The Adventures Of The Young Master Book

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The Adventures Of The Young Master


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Jin Rou, the youngest Celestial King, was being restricted to go outside by his father for some reasons. Thus, Jin Rou was fed up. And so, he made his 'Grand Plan' of running away. Tags:OPMC, Comedy, Cold-bloodedMC, NoRomanceYET, SuperHandsomeMC --- The story starts light in the earlier chapters, but the deeper you read, the darker it might get. Also, world-building is huge. Extremely. So, do expect many worlds and realms. Also, grammatical errors are inevitable since I work alone. You have been warned. --- Starting December 11, 2022. The regular updates will return to 2 chapters per day as we have caught up to the missed chapters for the pass few months. Also, expect mass releases every month!