover belong to original artist, used with permission. IG & Twitter @ereyzme


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