The Phoenix of Jujutsu Kaisen

This is gonna be AU in jujutsu kaisen new curses and people would be appearing and the ways techniques are used and can't forget about our mc as he traverse through this new world with the powers of a Phoenix

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First Date part 2 End

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(Mc pov):

As I was walking towards Maki all I was thinking about was how to start the date and where to take her.

"So any place takes your fancy for the day M'lady" I said with a hand by my heart and taking a mocking bow to lighten the mood

"No nothing particular comes to mind at the moment" Maki said as she shrugged her shoulder

"I was thinking of taking a small bite to eat, since you've been fighting you must of been getting a little hungry. what do you say?"

"I could use something to eat at the moment" Maki agreed, nodding her head.

"Is there anything you like to eat or drink at the moment" I asked trying to get a feel to what she likes for future reference.

"One thing I really like what people consider quote to quote junk food, you can never go wrong with a burger" Maki replied with a small smile

"Perfect I know the perfect diner where they serve really good burgers and it's simply to die for" I know of this place because of the years of preparation for the perfect dating spots.

I went restaurants to restaurants, diners to diners, and any food or drink related place to just find the perfect places to take a girl on a date.

While guiding Maki towards the diner I started making small conversations with her.

"So how was it fighting that first grade curse was it anything you hoped would have happened"

"It was so underwhelming I didn't even feel satisfied when I exorcised it all I felt was pure disappointment. Although the sword was a good weapon it's way too good that it leaves the person without any desire for improvement to themselves.

It gives a person the sense of false strength which is just something I don't want" Maki replied then she looked at her hand and turned it into a fist before continuing.

"I want my power to be my own and the weapons I wield to be just tools to help me fight not become my source of power"

I just nodded as said "I can totally respect that" I  paused before continuing "Well then as your future husband I guess its my job to help you gained the necessary strength and power"

Maki just gave me a deadpan look before replying "I still haven't agreed to marry you"

"Since you said 'Still' that must mean I still have a chance of making you mine I just have to convince you to saying yes" I held my chin as I  nodded. I mean it wasn't a no so that must mean I still have many opportunities.

Maki just rolled her eyes as she followed me inside the diner where we took a seat by a window sitting face to face.

We look over the menu and discussed what to get and as we finished discussing we called a waiter so she can take our orders.

A girl soon appeared wearing the uniform for this place with a pen and notepad and as she arrived she asked

"Is there anything I can get you ladies and gentlemen?"

I ordered first "Can I get 5 whoopsie burgers with no onions, 3 large sillywilly fries, and 2 extra large shimming chocolate shakes"

Maki then ordered "Can I get 3 whoopsies burger with no tomato, 2 large sillywilly fries, and 1 extra large shimming vanilla shake".

Seeing such a large order for only the two of us the waitress simply just gave us a raised eyebrow before looking down onto her notepad again before repeating the order to us again

"So in total you guys want 8 whoopsies burger, 5 with no onions and 3 with no tomatoes, 5 with sillywilly fries, 3 extra large Shimming shakes 2 chocolate and 1 vanilla"

Maki and I just nodded before the waitress nodded up said "coming right up"

We decided on a large order since our physique are enhanced, so is our metabolism, meaning we won't get too full with just this amount of food.

While waiting for our food we resume back to talking.

"Is there any particular reason why you desire strength so much" Even tho I already knew why it would be weird for me to know it already without her telling me herself.

"I want to spite my family and clan members."

Hearing her answer i responded with an raised eyebrow and said "Spite huh,  I guess thats a good reason as any I suppose" nodding.

Maki then continued "I'm sure since you've heard of my last name you must of realized I belong to one of three great clans and so being from one of the 3 big clan there's alot of expectations place on us whenever someone is born.

Since I've been unable to see curse spirit and my curse energy is nearly non existence its almost as low as ordinary peoples, I've been mistreat as a result along side my twin sister

And so to get back at them I will become a First grade sorcerer and become the clan head"

"I see so you have a twin sister, is she just as beautiful as you?" I asked with a teasing smirk

She just kicked my legs under the table before saying "Don't even think about it, approach my sister and I'll kill you"

I just raised both hands slightly before replying with a small smile "Don't worry I only got eyes for you I just wanted to get to know my sister in law" winking at her.

Maki just playfully scoffed at my answer and as we were about to continue talking our food arrived

And as the food was infront of us we both put our hands together before saying "itadakimasu" and started eating. As she took the first bite i watched with a hopeful look hoping she liked the food here.

As she swallowed she put a hand near her mouth and said "Wow this is really good"

Signing in relief that she liked it I then went back to eating as well, we then mostly talked about our everyday life as we ate and as we finish I decided to call the check.

When we got the check it said everything cost 8000 yen which was about $50 usd. I then paid 10000 yen with the rest being tip for the service and as the waitress came back she handed the receipt with an extra note she then winked at me and left skipping along her way but not before saying "Thanks come again".

Seeing the note Maki simply took it and ripped it to shreds without giving me the chance to even look at it, she then swiped her hands against each other as if she just finished dealing with dirt and smiled and said "lets get going shall we"

With a hand near my mouth I gained a playful expression and asked giggling "Hehehehehe you were jealous weren't you"

Her cheeks just turned red as she just replied

"S-s-shut up since I said I'll treat this like a proper date that means I'm going to treat it like a proper date and that's something someone does when they're in a date"

I just continue to have a playful expression while looking at her

"Are we going or not?" she ask impatiently.

"Sure how about going to watch a movie together it be fun" I suggested.

