15 Chapter 15: Training with The Boys

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With a week having passed, class 1-A spent their homeroom talking about what they've done so far.

"Hey! Why don't us girls train together? It would be fun!" Ashido, being the charismatic person she is suggested energetically as she stood on her desk dramatically whilst talking to the girls.

"Absolutely!" They all squealed.

Kirishima, eavesdropping on the girls' loud conversation, turned back to the boys as he said "Why don't we have a training day as well?" He asked them (Ren, Ida, Izuku, Bakugo, Sero, Kaminari).

"S-Sorry... I don't think me joining you guys would be the best choice... you know, with my quirk and all, heh..." Izuku chuckled awkwardly, kind of disheartened at the fact he wasn't able to train with his classmates.

"Sounds fun" Ren, Sero and Kaminari smiled in excitement.

"As long as you extras don't slow my training down, it is what it is" Bakugo stated rudely, resting his legs on top of a desk.

"It would be a great way to bond with classmates!" Ida pushed his glasses up, "It is decided! We shall train with each other after school today" He said passionately, not hiding his excitement in the slightest as this was pretty much the first time they would hang out outside of school - even if it was only for training.

"Where're we gonna do it though? I live in a flat, so that's definitely not an option" Ren bought up, causing the boys to hum in thought.

"We can do it at my household, it should be able to fit all of us" Ida said with a proud smile.

"It's decided! We're going to Ida's house after school today then!" Kirishima said excitedly, "Bonding with the boys..." His body shook in excitement, "This is what real men do" He said with a raised fist cinematically.




"..." Standing outside the Ida household with their mouths gaped open, Ren and the other boys waited for Ida to welcome them into his house after they rang the doorbell and spoke to him through it.

"Ah, welcome!" Ida opened the door with a welcoming smile as he got everyone to enter his house, "Why are you all so silent? Did something happen?" He asked cluelessly when he noticed everyone with their mouth hung open looking around his house.

"WHY THE HELL IS YOUR HOUSE SO HUGE, DUDE?!" Kaminari said in jealousy as he grabbed Ida's shoulders and shook him frantically, "YOU COULD FIT THE WHOLE SCHOOL IN HERE"

"It is not that big" Ida said as he fixed his clothes after getting Kaminari to stop shaking him, "This is pretty average when your in a household of a lineage of heroes"

"That makes sense" Ren shrugged as he and the rest of the guys got out of their awestruck state, "So, where're we training?" He asked.

"Follow me" Ida led them into a spacious room, with one half being completely empty and the other being full of gym equipment and other equipment such as punching bags.

"Woah! This is awesomely huge!" Sero exclaimed, "Oi, Bakugo, you've been very qui-" He said in realisation as he turned around to see Bakugo standing with a shocked Pikachu face.

"Pft-!" Without wasting a single second, Ren, Kirishima, Sero and Kaminari instantly pulled their phones out and took a photo of Bakugo's face in 4k.

"OI! YOU BASTARDS!" Bakugo's face twisted in anger as his hands let off a few small explosions, "DELETE THOSE PHOTOS OR I'LL KILL YOU!"

"Pffft! Absolutely not!" They laughed so hard that they fell on the floor and began slapping anything they could, "Look at you! Hahaha!" They showed the photos, fueling his anger as he chased the 4 of them around the room.

"This is going to be a long day..." Ida sighed as he looked at his classmates running from an angry human nuke.

And so, with the time being 4:30pm on the dot right now, the group of boys trained together.

For Kirishima, he'd ask the guys to attack him to boost his defence. This was also super helpful for Bakugo and Ren as it allowed them to make their explosions and body (Ren attacked Kirishima with his martial arts) stronger, even if only a little.

For Sero, he followed Ren's suggestion to push past his limit of how much tape he could shoot out. Let's just say that Ida pretty much had a lifetime supply of tape, if ever needed for whatever reason.

For Bakugo, he couldn't really do much since Ida didn't want his house to be blown up so he just had to workout to make his body stronger and attack Kirishima to make his explosions a little stronger.

For Kaminari, thanks to Ida finding something that conducts electricity, he trained to break his limit of how much voltage he can use before turning stupid.

For Ida, he trained his legs with the equipment, and by following Ren's advice thanks to his Taekwondo training.

For Ren, he just trained his martial arts and body some more by using the equipment of rich people to his advantage and attacking Kirishima's hardening - His body's in a lot of pain because of it.

'I'll need to ask sensei for training to make my legs and fists stronger...' He thought as he winced in pain whilst looking at his bloody legs and fists from the excessive hitting today, 'I remember there was iron fist training and stuff in my old life, maybe I can try that?'

"Goodbye, fellow classmates and friends!" Ida saluted with a smile on his face as he waved goodbye to his friends leaving his house.

"See ya!/Bye!/Tch..."

With that, Ren spent the remaining days until the Sports Festival by going gym with the third years (Mainly Nejire and Mirio), 

Training his martial arts, in which he activated [Eyes of Ares] to increase his mastery of each one to a very good level - Though it was a pain coming up with a convincing enough lie about his eyes being red instead of blue, fortunately they weren't persistent enough and didn't care enough to not carry on teaching Ren.

Thanks to this, the dojos taught Ren how to make his body stronger by doing training that was similar to iron fist training and monks training in his previous life (Basically 'Pain is an illusion' = Get stronger),

And on the final day before the Sports Festival, by the suggestion of literally everyone around him, he took a rest day where he slept veeeeryy well and woke up very energetic compared to days prior.




And so, today was the day: The day of the Sports Festival.


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