The Monster: Trainer Kota Book

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The Monster: Trainer Kota


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The Pokemon series, with hundreds of episodes. It was not just an anime for us, it was a part of our life. It was an emotion, something we will never forget. *** I traveled through the darkness, could see the light but not approach it. A new world of dreams, displayed itself to me but I couldn't live in it. I was scared, that I would face a similar situation there. But, I still fell for it. Pokemon Trainer, I wanted to be the best. Pokemon Master, I wanted to be the best. A path of hardship, struggle and pain, let us all witness it ourselves. My journey, of how I will be the greatest! ----------------------------- Cover not mine, if the owner wants it to be removed. Contact me through insta. This is in an alternate world, please expect various changes. Pokemon in here will be of different sizes than the ones shown on anime, as to make them more realistic. If anyone wants to talk to me for fun, Insta- @birkang_bty I have more fan-fiction novels, do try them out. Who knows, you might like one. -One Piece: I Am Psychopath [Completed] -Attack On Titan: Devil's Presence [Paused]


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