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Agent A: Mission


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Agent A got another mission after completing another one, her mission is to protect the daughter of the most richest company in the country for 5 months. But there's one condition, the client told her not the be discovered. The daughter of the client doesn't know that she has an Agent protecting her. Now Agent A will be protecting her from any threats while being a college student in disguise. (This is my second novel and i am really sorry if the description kinda doesn't make sense because i suck at making summary and i hope you dont mind) Caution: there will be cursing especially from the mc if you'd like to support me check out my Ko-Fi! https://ko-fi.com/andreyle (Add*: Hello this is me author, as i continue the story i decided that this story will be slow burn. i will also put the notice in the chapter 8 for those who hadn't see this, i will try to edit the tags and put slow burn in it)


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