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"This is the final boarding call for passengers on flight 372 to B city. Please proceed to gate 14 immediately. Thank you."

Jian Kang Lu raises his head slightly and looks at gate 14, he just watches the people queuing into the boarding gate. His eyes didn't show any emotion, and stared over the gate. He didn't like to stand there with a bunch of people. He decided to wait until only a few people left, and then stand up to board his plane.

He looks at his elegant watch, the flight is on time. Jian Kang Lu dressed casually since this is a short and simple vacation. He wore a plain long sleeve sky blue shirt, the sleeve rolled into his elbow. Paired with dark blue jeans and white-pale blue sneakers, he looks elegant though simple.

He had short hair and nice hands. His nails are short and round. One of the requirements from his work is to have short and clean nails. Jian Kang Lu is charming, not a kind of divine handsome man, but definitely 8 out of 10 people will say that he's handsome, despite their gender.

He has to admit this short vacation is nothing special, since he is just alone without any companion to enjoy W city. But to spend 5 days of free time without having to think about his patient, or receiving non stop calls and messages from hospital, is such a rare pleasure for him. 

At his age, most of his acquaintances are already married and have family of their own. Even his younger brother is already married and has a son. His friends are bound to have vacation with their own little family. Almost 36 year old, Jian Kang Lu is still single.

He shows his boarding pass to the flight attendant and starts to look for his own seat. He didn't manage to get a business class seat since this is a peak season and he booked his ticket last minute. He just hoped he didn't get a seat next to an annoying person. Luckily he managed to check in earlier from his mobile phone, and still got a window seat. His favourite seat. He'll be pissed off if he got the middle seat.

He found his seat, and planned to give one of his professional smile to excuse himself to get on his seat. The aisle and middle seat are already occupied. A young girl sits in the aisle, and a young man sits in the middle.

"Excuse me, sorry to bother both of you. My seat is in the window, apologised for this hassle."

The young girl stood up and smiled back at him. "It's okay"

The young man raised his head, and then stood up following the girl beside him to give space for Jian Kang Lu. When that young man looked up to him and moved his body next to him, Jian Kang Lu's heart skipped a beat. 

This young man is cute.

This boy definitely is not a stunning pretty boy that will attract people at first sight, but there's something in him that made Jian Kang Lu's heart beat faster when he saw him at this moment. 

His black hair looks so smooth like satin, with bangs covering his eyebrow. His white skin looks pale, contrasting with his black hair. His eyes are typical asian eyes. Not a perfect phoenix eyes, but gives warmth to people around him. His straight nose complemented his facial structure, and his pale pink lips... 

That lips definitely look so enchanting. Not a sensual lips, but made Jian Kang Lu wonder, how that lips feels when he bite him.

His height is slightly shorter than Jiang Kang Lu, maybe around 174 cm, since his own height is 182 cm. His body looks proportional though a bit thin under his black T-shirt. His body is not a muscular type, but looks just fine. His slender hand brushed Jian Kang Lu arms when he passed him to give spaces.

It only took 5 second for Jian Kang Lu to move immediately to his seat. He doesn't like to wait, so he is sensible enough rushing to sit in his own seat. He doesn't want to obstruct the people behind him. When he put his safety belt, the young man already sat back next to him and started to put on his own safety belt.

Jian Kang Lu took his phone out of his pocket and turned the phone into airplane mode, then turned it off. The young man next to him also takes out his phone and types something. Jian Kang Lu glanced at those slim fingers typing. He didn't want to pry someone else's privacy, but he can't help to look at those beautiful hands next to him. He noticed the background image of that young man's phone is from a game he played too. Magallan.

The flight attendant starts to count the passengers and soon they notice all passengers to turn off the mobile phone and any electronic devices. That young man then turned on his airplane mode and turned off his phone too. His phone case also had the symbol of Magallan elemental signs.

Jian Kang Lu is almost 36 years old this year, and still single. He is already alone for more than 2 years. After his last relationship ended, he thought he would never meet any person that would attract him again. 

Jian Kang Lu had a quite wild history of romance. He had 5 ex-girlfriends, 4 of them ended so bad. Either he cheated on them, or they cheat on him. Last girlfriend he had only lasted for 8 months and they just separated nicely. 

He used to wonder why he never had any deep attachment with them. All of them are nice women, smart, and beautiful. Well, not all of them are kind though. But all of them are smart. He is a smart man also, he didn't like dumb individual to become his partner.

Then he met Wu Shen. That's when he knows for sure that he was gay. He was always attracted to beautiful men, but he never tried to have any relationship with a man before. After all, his background and his working environment is not a supportive one to have an open relationship with man. They spent 3 years together but it doesn't work well for him too.

After his relationship with Wu Shen ended, he had a serious relationship with Zhang Min for 4 years. Jian Kang Lu thought Zhang Min was the one. He even planned to marry him if Zhang Min wanted to. But in the end, all of his effort just disappeared in vain. 

