The Male Entertainer

It had been a joke made by his best friend and that plunged him into a world that he couldn’t escape. Matthew Henderson is dealing with his parents going through a hellish divorce, and with self-worth issues added to the mix he wanted to do something to help his dad who was doing everything he could for both of them. A tasteless joke by his friend, telling him to show off on camera set things in motion. Matthew discovers a side of the internet that keeps pulling him in. Will he stay afloat or will he be pulled under.

steph_pesi · Realistic
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148 Chs

Chapter 3

He decided to do his first stream on a Saturday. Dad wasn't around and he didn't have work until the evening. He had spruced up himself up all morning and had gone over what he would talk about in his head. He had written it down and had read it like he was reading a script. Anyway, he had pulled his window blinds down and made sure that there was nothing incriminating in the view of the camera and then he sat. Maybe he should have started filming as he was prancing about the room. He was so nervous.

He didn't even know if he would get views. He was new. He made the account just yesterday, so he was sure that he was at the very bottom of the barrel. It was surprising that there were people in his room. He swallowed. He probably shouldn't have done that because they could hear him. Okay. His motivation was twink, flirty and open. He had practiced in the mirror before he slept last night and he couldn't stop cringing.

He hoped he wouldn't do that today. They were waiting. The first comment gave him a little confidence.

'Aren't you a pretty boy?'

"Thank you" he replied, instantly remembering what he had read. He had to reply. He might have replied too sharply.

"Hey guys" he crossed his legs, making sure to show the socks. "You haven't seen me here before so it's nice to meet you all. Please treat me well" he made sure to take his voice several pitches high and added a flirtatious wink and bit his lip a little after that. He was sure the people watching had certain things to take care of than judging if his acting was convincing a lot.

He hadn't done anything for the past five seconds. He was panicking. He leaned a little bit closer to his laptop to read his comments.

'Where have you been all my life sweet thing?'

He could work with that. "You know. Life" he laid back. His head almost hanging off his bed with his legs against the wall, making sure that they could still see his legs covered with socks. "Trying to juggle school and a job…" he hesitated, not knowing if he should tell them or not. Well they were strangers not like it would get back to anyone he knew, which was just Beck. He might also gain sympathy and more tips. "My parents are going through the worst divorce ever and before you say it no. This is not me acting up just for attention" he added a giggle after that and twirled a lock of his hair round his index finger.

'You poor baby'.

He smiled at that.

"Thank you Dommymummy69" it was weird saying that and he realized late that he had a cringe look on his face. "Sorry" he said bashful. "Never knew that I would call another person mummy instead of my actual mummy" when all else failed touch yourself.

His hands slid slowly, sensually up his thigh to where the band of the socks were. He tugged at it and let it go making it snap against his skin. He gasped mock surprised and then giggled. They seemed to like that and more seemed to join in. There were no tippers yet. Oh well. You couldn't win at everything.

'That's hot'.

'Take the mask off'.

'Do it again'.

Then some other lewd stuff that made his chest and shoulder area warm. He smiled covering his mouth. "A little mystery is crucial in keeping any relationship interesting" he ran his fingers through his locks. "But if you want to see something come off…" he teased with a grin.

That seemed to do it. The first tipper he saw was Dommymummy.

He squealed so high. "Thank you mummy" he tugged on the band pulling it higher, as far as it could go as he kept smiling into the camera.

'Could you try fishnets next baby?'

"Anything for you" he promised. As he said that it seemed to be a competition of some sorts. People began to tip. He sat up slowly, his eyes almost bulging out of his head. It was a good thing, but suddenly he was feeling a little overwhelmed.

"You-you all are really nice to me" he thanked them looking away. "All of you have mummy to thank for the treat next week".

'You haven't done anything!' he hoped whoever that was wasn't really mad. He was just starting up, he couldn't afford to lose anyone.

"Well someone did say take something off" he couldn't believe he was doing this. It was just his shirt. Nothing else. He was sure of that. He knelt down on the middle of his bed as his hands went up his torso. He slowly began to undo his buttons. The comments were blowing up and more people joined his room.

They called him a tease, saying he was being slow on purpose and other things that one wouldn't think others could think of. He was seeing a whole different side of the internet he didn't know existed. Just in a span of an hour maybe less. He undid the last button and decided to be playful.

"There" he laughed behind his hand. "It's off".

'That's not off!'

He laid on his side crossing one knee over the other and back to playing with his socks. He kept tugging at the shirt, acting like he would expose but he didn't. "Maybe I need a little convincing" he leered at the camera.

The commenter was the first one to tip and others followed suit. It didn't stop for a while and he wasn't sure he could wait. He was too relaxed to move so he slowly wriggled out, giving off the impression that someone was tugging the shirt off of him. When he succeeded he sighed in relief. He closed his eyes and forgot for a while that he had an audience.

He looked to the screen and they were talking again. 'What about the bottoms?'

He laughed at that and teased the band of his briefs. He hummed thoughtfully as they began to type out their requests.


He got a lot of requests for his next stream, he also got a lot of ideas. Sitting and talking about his day wouldn't work much because he would always get stuck. His room was lacking character so maybe he would need to redecorate. Maybe movie or music posters, a huge teddy bear since he was going with this cute flirtatious character. He just had to make sure dad didn't see it.

He was on his side talking about pointless things about his day. He knew that they weren't listening. He was proven right when someone had said he should shift closer towards the camera. He didn't need to know what that person was doing.

"Well I'm sorry guys" he pouted. "It's time for me to go" he wobbled his lips a little.


'Don't go'.

'I just want to stare at you every day'.

"Well you can tune in next time" he said with promise. "This is masked Matt signing off" and he ended the stream.

He plopped down onto his mattress and stretched his bones. As he moved he was given a satisfied crack. It wasn't so bad. Now to see how much he had made. He put a shirt on and opened the window blinds. He would have to get started on dinner soon. He removed the camera from the top and went to his profile and clicked on his earnings.

As he did just that he fell off his bed landing on his butt. He peeked up to see if his eyes were deceiving him. They weren't. Nine hundred and thirty seven dollars in the span of eleven to twelve hours. No one could make that much in a day. Certainly not him at his dead-end job. He was considering quitting, but that would bring unwanted questions about where he got the money. He would say it was savings from his job.

He tried to squash that unfulfilling feeling about this. Yes he worked hard, this was what he wanted. Fast money. Easy money. He couldn't share it with anyone because…well the reason was obvious. Taking his clothes off for money.

It would only be for a short while that he was certain of. Should he just leave it there or take it now? He would take it. He wanted to spend time with his dad and it would be his treat. He would tell him about the money and how he wanted to chip in around the house. That actually made him feel better about all this. Why he was doing this in the first place.

He closed his eyes and breathed out.

Everything would be fine.

He stood up, placing his laptop on the nightstand. He went to his wardrobe and got sweats. He changed out of his shirt and got a polo. It was time to get dinner started. Dad would be back soon.