The Male Entertainer

It had been a joke made by his best friend and that plunged him into a world that he couldn’t escape. Matthew Henderson is dealing with his parents going through a hellish divorce, and with self-worth issues added to the mix he wanted to do something to help his dad who was doing everything he could for both of them. A tasteless joke by his friend, telling him to show off on camera set things in motion. Matthew discovers a side of the internet that keeps pulling him in. Will he stay afloat or will he be pulled under.

steph_pesi · Realistic
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148 Chs

Chapter 5

He had given his dad the cold shoulder the entire weekend. What he had been looking forward to the entire time, for a very long time he had ruined that because he had let himself become emotional. Now it was Monday morning and it would be back to them not seeing each other anymore. He made his way downstairs not really expecting him to see him since everything would be back to normal.

He paused when he saw his dad sitting with a cup of coffee. He needed it to stay awake.

"Good morning" he said really guilty. He wanted to start spouting apologies but he just couldn't. He apologizing wouldn't change the very visible problem. His dad should just swallow his manly ego and accept his help. He needed it.

"How are you?" he dropped his mug. The tired look he had on his face just made him feel guiltier.

"I'm fine. You look like you didn't get any sleep" he commented as he sat down.

"I did it just seems like it's not enough" he placed his elbows on the table.

"Maybe you might get the weekend off again. You could just rest instead of…you should have done so" he cleared his throat.

"There's pizza in the fridge if you want some" his dad teased.

He closed his eyes in embarrassment.

Elliot smiled and then his face turned serious. "I'm glad that you're working Elliot. I'm happy that you want to be independent".

"Are" he mouthed.

"It still won't erase the fact that I'm your dad and that I'm meant to do the providing, not the other way around".

"She's trying to take everything from you and that's why you're working three jobs! I'm just here just living off you, not contributing in anyway…"

"Like you should" he raised his hand. "This is not your fight and I can take care of everything. Take it easy and live your life Matthew. You're working in a restaurant and now looking at your device all day. Soon you'll have to get glasses".

"No way!" he jumped in his seat.

"Just please stop talking about yourself like that Matthew. It's not healthy, it's not nice at all. I will not tolerate" he couldn't avoid his dad's eyes.

"Yes sir" he was doing that thing with his lips his dad didn't like. Pushing it out when he didn't agree with what he said.

"Now get your pizza and go to school" he said as he stood up.

He did as he was told not wanting to think about it.


"I've had quite the rough couple of days" he sighed dramatically as he tossed his head back on his pillow. He had gone to watch videos and had taken points. He couldn't continue with just one thing unless they would get bored of him. So he decided that every time there would be new content instead of him just taking his shirt off. He would interact with his fans to build a solid relationship. The only negative of constantly asking them what they would like would be him going completely bare.

He was just starting up. Was an amateur. His name gave it away but he would stick with that for now. Baby steps. He had said he would wear fishnets and that was what he was doing. He put away his shirt and decided to go for nipple pasties. Sparkly neon starfishes on his chest. They were eating it up. A little less than what he had last time. That would change soon. He hoped.

'What's wrong baby?'

'Tell us'.

"So I got into an argument with my friend. I told him I got a job, well not this one and instead of supporting me he just criticized me. Like I can't make my own decisions" he pouted.

'Your friend sounds like the worst'.

"He means well I could just do without all his talk" he sighed.

'Please smile a little'.

"I don't feel like" he was a petulant child.

'I know what you want' and the tips were coming in.

He did smile at that.

"Then I got into an argument with my dad. I told you guys about the divorce right. I wanted to chip in and he didn't take it well" he sat up to stretch, tilting his neck back and caressing his locks.

'So sorry about that'.

'Don't cry'.

He wouldn't read the others.

"Anyway" he kicked his legs up happily. "Some of you were really good to me and I went shopping. Yay" he clapped. "Shout out to Dommymummy69. You're the reason for the show today".

The user tipped in reply.

