The Powerful Eye System in MHA

A normal man gets transmigrated into the world of My Hero Academia with an 'Eye System'. When waking up to the system, he learns he transmigrated into a body that's in front of UA to take the entrance exam but... HIS QUIRK WAS GONE?!? Fortunately, the Eye System had given him a 'Free Eye': Six Eyes, the powerful eyes of the Gojo Clan. This is the story of how a normal man transmigrated and became someone on the level of god. Tag: Multiverse Fic Inspired by "Eye System in RWBY"

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Chapter 24: Internship Part 1

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As soon as Ren arrived in class, he noticed he was the last person to arrive once again. Before he moved to sit in his seat, Aizawa told him to stay in place as he ordered the other 1-A students to stand up and follow him as it was time for them to go to the Musutafu station and split for their internships.

After travelling and arriving at Musatafu train station, Aizawa turned to his class as he asked "You guys've got your costumes, right?" To which the class replied with a united "Yeah!"

"Good... Now, all of you on your best behaviour and don't do anything to sully both your's and UA's reputations" Aizawa said with a menacing glare to make his statement clear, "I'll be waiting for you guys to return" He muttered with a small, fatherly smile that only a few had noticed.

Ren, before boarding the bullet train he needed to ride, turned to see Ida walking away from Izuku and Uraraka with an expression that didn't suit his usual self.

"Ida" Ren called out as he got Ida's attention, causing him to turn around with a "Hm?" before showing a forced smile, "What is it, Ren? Have you forgotten something?" Ida asked, his voice having an underlying tone of impatience in it.

"I know it's none of my business, but..." Ren started before grabbing Ida's shoulder gently, "Whatever you do in Hosu, don't get yourself killed and make your friends worry, got it?" He said which caused Ida's face to twist and turn slightly as he felt his blood boiling, "You're friends are always here for yo-" Before he could finish, Ida cut him off by turning around with a silencing stomp.

"Thanks for the advice..." He began to walk away from Ren, "But you're right...

It's none of your business, so please, don't try and stop me" Ida replied as he boarded his bullet train to Hosu and Ren began to silently regret his choice of words.

"Hahhh..." He sighed in anger at himself, "Fuck me... I wish I was good at counselling people..." Ren then boarded his bullet train as it was about to leave any second, 'Do you think you give me a 'Counselling Eye' or something?' He joked as he 'spoke' to his Eye System.




The bullet train arrived at Ren's designated stop: Hiroshima, aka that one place that got nuked back in World War 2.

'Let's see... where do I have to go now' He turned on his phone and opened the Maps app and input where had to go as it showed him the quickest route on foot, 'Only a half-hour walk, that's calm' 

And so, his 30 minutes calming walk made him ended up in front of a mansion in the middle of the woods he had to walk through.

He rang the doorbell as a loud *Ding... Dong...* could be heard.

"..." After a few seconds, there was no response which caused him to ring the doorbell again, *Ding... Dong...*

"..." Another set of seconds passed with no response.

'You did this to yourself' Ren thought as he inhaled a large breathe of air before exhaling loudly, 'ORAORAORAORA!' He shouted in his mind as he spammed the doorbell.


After the 50th-or-so press, Ren saw out of the corner of his eye the barefoot of somebody as they went for a kick right to his head.

"WHAT THE FUCK!?" Ren and the attacker both shouted in anger, 'If I hadn't activated infinity in time, or if that was quite literally someone else that didn't have my powers and reaction time, they would've died!'

"Listen here, you little twerp" The foot's owner - who Ren could now clearly see being a beautiful short woman (5ft2) with rabbit ears and frizzly/messy, long white hair and tired red eyes that had dark eyebags - stepped forward as she pushed her index finger against Ren's chest, "Who are you and what're you doing at my house so early in the morning!?" She raised her voice with squinted eyes.

"First of all, if anyone's a little twerp here, it would be you" Ren argued back as he looked down at the rabbit woman, "Second of all, I'm Ren Kiyotaka. And third of all, it's 9am - the time I was meant to meet you: Mirko, the Rabbit Hero" He replied, causing her to tilt her head.

"Huh...? Ren... where have I heard that name before...?" She mumbled to herself in wonder, "Wait, lemme get a better look of you" She then began to profusely rub her eyes before grabbing the cup of water in Ren's hand, that he got telekinetically, and splashing her face with it before rubbing her tired eyes and face once more, "Hmm..." 

