The Phoenix of Jujutsu Kaisen

This is gonna be AU in jujutsu kaisen new curses and people would be appearing and the ways techniques are used and can't forget about our mc as he traverse through this new world with the powers of a Phoenix

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I know some of you will find the way he pursues Maki to be weird and cringy but bare with me this is my first time actually writing a story and romance is extremely tuff to get down,

I don't want their relationship to just solely be based on anime logic where he saves her once and all of the sudden he's this perfect human being that just generates alpha male hormones just by talking,

I'm trying to make them into actual characters and people this could go well or it could just end up failing.


(Omni pov)

And so a week passes by without much else happening

Most of the time they spend it on the field practicing and training like right now, Ash and Maki are both holding their bokkens while looking at each other for a while

Ash: "wanna take a picture you can look at it longer with how much your staring."

Maki just ignores already getting used to his teasing these past few days. She just keeps looking looking for any blindspot she can use

Seeing non she then decides to make one she leans forward and charges at him with her wooden sword front of her.

She then strikes foward then starts swinging madly at him with each strike she tries to get him to make a mistake which she can exploit but she sees it's not working as Ash just redirects the force of her blows making them weak at the end

Ash then starts attacking as well he starts by going for her hands which she manage to block but it left her middle opened which he used and kicked her in the stomach but she just slides back a bit before launching herself forward she then jumps and strikes down while Ash puts his sword side ways in front of him to block her

Seeing an opportunity she then headbutts him in the face and flies back a bit, her forehead grows a bit red due to the impact and Ash gets a bloody noise which he simply wide way as its already healed

Ash: "really don't hold back do you"

Maki: tsk don't patronize me you know I need to go all out in order to put even a single scratch on you

Ash just smiles as he goes running and made a forward sword strike which was really a faint as he drops to the ground and tried to sweep her of her feet with his own

Maki already anticipating this dodges this with a backfilp and as she landed she saw Ash already in front of her not expecting him to appear before her this quickly she simply grabs the bokken with one hand at each end and puts it in front of herself to defend

And as the two wooden swords make contact Maki's one breaks from the force at which Ash decided to strike with. Maki rolled to the side and avoids it and then looked at her broken sword

Ash: "seriously does every weapon you hold end up breaking"

Maki: "its your fault it broke in the first place you bastard."

Maki still holding the broke swords just starts running at him she then attacks with one side of the broken bokken then uses the other stab him by pushing it forward

He stops the stab by using his wrist as he puts it under hers and pushes upward and then knees her in the stomach a little harder then usual.

Spit then came out her mouth when his knee made impact and she's drops to the ground coughing.

Gojo then teleported on the side of me

Gojo: "Yo you got a mission. Its nothing dangerous just a 1st grade curse with so many curses appear almost everyone is always doing mission's but don't worry I got you your own personal driver. Oh and you take some one with you one this mission since it's nothing dangerous"

Ash: "I can turn into a mythical bird i don't think I need a driver"

Gojo: "Eh?

Ash: "you forgot didn't you"

Gojo: "I don't know what you're talking even if you don't, even if you don't need a driver you need a manager with you it's in the rule books"

Gojo then winked at him and said "so are you bringing someone with you"

Ash understand the message just let out a small smirk and looked at Maki who was already up from her coughing fit.

Ash: So wanna go exorcise some curse

Maki: I can't, broke my previous weapon remember now I have to wait for a new one that's coming in tomorrow

Ash: Don't worry about that I'll just lend you a sword for the mission

Maki: *haaah* Fine

Ash: Cool so it's a date then

Maki just gave him deadpanned look

Maki: No it's not

Ash pretended like she didn't say anything and just started following Gojo

They stopped infront of ordinary looking man wearing a ordinary business like suit but this ordinary man was someone Ash new as he seen him in the anime it was the guy that used to drive Yuji Itodori, Kiyotaka Ijichi

Gojo: well I like to introduce you Kiyotaka Ijichi who's going to be your manager for missions for a while or whenever you need a ride

While Gojo introduced him, Maki and Ash introduced themselves as well and when it was over they got into the car and drove off towards the curse spirit

Ash then turns to Maki who was looking out the window with her palm resting near her face and her arm resting by the door of the car

Ash: "So do want to go on an actual date after this?".

Ash asked with a small smile and leaning slightly forward.

Maki: "Why do you even want to go out with me anyways? you barely know anything about me in the first place".

Ash just smirked and said "That's the whole point of the date to get to know you better"

Maki: "*sigh* Fine"

Ash: "Wait really"

Ash at this point he really wasn't expecting Maki to really answer him, he mostly keeps asking to keep shooting his shots and hope one day she would say yes

Maki: "Yeah I mean you're not going to stop asking until I say yes or I really put my foot down on the matter"

Maki then just slightly turns away from the window and looks deep into his purple eyes and let's out a small smile and says "Who knows it could be fun"

Seeing her smiling like this while looking right into his eyes and hearing her say that just had Ash feeling a type a way he never felt before, he simply put a hand on over his mouth and slowly turn away to hide his blush that was slowly creeping onto his face.

Maki seeing his now red ears just continue smirking feeling satisfied of gotten him back for the teasing he did this week.


I know I barely put chapters out today like I normally do but last chapter really took it out of me and had a bit of a writers block I really didn't know how to continue it so I just decided to work on how to develop their romance