The Originals & The Original Husband (TV Series SI)

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I had to avoid licking my lips as a thought came to mind. 'In around a thousand years from now I'll make you a grandchild with your daughter, hehehe.'

Summoning my grimoire to me, 'Hnn, that's strange why is this rune glowing with yellowish light.' I wondered to myself while brushing my finger of the rune and feeling a pulling sensation in my mind.

"Hello." Greeted over dozens of voices while a scene out of Avatar the last Airbender appeared with a ghostly image much like Avatar Roku but with the guy who played Merlin in the TV series Merlin.

"Uhh hi." I replied to the specter-like image.

"If you are viewing this prerecorded message…than you are the New Merlyn as you have shown both a great aptitude for magic and a noble spirit, in your willingness to die to protect those you love.

I'm sure you have many questions like why magic from completely different universes, realities and whatnot are available to you and those you choose to share it with.

Well to put it simply all magic stems from one singular universe/plane/dimension…it goes by many names, and was once named Avalon…the true cradle of humanity.

The only thing typically holding a magic user back is world laws and mental blockages, as the wielder of not only the Archamada grimorium but also six of the nine Keystones or Charms of Bezel…honestly I don't know what I was thinking when I called myself Bezel in that universe, anyway yes there are actually nine charms in total yes including the master keystone, the ones you are missing are Terrakinesis, Hydrokenisis and Ergokinesis, when all nine are assembled once more you will truly have unlimited power and become a god of magic.

Though believe me godhood is exhausting…it made me commit suicide, so seek power at your own risk…inside my, now you're grimoire you will slowly unlock magical knowledge from all my favorite magical worlds…there's even some science in there as well, and with that I bid you farewell my replacement in a long line of Merlyn Wyllt's." The video message ended and I found myself back in the living room with Klaus who was applying the healing Gel to cuts and bruises.

'That answers so many questions I had…especially with the Harry Potter style magic.' I thought to myself while noticing that in place of the U-shape above the rune on the grimoire was now a Charm.

"Whoa, that's new." I expressed, managing to. catch Klaus's interest.

"What is new?" Klaus asked me curiously.

"I seemed to have unlocked a new power…I didn't know I had." I replied to Klaus absentmindedly.

"Truly…do you know what it is?" Klaus asked me intrigued as he practiced flexing his arm, and moved to activate the self brewing tea set I made last year.

'I should go get some coffee bean plants, the next time a merchant passes by…I had been so obsessed with making chocolate I neglected getting something besides tea.' I thought to myself while grabbing the cup out of the air that floated over to me thanks to animation, levitation and tracking enchantments.

"I truly envy you, my sister, Kol and Mother for your magic…" Klaus said softly as he sat down in a chair across from me.

"And I envy your artistic skills and talents Klaus, but you only carry the blood for magic…and I'm sorry to say this but magic has skipped you and your brothers Finn and Elijah, with a ritual that would come at the cost of a virgin witch's life this magic could be activated…" I replied to Klaus who nodded as he gave up on the idea of gaining magic for himself as this Klaus, wasn't yet Klaus the great and terrible evil…the big bad wolf yet, he was still a kind artsy fartsy youngman who had a talent with both sword and artistry.

"As for your earlier question, no I do not know which it is but it is most likely one of three elemental abilities I did not previously possess. It will take some experimentation to figure it out." I replied to Klaus while taking a sip of tea that was at just the right temperature with just the right amount of honey in it to make me forget that I was drinking tea in the first place.

Observing Klaus I could tell he was putting up a strong front for me, and himself.

"Klaus…what were you and Henrik doing out there the night of the full moon alone?" I asked Klaus as I knew he was curious about the wolves instinctively drawn to them for reasons he didn't understand, but I also know he has the common sense enough not to go out of the caves during one, and as much as I hate to blame the victim it is something I can see Henrik instigating and dragging Klaus along as his protector.

"I-I had woken up to see Henrik sneaking away from the bedding area, I thought at first he was going to use the bathroom you put in the cave…but when I didn't hear the whooshing of water sound I grew concerned and went to check on him.

I checked the pantry first, he wasn't there so I rushed out of the cave and saw him sneaking between trees heading towards the area where the wolves transform.

"(Hic) I caught up to him too late as he'd already reached the place and I was mesmerized by the wolves transforming." Klaus told me breaking out into tears and was unable to continue explaining what had happened.

"I thought it was something along those lines." I muttered sadly while wishing Henrik had just asked me earlier in the day when he was here I would have let them observe through a protective barrier…I didn't know his curiosity towards the wolves was so strong.

"It is not your fault Niklaus, the fault lies with me. I should have been out there much sooner than I was." I told Klaus as Rebekah exited the bedroom rubbing the sleep from her eyes before sitting down on the arm of the chair next to me.

"Dear Brother, what are you doing here?" Rebekah asked curiously.

"He just wanted to check on me Bekah, would you make me something to eat please?" I asked Bekah who seemed to vibrate in happiness at being asked to do something that she thought was a wifely duty.

"Big brother Merlyn…I was wondering if I could use your spare room for a time…father is rather…well being back to the way he was before you arrived." Klaus asked, his voice small, his eyes nervous and pleading.

"Klaus…my home has always been open to you, as it has your siblings, Rebekah and I marrying only truly brings me into the family and unites us as one family and not an outsider, poking his nose where it doesn't belong." I replied to Klaus with a friendly smile on my face as my home had served as a safe haven for him for his teens and it wasn't about to change just because Rebekah and I were turning our relationship romantic.

~ — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — ~

"You have never been an outsider to us." Rebekah said from the kitchen counter, as I heard her dicing up potatoes to make home fries, the ways I taught her of cooking shining through.

