The Phoenix of Jujutsu Kaisen

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What is The Phoenix of Jujutsu Kaisen

Read The Phoenix of Jujutsu Kaisen fanfiction written by the author Shadow_D_Monarch3 on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is Anime & Comics fanfic stories, covering action, romance, reincarnation, weaktostrong, overpowered. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


This is gonna be AU in jujutsu kaisen new curses and people would be appearing and the ways techniques are used and can't forget about our mc as he traverse through this new world with the powers of a Phoenix

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In the city town of Luto, two seemingly distinct families, the Adams and the Williams family have coexisted for generations. Despite their differences in wealth and social status, they share a closely intertwined history and a well-guarded secret that has been kept hidden for decades. The Adams family, known for their opulent mansion and successful businesses, have always appeared unblemished in the eyes of Williams family. However, beneath the facade of privilege lies a hidden scandal that threatens to shatter their carefully constructed image. Meanwhile, Williams family, a hardworking and close-knit family, harbor their own secret tied to the Adams family's past. When a chance discovery brings the long-concealed truth to light, the once-stable bonds between the families begin to unravel. Friendships turn into rivalries, alliances shift, and loyalties are tested. As the town grapples with the revelations, individuals on both sides must confront their own role in perpetuating the secrets. Amidst the turmoil, a few members of both families seek reconciliation, believing that the strength of their shared history can overcome the weight of the hidden truths. But will the bonds that have held them together for generations be enough to mend the rifts, or will the secrets prove too damaging to repair? "Eternal bonds and hidden secrets " is a gripping family saga that explores the intricate dynamics of loyalty, forgiveness, and the enduring power of family bonds. In a town where wealth and secrets define social hierarchies, this novel takes readers on an emotional journey through the tangled web of past deceptions and the quest for redemption.

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15 Chs
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Being quite honest, I almost have an aneurysm reading this, the story is so rushed that I can't enjoy it, there are too many holes, like him unlocking his power and no one sensing it... in Tokyo which is literally the base of jujutsu in Japan. Or the MC acting like an idiot adult even though he is 4 years old and everything is fine (great sage or not it would be easy for someone to discover something wrong with him) and him literally creating a sword style out of thin air (parallel and quick thinking are no excuse) when he has never used a sword before, thinking 1000 times allows someone to learn much faster, but not to the extent that the author describes because many of the great sage's skills only work because Rimuru has skills to complement them... in short, the story is very poorly written, with a strange development that makes him super powerful from the start because... I don't see any beneficial development in this story


It's bad. Rushed-kind of bad. Not thought through. Lots of mistakes were made, both grammar punctuation mistakes, and I didn't see any improvement over the course of more than 50 chapters. They were, more or less bad. Other thing is, author followed plot with only minimal changes, like someone on Satoru Gojo's level being born wouldn't change some things, like adding new characters or killing some others. I didn't see that change, it didn't make any sense for so many things to stay exactly the same, so I can't really ignore all those problems just because plot is interesting. Because it is not. It is not exactly bad for a new writer, but I wouldn't really recommend this one. 4/10 if I were being honest, maybe 5 if I were really generous.


To be honest, MC's design and character are so poorly written. He behaves like an idiot and takes nothing seriously. No person with a soul of 19 years should behave like this unless he is just a delinquent. I have seen my fair share of poorly designed characters but this just takes the cake... In short, this story is a total waste of time.




who is gonna be the waifu.more chapter more chapter more chapter more chapter more chapter more chapter


Well, what can I say? It's bad. I got to stop five times just to read up to 7th chapter. And I also skipped a few times in the middle. But his second work is decent.


I love this fic don’t have much complaining to do so just gonna spam s to fill up the space required ssssssssssssss


Its actually pretty good, at least plot wise it's good. The writing can use some work but I like it either way. I'd give it a shot. .................................................................................................................


The writing quality is absolute garbage from grammar to spelling and even what's happening in the story is completely inconsistent. I'm hoping this gets better as the authors other stories are good but they really need to edit this one.


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Sinceramente eu gostei. Não é a melhor história. Não os melhores desejos. É um pouco apressado sim sim para tudo isso. Mas eu gostei bastante. Quero ver como o MC interage com o personagem principal. De todo jeito boa sorte ao autor.


I want more more more more I need more more more. btw it's really good try to read it if you have enough time


Great novel, don't listen to the haters keep writing. Dont Drop Dont Drop Dont Drop Dont Drop Dont Drop Dont Drop Dont Drop Dont Drop Dont Drop


One of the best fanfic I have ever read , the action , comedy, character development and romance is all great


Really good fan fic ashame that you dropped it


why you drop just why ? thos is just ridiculous




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