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"The maiden revenge" is a beautiful piece of art, which the author has used to ask the question "What if..?", who wouldn't want to find out the answer of what if, having being dragged into the irresistible flow of inspiration? This work is a masterpiece and it deserves all the accolades of a bestselling novel, very commendable. I recommend this great piece of inspiration that poses questions that needed answers and the answers can only be found in the chapters. Therefore, I will certainly dive in to catch the answers as I read further, since the synopsis has hooked me. Kudos to this amazing author! Reviewed: Author Pattyegah Ikwue

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The story is interesting especially the revenge theme. I am looking forward to what will going to happen with the main character in the long run. <3333


although this book is fairly new, it has a very interesting and unique plot! I am excited to see where it goes and looking forward to more. I can already tell it is going to be a very detailed story... well thought out by the author. Good work !


wow, author, I really love this book👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌,nice plot , beautiful written, I honestly recommend this book, it is very interesting to read


I'm excited about the plan! I love the flow! I'm looking forward to read more! Highly recommended! Great job! Keep it up. I'm currently reading it. And the more I read, the more I get curious.


This is an interesting plotline about Maiden and her revenge. I want to learn more about why and who she is taking her revenge out on. I like how the story is dialogue-heavy, and how the dialogue itself is believeable. good work.


What an interesting turn of events. The first chapter is filled with so much suspense and the desire for revenge. An interesting plot designed by the author.


This is a really good and interesting story. The plot is also really good. To be honest with you, at first I didn't wanted to read. Cuz I didn't wanted to waste my time. But after reading it I realized that it was worthy of my time. And now, I love it. I'm looking forward for the updates author.


At first I thought it would be something like a revenge story with complicated plans, expensive equipments, and lot's of shootings. it never occured to me it would be an Isekai (well that's what I get for not reading the synopsis). The literacy of the marathon is explicit and the description of the characters are easy to digest, this story is indeed great. I recommend this for the other readers, the chapters are still short yet it made a huge impact for our minds. Keep up the good work and updates


Wow wow wow, it's all I thought if when I saw the book, it's totally different from any reincarnation book I've read and for the first few chapters I must say it's one interesting book


Wow! I can't help myself but to praise this wonderful book🥰 This is so interesting. It intrigues me how will this turn out till the end. I love your book. Great job author🥰


At first I thought the book started out too fast but upon reading further, I quickly became in love with it. The main character more importantly. Sculpted by a tragic backstory, she set out on a path of revenge and destruction. She makes enemies as a result...enemies who wants nothing but to see her dead. Yet even in the midst of death, she's determine to remain defiant and quite frankly her inner thoughts make me laugh although serious. I highly recommend this book to new readers. 😉


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A fine read. The plot develops well throughout the chapters and the picture created is beautiful . Good use of words that complement the subject of the story as a whole.


wow hats off to the author for having such an amazing imagination. I can't wait to know where the story leads me to. An interesting read that Is definitely worth the time.


This is actually a very interesting concept, the reincarnation instead of being something the main character would appreciate, it would become a challenge due to the repetitive nature of the course of action she has to take, it is quite an interesting and unique read!


A Very exciting plot!! It makes you think about what mystery is held ahead.. May Maiden figure things out!! Great work author!! hope you update soon..


nice story. an unusual start which sounded appropriate after reading the next chapter. the book looks promising. nice effort by the author.


The story is really interesting... At first, I thought it is an action story, cause the movements of the story felt like that but it was not... The story made you curious as you continue. It's quite amazing... Good luck author...


Wow..... this book is really going to live up to its name..... Writing style is just awesome.... I liked how the author manages to keep us on our toes as each chapter progresses.... I am eagerly waiting for moreeee[img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update]