'A part of me still wishes, I picked the OP Harry Potter Cheat system…as I feel like I could have gotten a house elf through it.' I thought to myself as I admired Rebekah's shapely derriere through her thin nightgown.

"Big brother…I fear our father will use Henrik's death as an excuse to wage war against the wolves…I've already seen him meeting with the village warriors, both of his clan and the natives." Klaus said to me and I could tell he agreed with what Rebekah said about me never being an outsider to them but I knew the village only tolerated my existence due to Mikeal, Esther and Ayanna.

"And? Mikael will do as Mikael will do Niklaus…the wolves didn't just kill his son they tore him apart, if I were in his shoes I would have already killed every single wolf from that pack, even though I know they can't control their actions just after a shift because they are temporarily driven insane by the pain inflicted on them by the shift. Honestly Klaus you give me too much credit there is a reason your father and I became friends even with our different viewpoints on how children should be treated." I replied to Klaus the fact that I saw Henrik as a member of my family playing a role in why I also felt the urge to go on a killing spree.

"But Father plans to massacre the entire pack even the children who haven't activated their gifts yet." Klaus argued, his eyes filled with hurt and betrayal, and something else as he himself couldn't understand why he felt the urge to protect them so much.

I saw Rebekah looking at me imploringly but I shook my head no.

"Klaus, if he only killed the men and the women who have turned, the sons and daughters that hadn't previously activated their gifts would then activate them and seek out revenge on those who killed their parents…it's best to wipe away any possible source of retaliation to secure the future." I replied to Klaus while meeting Rebekah's gaze, finding acceptance of my words in her eyes while I could see that Klaus wanted to argue this fact with me.

"I can't believe that you would damn children to death just because they could possibly be your enemies in the future." Klaus very nearly snarled his reply back to me.

"Niklaus, do you even understand how dangerous of a world we currently live in, how much of a blanket of safety your mother and father have carved out for you through blood, steel and magic? For fuck sake Klaus you've seen what dragons can do with your own two eyes. Stop acting like a spoiled prince! Who whines about things he doesn't understand." I snapped at Klaus losing my patience something I'd never done with him or any of the siblings.

'Does he truly think I want the weight of those children's deaths on my conscience? He has no idea what I've seen outside of this little village, while accompanying Mikael on excursions that take place close to the village…Mikael is a good teacher, mercy only brings suffering later.' I thought to myself thinking about the young witch I'd prevented from being raped my Mikael's men after her family was killed who turned around and tried to kill me later that night.

"Enough! Before either of you two hot heads say anything that can't be unsaid." Rebekah said to both of us as she slammed a knife into a cutting board and turned to end our argument with her glaring, that cowed Klaus but made me roll my eyes and have a stinging hex throw at me, which I grabbed a hold of flung right back at her.

Smirking a little as I saw Rebekah jump a little and shoot me a little glare.

"Beker, is right my apologies Merlyn." Klaus apologized to me and I nodded, in acceptance.

"I'm sorry too Klaus…I'm not in the best of moods at the moment with everything that happened last night…" I replied to Klaus and saw him start looking me over.

"Merlyn…today is the fifth day since Henrik's death." Rebekah informed me which almost made me drop my mug of tea.

"I should have known when you said the last right." I muttered to myself.

"I'm sorry that I haven't been able to support you through this Bekah…Klaus." I apologized to the two. Bekah only shook her head and shot me a soft sad smile that told me she didn't blame me at all and Klaus looked as though he wanted to apologize to me.

~ — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — ~

I couldn't help but feel embarrassed as Rebekah fed me, and then removed my bandages revealing an angry red scar across my torso.

Before she took a wet cloth and started bathing me, and then dressed me while Klaus tactfully went into the art studio to draw or paint as Rebekah tended to me.

An hour or so later the three of us were walking the trail into the village.

"Are you not angry…with, father for almost cutting you down?" Klaus asked me as he walked on the left to catch me should I need him to while Rebekah was on my right, my arm draped over her shoulders as she used strengthening magic to help hold me up as we walked into the village center.

"I would be lying if I said I wasn't at least a little pissed off, but…I can understand why he did it. He was overwhelmed with loss and reacted without thinking, I'm more concerned with your treatment." I replied to Klaus and noticed the sun was starting to set outside and that we needed to get to the village for Henrik's send off.

I couldn't help myself from sighing, the deeper we walked into the village the smell of shit, piss and unwashed bodies burning my nostrils, Many of the villagers looked at me with mistrust bordering on hatred, as I was escorted through town. The only thing I actually enjoyed about the village was the architecture that reminded me of the houses shown in dragon riders, and the longboats docked along the shore of the riverbank.

Besides Ayana, and the Mikaelsons that is.

Coming to the dock I saw a longboat filled with straw soaked in oil with a small pyre built on top of it with Henrik laying on top of it, almost as if he was sleeping.

'My magic healed the body.' I thought to myself as the image of Henrik savaged by fangs overlapped with the image of a healed Henrik.

Standing on the doc was Ayana, Mikael, Esther, Finn, Elijah and Kol who were standing vigil over the fallen boy.

Bekah, Klaus and I joined the family silently.

Songs were sung by the other villagers as Mikael pushed the longboat away from the docs, the current of the river starting to carry the boat away.

I decided to do something more than allow Mikael and the men of the family to fire flaming arrows at the longboat as I made a lightning bolt descend from the clouds and ignite the straw on fire.

Everyone turned to me as I whispered my farewell to Henrik.

"I hope you find adventures and happiness galore on your next adventure little Hen."

"Thor blesses my son." Mikael proclaimed proudly which made all of the Vikings cheer uproariously.

"Thank you." Rebekah whispered to me softly at my send off to Henrik.