The Pregnant Cannon Fodder Is Looking For A Second Husband Book

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The Pregnant Cannon Fodder Is Looking For A Second Husband


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"There is only the two of us in here," Midori watched the man before her with a solemn look. "Tell me what you really want." "Isn't it obvious?" With a thoughtful stroke of his chin, he studied Midori, piecing together an impression from her posture and attire. "I wish to take you as my wife, and establish our baby's rightful status as the heir of the family." --*--___--*--___--*--___--*--___--*--___--*--___--*-- After her life took a turn for the worse, Midori Takigawa transmigrated into a historical romance novel that featured a cannon fodder* who shared the same name. As soon as she entered the novel, she was already pregnant and subsequently kicked out of her in-laws' house for cheating. Thanks to her photographic memory, she practically had the content of the novel at the back of his head. Armed with the knowledge, she grasped a newfound determination. She must change the cannon fodder's fate and live a fulfilled life! That naturally included making money and finding a worthy father for her unborn baby! Naturally, she wanted to do all of these without the slightest coercion! S-9898 : [Cough, cough. 1 Life Point has been taken from you for lying.] Midori : *curses at the system* You thief! Return my Life Point! Ex First Husband : Midori-san, I never agreed to the divorce. Midori : Is that my problem? Future Second Husband 1 : Wench, you are lucky to be betrothed to me. You better marry me now before I change my mind. Midori : I changed my mind. Bye. Future Second Husband 1 : Noooooooo~ Midori-chan, don't leave me behind! Future Second Husband 2 : In that case, will you consider me? Midori : Gladly! What is your name, Sir??? Future Second Husband 2 : *gives his name* Midori : *sucks in a deep breath* The protagonist!!! Meanwhile, what about Midori's four elder brothers? Was anyone good enough for their baby sister? *Cannon fodder = A minor character in a novel who usually ends up dead in a tragic manner.


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