The Phoenix of Jujutsu Kaisen

This is gonna be AU in jujutsu kaisen new curses and people would be appearing and the ways techniques are used and can't forget about our mc as he traverse through this new world with the powers of a Phoenix

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106 Chs

Training Yuta

(Omni pov)

The next day Ash can be seen with a bokken in hand as he was teaching Yuta the way of the sword, he was teaching him how to hold it, how to reposition it, and how to strike.

"C'mon Yuta faster, faster" Ash said making Yuta pick up the speed on his swinging.

Looking at his arms Ash just sighed at how pitiful they looked.

"Okay stop wait a minute" As Ash told Yuta to stop he reached for his pendant and said "Hey Ori can you send over the weights for starters" and with that 4 weights soon appeared.

While this happened Yuta asked Panda who was beside them "hey Panda who's Ori?".

Panda then looked at Yuta and realized he doesn't know yet "ah right you weren't there when he introduced her were you? You see you aren't the only being with a special grade curse spirit attached to them.

Ash before coming to Jujutsu High basically adopted a special grade curse and made it in his sister using a Binding Vow, the curse spirit resides inside his pendant just like yours resides in your ring. So unlike you who had a curse spirit attached unwillingly he did it out of free will, and she goes by the name Ori but she doesn't like to come out much and likes to spend most of her time sleeping

And when asked why she spends most of the time in there she said that being closer to Ash is where it's warmer and feels like home so she likes to stay inside"

Yuta upon hearing was shocked and looked at Ash with admiration.

Ash then with the weights in his hands just looked a Yuta like he was an idiot and ask"why are you looking at me like that, don't do that, Maki will get really jealous"

Maki who was a bit far was practicing her sword swings and heard what Ash just said and with a red face she just screamed at him "That was only one time when are you going to let it go!!!, that waitress was totally hitting on you tho of course I was gonna get jealous".

Yuta then asked Panda "Are they dating?"

Panda hearing Yuta just started laughing "Yeah, Hahahaha, tho it's funny how they started out, you see when Ash first came in the class everyone of us could feel just how dangerous and strong he was, he then did something unexpected

When he came in he dissappear and reappeared on one knee infront of Maki and proposed.

The funny thing is Maki totally decline and they started dating 2 weeks into the school year"

Panda then looked at Yuta and said "Damn now that I think about you really missed alot just from being absent and coming in late into the term"

Yuta just nodded still shocked at just finding out they're dating.

Ash then got infront of Yuta and said "what are you in a daze for, here put these on, we don't got all day"

With that Ash helped put on the weights and once they were on Ash looked right into his eyes and said "Do not under any circumstances take them off unless it's an emergency, these would help you get stronger quicker but you have to first get use to it.

You remember yesterday, while Maki was fighting those curses yeah?, well all that time she had the weights on and they were heavier than the ones you're wearing. They will help you increase your speed and strength but it will be hell, are you ready for it"

Yuta while struggling to move just nodded his head. He could barely walk tho and with that Gojo came and took Yuta with him, although they hand to move at a snail pace tho due to him not being used to the weights

Gojo took Yuta to the curse tool vault where it was filled out with different types of weapons, inside Gojo picked a Katana and explained "Its nearly impossible to dispel a curse as large as Orimoto Rika. But 'undoing it' is a different story. You find each of the thousands of knot of curse power and undo them one by one

This is a method that only the cursed person, yourself can use"

Gojo then put the Katana on Yuta's shaky hands and then continued to explain "Curses are most stable when they first attach to something, after all, the time you used that ring to connect to Orimoto Rika, a channel was made.

Take in the curse with that katana and control it. Repeat that a number of times, and eventually it'll possess everything. And then you'll both be free, you and her. Accumulate the curse on the Katana and at the same time you gotta learn how to use a blade. You're super weak after all, so you gotta go through some grueling training"

And with that Gojo sends Yuta towards Ash as it's easier for him to train people.

Although it took a while Yuta got infront of ash with the katana, Ash just looked at Yuta unimpressed "why the hell are you holding a sword you don't even know how to use it"

Ash then made Yuta run around the field while filling the katana with curse energy

"You got to learn how to multitask just cause you're running doesn't mean you can't concentrate on the flow of curse energy, remember channel it from the ring and into the sword and then into your body to make it stronger"

Yuta couldn't run anymore when he made it towards the 10th lap, he was seen on the ground panting like he was going to die from asthma. Ash then crouch down to him "What are you doing you're not done"

Ash then summoned his phoenix flames and uses it on Yuta bringing him back to perfect physical condition.

Ash just gave him a devil like smile as he said "Welcome back from the gulag"

And with that he made Yuta run and run and run until he was about to mentally break and with that he sent Yuta on his way to rest.

As the rest also finish training Panda came to Ash and ask "aren't you being a little to harsh on him, I don't think you were that harsh with the rest of us, why are you giving him a hard time"

Ash just sighed as he looked at the back of the retreating Yuta who looked like he was going to fall over any minute now "Sigh I have to be harsh for 2 reasons, one he started off really late into the jujutsu world so he has to catch up quickly if he wants to survive,

And two his potential is crazy he even has higher curse energy than Gojo-sensei, I want to see just how far he goes if I personally train him while pushing him near death."

And with that a week into the new month passes, Yuta with the weights still on can be seen holding a bokken properly while facing off Maki

"The match will start when this coin hits the ground, are you both ready?"

Maki and Yuta replied to Panda both saying "yes", and with that Panda tosses the coin into the air.


And as the coin hits the ground both of their bokkens meet in the middle creating a clash due to their power.

Although Maki wasn't giving it her all since that would break her wooden sword she still put enough pressure where it would have pushed Yuta off balance

Although Yuta was off balance he still manage to grab the sword with both hands and parry the next attack

Maki then started increasing the speed making it harder and harder for Yuta to counter attack

Slash after slash Yuta was being pushed back but not long after when a slash was made Yuta parry Maki's strike sending it into the air and with a scream yuta put the sword above his head and held with it both hands before bringing it straight down to Maki

In retaliation Maki just dropped to the floor doing a split, and thrust her bokken forward hitting Yuta right in the stomach making him lose air in his lungs and go to the ground coughing.

With that Panda raised his right hand and pointed at Maki while saying "And the winner of this match today is Zenin Maki"

Ash just started clapping obnoxiously "WOAH GO MAKI I knew you could do it. GO MAKI GO MAKI GO"

Maki just got embarrassed and started chasing Ash with the bokken trying to hit him while ash just ran around laughing.


There's gonna be alot of sentences and scenes that are repeated from the original please bare with me here