The Originals & The Original Husband (TV Series SI)

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~ — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — ~

3rd person pov

~ — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — ~

In a meadow surrounded by thick wilderness a man dressed in a hoodie that was made of wolf furs, could be seen in an intense battle of sword and magic against a beautiful fiery blonde.

Explosions were being fired off at one another but thin membranes of energy that surrounded their bodies protected both from any real harm as a group of four boys watched, cheering or jeering to their heart's content.

"Come on Bekah, I know I taught you more magic than that!" The man taunted, as Rebekah was mostly throwing blasting curses at me using her wand.

"Fine then, I'll kick your ass since you desire it so much." Rebekah replied to the man with a bit of a snarky smirk on her face as she started throwing all manner of hexes and curses at me except for the Unforgivables which are the killing curse, the torture curse and the control curse.

Batting away an entrail expelling curse and shooting a bimbofication spell at her that would increase her tit size to absurd proportions if it landed but Bekah swatted it away with her duelist shield.

Finally after a dazzling display of magic prowess the two beautiful people were up close and personal, their metal swords clashing against each other, until the man disarmed his future wife and pinned her to the ground, pinning her hands up above her head.

~ — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — ~

"Good haa-haa match Bekah." I panted softly as Rebekah has really given me a workout with her magically enhanced prowess, and I loved the way her sweat has made her thin white dress near translucent as it stuck to her skin revealing her, hard pink nipples and the slight golden bush and tight little cunny lips, as I leaned my body weight on top of her claiming her lips removing one of my hands keeping her hands pinned above her head sliding it down her arm along her partially exposed shoulder before grabbing hold of her perky, spongy c-cup sized right breast.

"Ahhn-Merlyn my-nnn-brothers." Rebekah said to me even as she hungrily returned my kiss as the boys whooped and cheered.

"As if they don't know about us already my dear Bekah." I replied with a little smirk as I casted a cleaning charm on both of us, and cut out the make out session short as I jumped to my feet and lifted Bekah up from the forest floor.

~ — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — ~

"When are you going to teach me how to coat myself in magical energy? big brother." Kol asked me in a near whining voice, that grated on my nerves.

"Around the same time you turn into a woman and develop a set of bosoms and a cunt, little brother." Klaus snickered playfully making Kol shove Klaus shield pouting.

"Niklaus, have some tact." Elijah said while smacking upside his head.

"Haa, Kol I have told you many times you don't possess the correct talents to learn all of my magics, just as your sister cannot learn everything that Ayanna and your mother have tried to teach her." I replied to Kol and watches as his head and shoulders slumped, Rebekah was actually a squib before I put her through a ritual that awakened her ability to use magic…but a side effect of the ritual is that she's only able to use my kind of magic, some of it intersects with this worlds Magic though and I find that I'm able to use both.

"I wish it were different Kol, but some things can't be solved by hard work and determination…" I said to Kol as I rested my hand against his shoulder to console him, which made him nod to me but I could see the fire in his eyes that promised he'd do his damn well best to figure out a way to do what Bekah and I could with his own magic that was more natural to this universe.

"Tonight is the start of a new full moon, you five, better get back to your village so you all can make it to the caves before nightfall." I told them and the Mikealson troupe nodded all except Rebekah.

"Mother…and Father said that I should stay with you as our wedding is in four days." Rebekah said to me in a soft voice displaying a bit of shyness around her brother's, who all but Henrik wore little knowing smirks.

Once the boys were gone Rebekah and I returned to my magically expanded cabin, that was about the size of an average pickup truck on the outside, but on the inside it was the size of a small mansion.

As soon as we were inside Rebekah undid the belt that kept her dress…well more like a robe…shut, and with a quick movement of her shoulders the somewhat rough material pooled around her on the floor.

"Aren't we supposed to wait until after the ceremony?" I asked Bekah with a raised eyebrow as she kept her face straight and her arms at her side showing off her beautiful body that has all the right curves.

"We are to be wed...I trust you not to break the agreement…I've been waiting to give myself to you since my first bleeding…I don't wish to wait any longer, to be with the man that I love." Rebekah replied to getting her fierceness that she had during our duel back.

"Bekah…not that I'm not flattered or enraptured by this and your beauty both as a person and a woman…and even though I don't look it, I'm old enough to be your father." I told the beautiful blonde who was bearing it all to me as I cupped her chin and ran my hand over her smooth stomach.

"I am well aware you haven't aged at all since we met when I was a little girl, but I am a woman now and I know what I want." Rebekah replied to me, and pushed me back onto my couch while vanishing my clothes before dropping her wand and invisible wrist holder to the floor.

~ — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — ~