The Number One Big Shot in History: When a Witch Turns Into a Young Lady Book

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The Number One Big Shot in History: When a Witch Turns Into a Young Lady


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Qi Ying, a young lady from a rich family, went missing for 19 years. Everyone made a bet that having grown up in the countryside, she would be ugly and impolite. There was no way she could compare to the fake young lady who was raised by rich folks and had already become famous. Little did they know, Qi Ying was a genius witch who transmigrated from another realm. She could end someone's life with a single phrase. On top of that, she was gorgeous and had a great personality that was rare in this world. Those who did not know the truth waited for the opportunity to laugh at her. Qi Ying's biological parents prioritized benefits and wanted to marry her off to Yan Huai, a comatose man who would soon die, in the fake young lady's place! Qi Ying's parents thought they would need to try very hard to persuade her, but she was here precisely for this man! The two of them had terrible fates. One was destined to live a short life because of his ridiculous luck, while the other was destined to die young because of her special abilities. However, when the two of them got together, they would have a chance to turn their lives around! Qi Ying had come precisely for this opportunity. However, her idea of saving someone and being rescued in return ended up bringing a clingy man into her life. On the night of a dinner party, Qi Ying showed up in a red dress that made her look stunningly beautiful. Due to her special abilities, countless big shots succumbed to her charm. Yan Huai, who was the man of many famous women's dreams, chuckled and stepped forward. "There's no way I can ever repay you. Why don't I offer you my body instead, honey?"


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