The Royal Revenge Book

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The Royal Revenge


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A captured princess, a bastard prince, joined by a wedding neither of them wanted. Once a warrior princess, Elysianne now lives the life of a slave. She had a solid plan to avenge her people - infiltrate the vampire hierarchy and eliminate the monarchs. But then all of it went to waste with one crazy mistake that ultimately led her marrying the enemy. Aleksander was rumored to be cursed. Believed to bring the kingdom's doom if he stayed at the castle, he was sent away to live in a rundown manor with only two servants. Brought together as a joke, mocked and set up for death, Elysianne and Aleksander were two opposite poles of a magnet with the same hunger for vengeance. When the reigning monarch dies a mysterious death, while the crown prince gets murdered in battle, the unlikely couple ends up rising to the throne! Bounded by an agreement solely on revenge, Elysianne and Aleksander turn the vampire kingdom upside-down. But what if they find themselves entangled in the heat of a passionate love they never knew could happen? Could enemies turn to lovers then? +++ EXCERPT: "I want this kingdom to fall apart, I want to hunt down the people who made my life a misery, burn those that humiliated me." "And where do I fit in that grand plan of yours, your highness, soon to be king, Prince Aleksander?" The prince smiled and his canines glinted in the moonlight. A cold wind blew from the open window and the princess bit down her impulse to tremble under his smoldering gaze, "Lend me your power Princess Elysianne… become my queen, and together we shall get our revenge served in a silver platter." +++ Only Volume 3 contains R18 scenes. Volume 3 and MGS ended last June2022. Marked it "Completed" but will continue the story by publishing another book soon. Join my discord server https://discord.gg/ZQRG7bfJsr