The Phoenix of Jujutsu Kaisen

This is gonna be AU in jujutsu kaisen new curses and people would be appearing and the ways techniques are used and can't forget about our mc as he traverse through this new world with the powers of a Phoenix

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Snake Pit part 2

(Omni pov)

As they Stepped into the poisonous fog Toge and Maki let out a sigh of relief that they were fine the only on that didn't make a sound was Panda which was something only Ash notice

Ash: you really didn't need It did you Panda I kinda forgot you're a curse puppet sometimes.

As Panda is made of stuffing there's really nothing to poison is there

Panda: ah your right I don't really need it here you can have it back.

Panda was about to throw it back Ash shook his head

Ash: you can keep it and y'all can keep it too Toge and Maki think of it as a reminder of our first mission together.

They all just smiled before Gojo appeared behind Ash

Gojo: Do I get a commemoratory gift as well

Sighing Ash just asks Ori for another one and gave it to gojo over his shoulder. Gojo just smiled at it and kept in his pockets

While they continued walking something was about to sneak attack Maki but luckily due to

her slightly enhanced senses she was able to react just in time to jump out the way.

As she jumped back she was able to have a clearer view of the beast she was fighting it was a grade 1 grotesque looking snake with big fangs that were dripping with poison

Seeing the beast didn't scare Maki, she was able to maintain her composure and start run towards it when she finally got in range she started twisting and twirling he naginata in order to confuse it and started slashing at it

But as she started slashing she noticed that she barely did anything the cuts were only the size of a paper cut. seeing this she started to back away before rushing again but the snake wasn't just going to sit there and take it in a fast motion it swatted at her using its tail.

She was barely able to block it and she was sent back flying The only reason she was able to block was because she put her naginata in the way of the blow to slow it down enough where her injuries didn't turn critical but it can at a cost. Her naginata broke.

When she noticed, she was in mid air she started turning her body and punctured two holes in the ground when she landed to stop her momentum with the wooden part and the bladed part of the naginata.

She just looked at her weapon and tsked at it

Panda: Need any help their Maki

Toge then said "Mustard leaf" worriedly showing his concern.

Maki: tsk Fine I don't think I'll be able to win against this thing by my self anyway

The snake tho couldn't care less what was going on seeing that only Maki was attacking it, it chose to kill her off first. The snake first gather curse energy into its throat before launching a blob of poison towards her.

Panda sensing that the snake was gather curse energy simply turned into his gorilla form then proceeds to grab Toge and threw him towards Maki

While in the air Toge started to lower his Neck sleeve

When he arrived infront of Maki with the ball of poison almost on top of them he said

"RETURN" sending the blob of poison back towards the snake

*cough* *cough* *Spit*

Toge spits out blood from his mouth then reaches for his cough syrup.

*SSSSSSHHHHHHHHHAAAAAA* the curse spirit then starts screaming as a bit of his poison landed in his eyes which started to melt a bit, as it clearly wasn't expecting it to return back towards him.

Seeing the perfect opportunity Maki who was still on the ground taking a knee with both hands at a different part of the broken weapon pushes herself forward still grabbing the weapons and goes into a full running sprint

She then started running along side the snake until she reaches it's head clearly still a little dazed due to the pain in it's eyes he wasn't able to react to Maki, as she jumped into the air to gain momentum while falling down and plant both parts of her broken weapons into the weakest parts of its body

it's eyes

Feeling an even greater pain then before it starts thrashing, twisting and turning to shake of such mind boggling pain but while shaking about Maki wasn't letting go still holding on to her broken weapons

She finally managed to get a proper footing by stepping onto its snout and as she was holding her weapon she twisted her body yanking the eyeballs of its socket along side snapping the string attached to them

The snake let a blood-curdling hisss and started whimpering at the pain

Toge having finished his cough syrup then appeared infront of it and spoke into its hollowing eye sockets


And with that the inside of the snakes head was blown apart into a gory mess sending piece of brain everywhere.

The biggest part of the brain landed near Gojo and Ash who were sitting down together eating popcorn with 3D glasses on

Ash then looked down on it

Ash: Wow it looks so real it's like its really infront of me *munch munch* man this is so good we should do this again next time .

Maki, Toge, and Panda were just looking at them with the WTF face.

Ash: Man where did you guys go you missed all the good parts of the show.

Seeing them still looking at him he then has this looks of realization

He then offered then some popcorn

Ash: ahhh I get it you guys are probably hungry I'm not me when I'm hungry either, want some?.


I think this is my best chapter yet for some reason I really enjoyed writing this one 😊.