Then he just spent his last 2 years working, and working, and working. It doesn't mean that he doesn't want to have any relationship again, nor that he can't forget Zhang Min. But you have to know that it's difficult to find a single man around him at his age that can attract his interest. 

He might have had wildlife in his young age, but when you spent all the wild in your youth, all that is left now is just an urge to find someone who wants to spend a lifetime together.

He used to go to bars and have some fun, but nowadays no one he met can attract him anymore. Jian Kang Lu is the type that can tell at the first glance whether he was attracted or not. His instinct is some sort of magical, all of his "first time glance" always right on the spot. 

All of those people that can attract him for the first time are usually smart, and hardworking people. That is the top requirement for Jian Kang Lu's partner. Of course he won't pursue all of the people that raise his attention at the first glance. He also needs to communicate and know them better. But for sure, Jian Kang Lu will never have any relationship with someone who can't raise his attraction level at the first time meeting.

And now here we are, on the plane, after 2 years, he had this kind of feeling again. His world sparks once more. He wants to know this young man next to him better. Though this young man looks very young compared to his own age, he really really wants to know this boy more.

Jian Kang Lu can't help whispering in his mind "Will he think that i'm just a pervert old man?"

But... Let's just have a small conversation first. Though he was 36 years old, lots of people said he doesn't even look like a 30 years old man. He is quite confident with that. The flight attendant starts to announce that they will take off soon, and that young man just stares at the front seat.

"Hello, sorry to bother you, did you play Magallan?"

That young man looked at him, his eyes stared at him with wonder. And after 5 second he answered, "Yes, how do you know?"

His voice is quite soft, just like a fluffy cloud in clear blue sky. Soothing like an azure lake in spring. Somehow, to hear this young man's voice for the first time made Jian Kang Lu's heart flutter. Just like a small kitten that's so cute, and pure. Make him want to embrace this lovely kitten in his arms.

"Oh I'm sorry, I play that game too. And I noticed your phone case had elemental signs of Maggalan. I didn't mean to pry though."


Then silence wrapped them once again.

Jian Kang Lu is not someone who likes to disturb other people, he himself doesn't like to be involved in conversation with strangers. But he really really can't help to open his mouth just for the sake of hearing that young man's voice once again.

"What level are you now?"

That young man looked at him again, seeming to make sure that Jian Kang Lu was really throwing that question to him. "I'm level 92"

"Oh.. Wow, I'm still 76. Did you play it for the first time it launched?"


"I also play it from the beta version, but i can't play it often though." Jian Kang Lu gave him one of his apologetic and embarrassed smiles. He then continued to ask "Which one is your favourite?"

"I play Quadra a lot, but my favourite is Sigma."

"Me too! Sigma is just wonderful, her elemental chain reaction is the best. But you need a good companion to release her potential. Too bad i don't have many in game friends that can support her."

"Yes, but it doesn't matter if you pair her with good electro artefact."

"True. But to craft good electro artefact needs a lot of grinding. Can't buy that artefact just with money. Too bad I don't have that much time to grind. By the way, I'm so sorry to bother you, but i don't have any friends that play this game. So it just feels wonderful to discuss this game with real people. If you don't want to converse, please tell me so I won't disturb you again."

That young man just lowered his head and softly answered, "Mmm.. That's okay"

The airplane started to take off. And Jian Kang Lu keeps trying to converse with this attractive kitten next to him. They have a quite lively conversation for the whole 2 hours flight. And he noticed that this kitten's smile is very.. Cute.. 

When Jiang Kang Lu heard that soft laugh, it made him fall deeper. He also doesn't understand how he can feel this way to this young man. Is he just being single for too long and dried up like mummy? This young man is not a very attractive person too, but he can't help to look away. The more he talks, the more he wants to know this young man better.

When the airplane finally landed and the flight attendant opened the door, lots of passengers prepared to go down. Some of them turn on their mobile phone again. Jian Kang Lu then ask "Can I add you as my friend in Magallan, we can have co op together"


Jian Kang Lu then took out his mobile phone and turned it on. The young girl sitting on the aisle already stood up and prepared to take off from the airplane along with other passengers. The young man took out his mobile phone too and turned it on too.

"Okay, what is your game ID? I'll add you when we're outside. Do you have any baggage? If you have, let's go together. I have some baggage to pick."

"My game ID name is Mist, but i don't remember the number ID. Let me check it later."


Both of them went down after most of the passengers walked out. They walk together and chat again and wait for their baggage. After they added each other in Magallan, their baggage also popped up one by one.

"I just have this one baggage. I guess i have to leave first."

Jian Kang Lu's heart sank immediately. He doesn't want to have this conversation end. But of course he knows he can't hold this lovely kitten with him here without any reason. That will make him look like a complete pervert weirdo. Jian Kang Lu then gave him his warmest smile. 

"Okay, thank you for accompanying me chatting this whole time. By the way, what is your name?"

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