"But enough about my problematic life. You people came to see me and I live to entertain you" he giggled. "Do you guys love my outfit? I got it exactly for you".

'I love it'.

'You look amazing'.

'Let's see it from behind'.

He winked as he turned around. He sat Chinese style, but instead of his knees underneath they were by his side. He stretched his hands up interlacing his fingers over his head.

He turned back to peek and they were flattering him with comments.

'Your backside is a blessing from the gods'.

'Why are you just showing us?'

'Bend over and shake it really close. I want to see it bounce'.

'Let your hair down. Please?' he had never seen emoticons like that though.

"You know the rules guys. For something to come off…" he let it hang as the notifications of tips flooded in.

'Turn around when you do it. Shake it too'.

He giggled as he turned around wiggling his butt teasingly like he had seen some cammers do. He went back to his earlier position and removed the hair tie and let it drop down. It cascaded down his back and his shoulders. He stretched again before hugging himself. His fingers running up his torso sensually.

He looked back over his shoulder with a small smirk.

'You're so magnificent'.

'I'd like if you were wearing pretty pink lace panties. Wouldn't you like that baby?'

'Take your bottoms off and bed over. Ease back a little to the camera'.

"Panties?" he grinned as he turned back around. "You guys want to see that?" he let his hair cover him.


'Hell yeah!'

'Fuck yeah!'

They were enthusiastic and that was when his phone pinged. It hadn't happened last time and he felt like his heart wanted to leap out of his throat. Well a good distraction from the panties. He couldn't imagine himself wearing something like that. He didn't even want to think about it. He picked the phone up.

He smiled. "That was my friend guys and he apologized. He wants me to come meet him now. Obviously to make up for what he did".

'Are you going to leave?'

'Don't go. I actually appreciate you'.

"I don't know. He made a very convincing point. I might need convincing" he closed his eyes as he fell back onto his bed. Just the second time and he had grown accustomed to the tipping notification.

"I can stay around for a few more minutes. Maybe an hour" he laughed cheekily. "Let's play!" he squealed.


He had told Beck to give him an hour maybe more. He had talked mostly and teased the audience. Eventually he had to take off the pasties and shake his butt again, this time slapping it. It was embarrassing to say the least. It was a good thing no one knew him.

Onto more important things. When Beck felt like he had done something bad or stupid, he liked to make up for it. And that was why Matthew was standing in the lobby of a hotel. He never did ask Beck if this was a hotel or country club. Didn't want to look stupid. Anyway his dad had a membership and Beck could come anytime he wanted. Most times he brought him along. He felt like he deserved it after what he had gone through this past couple of days.

There was a sinking feeling in his stomach, but he didn't know where to place the cause. Maybe because-

"Oh sorry".

Someone had bumped into him from behind. He didn't even know because he had been thinking so hard. "No it's my fault ma'am. I was lost in-I mean distracted".

The woman didn't seem to be listening to what he said. She seemed to be too busy looking at him. "Ma'am?" he questioned.

She stepped closer then and brought her voice down. "How much?"

"Ex-what?!" he jumped back astonished.

The woman blinked back surprised. "Sorry" she smiled apologetic. "My mistake. I thought you were a…you just fit the profile of some that come around here so I just though…no biggie" she stepped closer again. "Would you be willing though?"

"NO!" he shrieked in a whisper.

She giggled when he did that. Like it was cute. Like she didn't just proposition him. "Oh well. See you around" and she was walking away.

Matthew stood there frozen for a while, with an unfathomable expression on his face. Did that just happen?

He turned and he saw Beck approaching. He righted himself and walked towards him to make the journey faster.

"Hey. Ready to…you okay?" he diverted when he saw his face. No doubt a panicked expression on it.

He considered telling him for a couple of seconds, but the whole outing today was to eradicate all weirdness. He wouldn't ruin that.

"No" he shook his head to convince himself. "Let's go".

His eyes found the woman as they made their way inside. He tried not to gasp when he saw her with another guy. He snapped his mouth shut and followed Beck. He would not think about that.