Mirko brought her face closer towards Ren in order to get a better look before stepping back and punching her palm with the bottom of her fist in realisation, "Ah! It's you!" She exclaimed, "Wait... that shit was today?" She asked in clarification, thinking it was next week... or the week after... to be honest, she completely forgot about it.

"Yup..." Ren replied with a slow, awkward nod as he observed Mirko once more and saw her wearing some revealing PJ shorts which exposed her strong, defined legs and a shirt which began to fall as her shoulders, and nearly the top part of her breasts, were revealed, 'Breathe...' He calmed him and his little brother down.

"I see..." Mirko muttered as she put her fingers to her chin, "Well then!" She spoke up with a smile, "The first duty of a hero as strong and wise such as myself..."

Ren tensed up in anticipation as he waited for her to say they were going to go on patrol, defeat some villains, or something along those lines.

"Is to sleep!" She revealed, causing Ren to hit his head against the wall of the house Tamaki-style, "Let's go, newbie!" Mirko said as she grabbed his wrist with a firm grip and pulled him inside her luxurious mansion and headed towards her bedroom.

"Now, as your first duty..." She said lazily as she laid down with her head resting on the pillow, "You must protect the hostages from the big, bad villains..." She said with a slur as she closed her eyes, "Plus... Ultra! Or whatever the fuck it is..." Mirko finished as she fell asleep.

'...' Ren, sitting on a chair placed beside Mirko's bed, couldn't help but zone out in confusion as he wondered to himself, 'Why am I here...? Just to suffer...?'

And so, Ren was on Mirko sleeping lookout for the next 3 hours before she eventually woke up at 12pm.

"Woo!" Mirko kicked herself out of bed with an energetic cheer, "What a good nap! Good job on the lookout, brat" She 'congratulated' Ren's service with a headpat.

"Right..." Ren, feeling as if he might've already regretted choosing Mirko as his internship, couldn't help but ask Mirko, "Say... are you really a top 10 hero?" As she was about to leave the room.

"..." Mirko came to a halt before her voice turned ominous as she responded, "Hoh...?" She turned around with a sadistic smirk on her face as she slowly walked towards Ren, "Are you questioning my strength and placement as a top 10 hero?" She asked as she stood directly in front of Ren and looked up at him with an expression that would be considered scary to most.

"To be honest... yes-" Ren shrugged, not expecting to be cut off by Mirko sending an axe kick at a blinding speed towards his shoulder, "Shi-" Too slow to react and activate infinity on time, Ren's shoulder dislocated with her strong kick as it broke the floor beneath him and sent him falling back to the ground floor of the mansion.

'That kick at the front door... wasn't close to her fasted speed...?' Ren couldn't help but be stunned as he remained seated in the rubble of the floor with his dislocated shoulder, 'I couldn't even react in time to activate infinity...'

"Well... got anything else to say, b-r-a-t?" Mirko asked with a challenging smirk as she looked down at Ren's pathetic state from her bedroom, "Or will another kick or two be enough proof?"

'She's strong... she's really fucking strong' Ren thought as his body began to shake a little as he looked up at Mirko's crouching form belittling him as she looked down at his weakened, pathetic form, 'But... I like it' He thought as a smirk appeared on his face without him noticing, adrenaline rushing through his body as he pushed himself up off of the floor thirst for a good fight.

"Come on, then..." He challenged as he pushed his dislocated shoulder back in place, something he had learnt to do from watching anime and videos of people doing it in real life in his previous life, "Looks like rabbit season came early" He added mockingly as he did a 'Bring it' with his hand.

"Hoh...?" Mirko hummed as she stood back up before jumping down the hole in her bedroom and arriving a few metres directly in front of Ren, "It seems the brat needs a bit more discipling to learn not to talk back to the adult" She said in retaliation as she got in a fighting stance.

"A proper adult should know how to keep track of time properly... if anything, you're more like an old hag with dementia" Ren refuted back as he got in a Taekwondo stance before he noticed Mirko's face darken, "What's wrong, did this brat's words get to you?... Hag-"

Mirko seemingly disappeared and reappeared above Ren as she went for an axe kick similar to the previous one, "You're dead..." 


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