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[3] Bekah R-18

~ — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — ~

Rebekah wasted no time at all in straddling me, and grabbing hold of my hard length lining it up to her glistening lower lips.

Though she paused in her stride to look into my eyes her blue eyes filling with uncertainty, I gave her a reassuring nod and a gentle smile as I rested my hands on her hips.

"It's okay Bekah…it'll only hurt for a short time." I whispered to her softly making the blonde nod before she let her hips drop, making my hard length slam against her cervix.

Bekah couldn't even let out a strangled scream as all of the air was forced from her lungs in a whooshing sound, her eyes filled with tears as her upper body fell against my chest.

~ — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — ~

Tucking Rebekah into bed after casting a cleansing spell on her, before donning my wolf hood transforming myself into a wolf using a bit of druidic magic I found that I had a talent for, leaving my cabin to run amongst the werewolves as keep an eye out for Klaus and Henrik to try and avoid the boys tragic fate.

But as soon as a strong breeze hit me I smelled Klaus and Henrik's scent along with the smell of blood, and started running in the direction the scent was coming from following a blue and red trail that seemed to dance on the air currents.

One of the many benefits to being able to skin change.

Arriving at a small clearing finding Henrik with half of his neck missing, and most of his stomach.

"FUCK ! ! !" I shouted as I shifted back to human, throwing my hood off, and trying to channel energy into Henrik to increase his healing ability.

"Come on little Hen, stay with me." I whispered as Mikael showed up a pained sound tearing from his chest at his downed son, soon followed by Esther, Klaus and Elijah.

"He's gone." I whispered softly moving back letting Esther and Mikael pull the cooling corpse of their son to their lap Esther wailing in pain as Mikael cried silently looking at his dead son with dead eyes.

Seeing Klaus absolutely devastated and trembling I moved and pulled him and Elijah into a hug, both of them clutching onto my hoodie like their lives depended on me.

"BOY, THIS IS YOUR FAULT ! ! !" Mikael suddenly shouted his feet pounding against the ground, the sound of his sword ringing in my ears and I moved to block the attack, I protected Klaus and Elijah purely by proximity Mikael's sword slicing a line from my shoulder to my navel, I felt numb at first before a burning sensation filled my body radiating from my now cut torso.

"No." I heard Mikael, Esther, Elijah and Klaus whisper as I felt my legs give out making me fall to my knees.

'Shit…I'm supposed to be ten times physically better than any man and I let myself get cut down like this I thought to myself, as my vision started to blur and I felt Klaus holding me from behind supporting my head while Elijah disarmed Mikael.

I heard Klaus mumbling something to me but I couldn't quite understand what he was saying.

"Never-cough-give up-cough-cough, on your painting." I told Klaus, wondering why the charm of immortality wasn't kicking in like it usually does, as since I'd completed the bonding ritual with the charms I had gained an almost wolverine level healing factor.

~ — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — ~

I felt the feeling of a soft warm hand holding mine, and a weight on my arm, as I fluttered my eyes open the sunlight being painfully blinding,

Seeing long golden hair almost glowing in the sunlight knowing instantly that it was Bekah sleeping by my side.

My white sheets stained with dry blood through bandages wrapped around my chest.

'Is this what magic…exhaustion feels like?' I wondered to myself as I felt an unfamiliar weight on my body alongside the grief of not being able to save Henrik from his fate.

"I guess some events are set in stone and unchangeable." I whispered softly making Bekah jump straight up, and I felt a new pit open up in my stomach at the red puffy eyes and huge dark circles underneath them.

"I knew you'd heal, you always heal." Bekah whispered with a hollow voice that was slowly filling back with her usual warmth, as she threw herself on top of me hugging me tightly while crying into the crook of my neck, my chest flaring in pain my arms heavy and weak, but still I managed to move the to hold Bekah and offer her some kind of comfort.

'I need to learn Necromancy.' I thought to myself as I realized where I went wrong when I was trying to heal Henrik as I didn't have a way to tether his soul to this plane and once the soul left the body would die, I'd been avoiding learning necromancy because I didn't want to end up looking like the Necromancer cause he's an ugly motherfucker.

"I'm sorry Rebekah…I couldn't save him." I whispered my voice rough, my throat protesting at being used in it's parched state, Rebekah just held me tighter in reply, her sobbing raising an octave.

"The final right is tonight, do you think you're strong enough to attend the burning ceremony?" Bekah asked me as she moved back and sat on her knees on the bed beside me, making me happy I made a good mattress.

"I'll be there…you might have to hold me up though." I replied to her honestly as I made to sit up but needed Rebekah's assistance to do so.

"What happened to you…I've never seen you be anything but strong?" Bekah asked me, making me feel like the pride I'd developed in myself and my abilities over this past decade were crumbling into dust.

"I exhausted my magical energy trying to heal Henrik…I was just bleeding energy without any real purpose." I muttered hating how defeated my voice sounded in my own ears.

"I'll get stronger…I'll master my grimoire…I'll become the most powerful magic user to ever exist so that we never lose someone else again." I vowed to myself and Rebekah at the same time my eyes stinging as my vision became distorted by tears, and Bekah held my head against her chest allowing me to cry into her, losing Henrik hurting me more than I ever imagined it would as I didn't see him as a character but as I a child I had a hand in raising.

"I know you will." Bekah whispered softly while humming a lullaby and softly rocking back and forth.

I felt myself being lulled back to sleep, in Bekah's warm comforting embrace, her presence a soothing balm to my fractured emotions.

A few hours later I woke up feeling a bit better but still nowhere near my usual state of being, enjoying the feeling of using Rebekah's breasts as pillows.

Seeing Klaus standing in the door jam of my bedroom with a black eye and holding a limp arm I felt a rush of rage.

'I had hoped, my presence…and the pressure I applied on him over the years…would dissuade him of his more violent tendencies towards Klaus…but then again the man knows he's a bastard.' I thought to myself as I pried myself from Rebekah's near crushing hug.

Getting to my feet and nearly falling on my face as my knees gave out on me but Klaus moved forward and caught me using his good arm to grab my side and support me.

"Mother thought you'd be dead…said you lost too much blood and used too much magic." Klaus said softly as we made quite a pair as we hobbled along into the living room while making him stop at a cabinet, where I grabbed out a bone healing potion for Klaus, that finds small pieces of bone latches onto them and fuses them back with the bone that is damaged leaving the once broken, splintered or fractured bone perfectly healed, while grabbing myself out a blood replenishing potion.

"By every right she'd be correct if I was a normal man…but wizards are made of sterner stuff than regular men…with that being said I'm one lucky bastard to be alive right now." I replied to Klaus pulling the stopper from. The bone healing potion and bringing it to his lips.

"Drink, and don't spit any of it up…the stuffs hard to make." I told Klaus warningly and felt a little smirk grow on my face when his turned green when the flavor of the potion hit his tongue but he drank the amount needed so I lowered the bottle and put the stopper back in place, before stowing the bottle back into the cabinet, and drinking my blood replenishing potion that almost instantly made me feel ten times better, still not at my usual standard but better than I was, when I first woke up.

"As for the bruises…you know where the healing Gel is." I told Klaus as he helped me into a reclining chair pausing as he saw the red stain on the couch, I attempted to cast a cleaning charm but felt a sharp pain in my stomach, but pushed through it to cast the spell.

"I knew you too wouldn't wait…so will I be having a niece or nephew to look after?" Klaus asked me with a bit of a lopsided smile starting on his face.

"Uhh…no." I replied with a dramatic pause and almost laughed out loud at Klaus's face dropping.

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