1 “ The Flower Among The Rocks"


A lonely girl named Bianca sitting in the corner of her room was having thoughts like that. It was a night and the same day as usual. She lived with her family. She was the elder one among her siblings. Her family's expectations were so high. She wanted to enjoy herself with them but things never worked out her way. She was trying hard to survive.

She had one sister named Lily and one brother named Lucas. They weren't close with each other, They wanted to spend time with each other and talked with each other but they just struggled alone. They all were living like a robot just surviving. They didn't open up with each other. Bianca had no friends instead she was bullied in her school as she belonged to a middle-class family and no one ever came to school from her side to check her progress.

The bullies were one of the reasons why she was always alone. She always hide her tears and had a beautiful smile on her face. Everyone around her was living in their world. There was no one to hear her out and comfort her. She had a diary. She wrote everything inside it. Her, diary was her only best friend who never leave her, always hear her out, and never talks back. Bianca was a kind-hearted girl.

She was polite and beautiful. Her nature was so calm as she was going through a lot but she never let her anger out on others. She had her dreams but she was just doing the things that she was told to. The only thing she loved to do was draw she draws everything inside her head on paper, but unfortunately, her parents didn't want her to kill the time drawing they didn't want her to draw but she draws whenever she got time. She hides her drawings in her school locker.

She was waiting for the silver lining. She wanted to run away but she can't. Her example was just like a tiny beautiful flower that blooms among the hardest rocks. She was waiting for her good time and finally, good things started to happen one day...

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