The Powerful Eye System in MHA

A normal man gets transmigrated into the world of My Hero Academia with an 'Eye System'. When waking up to the system, he learns he transmigrated into a body that's in front of UA to take the entrance exam but... HIS QUIRK WAS GONE?!? Fortunately, the Eye System had given him a 'Free Eye': Six Eyes, the powerful eyes of the Gojo Clan. This is the story of how a normal man transmigrated and became someone on the level of god. Tag: Multiverse Fic Inspired by "Eye System in RWBY"

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Chapter 32: Final Exam Part 1

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With the day of the final exam having finally arrived, class 1-A could now be seen in their hero costumes standing opposite the wonderful teachers of UA.

"Let's begin your practical exam" Aizawa said dryly, as always, "It is, of course, possible to fail this exam. If you want to attend the training camp with the others, you better hope you don't fail"

Some of the students began to murmur amongst themselves, whether it was about Aizawa's words or the surprise of all the UA teachers in front of them.

"Knowing you guys" Aizawa began with a scoff, "Most of you probably went and asked around... and probably have a VAGUE idea of how this'll go..." He turned his gaze to the social butterflies like Ashido (Pink acid girl), "Not talking about anyone in particular" He mumbled.

"Hey! I actually found out because someone else asked and found out!" Ashido refuted, not wanting Aizawa to shame her name, "Even though I definitely would've asked around if I hadn't already known we were fighting robots!" She admitted, hitting the top of her head with her knuckles while sticking her tongue out like a Shojo character.

"Not quite!" Suddenly, out of Aizawa's scarf, Nezu (Mouse-rat-thing, the principal) popped out with his hand - paw rather - raised, "Various circumstances have demanded a revision to the exam format!" He announced, much to the dismay and shock of the students - with the exception of Ren Kiyotaka (The MC)

"H-Huh...?" Ashido stuttered, sweat beginning to drip down her forehead.

"R-Revision?" Momo (Thick Creation girl) asked, unsure of what Nezu was referring to.

"Y-You mean..." Kaminari (Pikachu boy) gulped, "N-No robots...?"

"Nope" Nezu answered in joy, lowering the moods of half the class, "You see, we decided that after all the events to do with the League of Villains, we decided that, from now on, we'll focus on battles against flesh-and-blood opponents. It is critical that our teaching simulates practical experience as closely as possible" He said, "As such, you students will be pairing up and fighting against none other than...

One of the teachers you see here!" He announced with a smirk, stunning the class for a few seconds before they spoke their concerns.

"Our teachers?! But you're actual pro heroes!" Mineta protested, with other students following up with their own concerns before Aizawa silenced them, "Enough! Let Principal Nezu finish, or NONE of you will go to the camp!" He ordered, silencing the class.

"Thank you, Aizawa..." Nezu cleared his throat, "Your pairings and assigned teacher have already been decided by us. Your battle moves, your grades, your friendships with one another... all these factors and more are what we considered, so without further ado...

First... Todoroki... you'll be paired up with Yaoyorozu against Aizawa" Nezu then proceeded to announce all the match-ups:

Shoto Todoroki and Momo Yaoyorozu vs Aizawa/Eraserhead

Izuku Midoriya and Katsuki Bakugo vs All Might

Mina Ashido and Denki Kaminari vs Principal Nezu

Yuga Aoyama and Ochaco Uraraka vs Thirteen

Kyoka Jiro, Tenya Ida, and Mashirao Ojiro vs Power Roader and Present Mic

Tsuyu Asui and Fumikage Tokoyami vs Ectoplasm

Hanta Sero and Minoru Mineta vs Midnight

Toru Hagakure and Mezo Shoji vs Snipe

Rikido Sato and Eijiro Kirishima vs Cementoss

And Nezu had finished there, much to the confusion of class 1-A as they all turned their attention to Ren who stood their aimlessly.

"Um... Principal Nezu? You didn't call my name out...?" He said worriedly, surprised that his name wasn't mentioned. Let alone the fact that there's a 3v2 match-up instead.

"Oh, right! About that!" Nezu smacked one paw against the other, before the teachers all stood side-by-side and looked at Ren with a menacing aura behind them all, "You won't be facing one of the teachers... You'll be facing...

ALL of the teachers" He announced with a not-so-innocent smile, "You don't mind, do you, Mr. Kiyotaka?"

"...Ha ha..." The students were worried when they heard Ren chuckle out of, what they assumed to be, fear as he had his head down and his body began to shake.

They were, however, surprised to find him smiling, "Ha ha... this is one sick joke..." He looked up and focused his gaze on all the teachers who looked at him with their eyebrows raised as he continued chuckling.

Ren slowly brought his right hand up to his mouth as he breathed in and out slowly to stop his laughter, "Ahh..." He sighed, lowering his hand back down to his pockets where he slotted them both in to.

"Bring it on!" He said with a battle-crazed smile, his body still slightly shaking with no one knowing whether it was out of fear or excitement... or maybe both.

"Hahaha" Nezu gave a lighthearted laugh, "Calm your boots, Mr. Kiyotaka, your matchup will be last so you have plenty time to look at all the matches and decide your strategy and analyse us all" He suggested.

"Thanks for the 'suggestion'" Ren gave a small nod, allowing for Nezu to clap his paws together before giving another order.

"Now, all of you will separate into these different buses depending on your match-up! Chop chop!" He said as 9 different buses drove in front of them a few seconds later, "Before you ask, you'll be with Recovery girl in her station, so enter that vehicle" Nezu pointed to a singular car for Ren which he entered.




With Ren having arrived at the 'Recovery Girl's Field Medic Station', he sat down in a chair beside Recovery Girl who look at the many screens in front of them.

The teachers had already announced the 30-minute time limit and the ultra compressed weights which only All Might had.

"Huh..." Ren pondered as he looked at the screen which covered All Might's battle.

"What is it, young Kiyotaka?" Recovery Girl asked.

"I was just thinking that maybe I could use those compressed weights for my own training after this exam's finished" He answered, causing Recovery Girl's eyes to widen in shock before a smile appeared on her face.

'This boy... he's got a big future ahead of him, I guarantee it' She thought as she watched Ren analysing each fight simultaneously, 'Though, I really wonder how he can see while wearing that blindfold of his'.


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