The Male Entertainer

Author: steph_pesi
Realistic Fiction
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What is The Male Entertainer

Read The Male Entertainer novel written by the author steph_pesi on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is Realistic Fiction stories, covering romance, r18, comedy, dark, sliceoflife. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


It had been a joke made by his best friend and that plunged him into a world that he couldn’t escape. Matthew Henderson is dealing with his parents going through a hellish divorce, and with self-worth issues added to the mix he wanted to do something to help his dad who was doing everything he could for both of them. A tasteless joke by his friend, telling him to show off on camera set things in motion. Matthew discovers a side of the internet that keeps pulling him in. Will he stay afloat or will he be pulled under.

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An interesting story! I definitely love it! I can't wait to read more! Please update very soon, I'm expecting so much! The title is awesome by itself and is enough to make me drool! Congratulations to the author for a job well- done! ❤❤❤❤


If first chapter gives you hots, the next and coming will definitely hotter. More than that, I went far without noticing not only because of the steam but I am amused and entertained, I don't know if the author meant it that way but I like how it appears comedic to me. Also, this is a niche and that what makes it exciting.


The writer get's you hooked from the prologue and does a great job of grabbing your attention from start to end. The MC is a struggling teen that's on the verge of making serious life changing decisions. If you're looking for a book with hot, steamy scenes then this is the novel for you, highly recommend it!




I'm giving a five star rating to this book. The synopsis got me hooked. Interesting plot, beautiful writing and lovely character design. Great job author 👍👍


Read a few chapters and from them I know the story is good, it could use a bit editing here and there, but nothing big, other than that, it is quite an enjoyable read, interesting characters, Mc is likeable, author is doing a good job, do read!


If only I was as brave as Matt.. 🥲🤧🫡 A heartwarming story about a young guy not letting his dad struggle with money, his ways of making it shocked me 😂🌝 Some scene made me so excited that I just couldn’t stop reading hehe 😅🙏🏻 Beck is sus 😑 I wish that Matt would come and help me to edit some things.. You know. 🌝 Thirsty women literally was my favourite parts 🌝😂 Well written chapters and a nice story development. I’m following ! 🫡


Nice and well written premises for the novel and good characters the first chapter already provided heat and it has good plot keep it up author


What a great book you got here! The story line is actually amazing and the characters are interesting but all the same the Author really did a great job in writing the book.


well, no need to preamble, I loved this story, especially the first chapter. hmmmm yummy 🤤 good job author, hope you keep writing like this!


Great writing and amazing characters! The Author has written a great novel with a very interesting storyline. I can't wait to read more. Great job👍👍👍


This book caught my attention, I want to see how this story goes. what kind of conflict will Matthew face?


This story is like the story that is around us. very interesting to follow. a fact that we sometimes deny. fiction but still reality as it is.


It's tough being Matthew. Life is hard and has too many challenges. Interesting story. I want to know more stories about the masked Matt. Keep the spirit!


I was just reading a great masterpiece by this author and I stumble upon this book . This book has everything . A nice plot, and a well written Grammer . You continue to impress me author . Good luck 🥰


This began on a sad note, but it gradually improves. I adore this book's descriptiveness and excellent use of grammar. I adore the characters and the lovely plot. author, keep up the good work


I don't know if I can say this book is different from the rest but to me it stands out. Follow Matthew on his journey as he does what he thinks is best to help his dad, losing himself in the process. You will love this story without a doubt.


over all I like that novel, it is interesting. I hope may finish this novel and good luck to the author. I posted again after read all the chapters from 1-10


Its really great will continue to read as it gets updated more often the characters are quite interesting to follow the world building is very good and here's to hoping more from this story


This book is everything I have been searching for. A great plot, nicely written grammar and an eagerness to read more. Great job author.[img=recommend]


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