She simply nodded her head as she headed outside I then followed right behind her shaking my head.

'This girl how can she be so cute' I thought to myself

I then went to go by her side and seeing the perfect moment I grabbed her hand, which shocked her by her little jump not expecting that

"Wh-wh-what are you doing?" she asked stammering being embarrassed by having her hand held so suddenly.

"Hm isn't it obvious were holding hands, since you said you were treating this like a proper date I thought it was okay to hold your hands. is it not?" I asked pretending to be confused on the matter

Maybe its due to her inexperience in romance or she was simply to flustered to think probably but she then said it was okay and let me hold her hands while taking her the the movie theaters

While walking I got even bolder and interlocked our fingers she seems to liked the feeling as she didn't say anything and just squeezed it a little bit harder.

I just smiled at the little exchange.

And with that we soon arrived at the movies, she let me choose the movie and so I decided to watch a romantic comedy to keep up the good vibes of the date

We then got the tickets and a big bucket a popcorn with a large drink and went to watch the movie and sat the movie was playing she just continued to hold my hand and only letting go to eat.

She didn't realize at the moment that when she finished eating she went straight back to holding my hand on her own volition.

We laughed here and there at most part but when the kissing scene came in she would look down to hide her own embarrassment and red colored cheeks and ear

Which were to cute that I had to hold myself from blushing along side her.

When we exited she seems to be having a very good time as she was smiling and laughing while describing some of things she watch and talking about what she found funny

Seeing her smiling and laughing truly brought a smile to my face as I continue watching her.

While walking about we found a crepé stand and decided to buy one for the both of us she chose a strawberry one and I bought a chocolate one

We where talking and walking a bout, I offered her a bite of my crepe she just said sure as she then moved her hair that was hanging loosely by the side of her face and put it behind her ear as she lowered her head a bit as she took a bite

Seeing her action just got my insides all hot and bother and wanting to get her back I noticed a bit of chocolate by the corner of her mouth having an idea I simply leaned forwards to her face a bit

"You've got something on your face" with that I used my thumb to wipe it off and put it near my mouth and licked it while looking in her eyes

The people around us just looked at us in shock for showing such a public display of affection. All this attention and my actions just got Maki's entire face red with embarrassment

She then started slapping me in the arm while whisper-shouting "Why did you do something so embarrassing in public you rogue"

With a small smile I just replied "because seeing you this embarrassed is all the worthwhile"

Seeing that the sun was setting I decided to do one last enjoyable thing, I took her the beach and walked along side the water and watch the sun set while still holding onto her hands with our fingers interlocked

Seeing the stars coming along and the moon start shining I thought of a way to get her to remember this scene for the rest of her life

Reluctantly I let go of her hand and walked a bit backwards and looked at her while slightly pointing to the sky

"Hey want to watch the stars up close"

"What?" Was her only response to the question. Seeing her confusing I simply smiled and started transforming into a phoenix.

"Get on" was all I said before she understood my message she just nodded as she got on my back, I then stretch my wings and said "prepare for take off" As I started to flap my wings pushing away all the sand around us and took her off to the sky and as I took of she started to grab my feathers tighter as to not fall off.

Once I reach a satisfactory height above the clouds I started to glide while only flapping my wings occasionally.

I kept her warm with the flames of my body and started moving around in the air.

"Enjoying the view" I asked softly

All I got was a soft "yeah" back as she was simply lost in the view of the stars above and that of the ground below.

Seeing that it was getting late I knew that our first date was coming to an end so I started flying us back to the dorm. We were mostly quiet on the ride back but it was a comfortable silence.

---------------(pov change: Maki's pov)---‐--------

As I was busy looking at the night sky and feeling the warmth from Ash's body I didn't notice that we were flying back to the girls dorm.

I don't know why but when I realize the date was coming to an end I didn't want it to happen I wanted it to continue and continue walking and bantering with each other.

I don't know when but his teasing soon became enjoyable and then we started bantering amongst each other although his teasing and bantering was beyond embarrassing it was still enjoyable to be around him.

While I didn't want it to end I knew it had to come to an end at some point and with that we soon landed by the door of the dorm and as I got off, Ash then transformed back.

Seeing his expression I knew he didn't want the date to be over either and looking at his expression I knew he truly liked spending time with me and liked the date we went on, just thinking about this is making me blush, so embarrassing.

But seeing his sad expression knowing the date was finally gonna be over I don't know what came over me but I just came by his side and kissed the side of his cheek

Realizing what just happened he just had a shocked expression this time around but I didn't let him talk as I started running realizing what I did

When I got into my dorm I closed the door behind me and cover my face with my hands I can already feel my face turning red

I then went to my bed and laid face first into bed and into my pillow which I grabbed and buried my face deeper in it and scream

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH why did I do it why why why why why why my body moved on it's own FUCKKKKKKKKK"

Muffled screaming was all that could be heard as I continue screaming and kicking my feet.

-------------------(pov change: Ash)-------------------

My brain short circuited when I felt Maki's soft lips upon my cheeks. I quickly looked at her with a shocked expression

Seeing my surprised expression she gave one her own as her face turned redder than ever before and shot off running slamming the door of her dorm

'Why was she so shocked I should be the one that's shocked, did her body move on her own or something, i thought I was supposed to make the first move when it came to something like this' my thoughts were all over the place as I held the cheek Maki kissed

And with a big smile I turned around and went to my own dorm barely getting any sleep


You would have to point a gun to my head before I make another date chapter because this was so hard to do that for my next book I'm simply skipping romance