The Lonely Rose In Darkness Book

novel - Fantasy

The Lonely Rose In Darkness


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“ I'M EXHAUSTED FROM TRYING TO BE STRONGER THAN I FEEL" In a world where the weight of reality presses heavily on the shoulders of sixteen-year-old Bianca, her life takes an unexpected turn when she stumbles upon a beautifully enchanted rose. Lonely and burdened by the maturity that sets her apart, Bianca discovers an otherworldly connection within the delicate petals of this mysterious flower. With its magic, she forms an unbreakable bond with three remarkable friends, setting forth an extraordinary journey that intertwines the struggles of youth with the touch of the supernatural. Bianca's first confidante, Rowoon, a seventeen-year-old with sandy brown hair and a courageous spirit, becomes her pillar of support. His kindness and maturity complement Bianca's introspective nature, providing a sturdy foundation for their burgeoning friendship. Then there's Rosé, the soul of the squad, a lively sixteen-year-old whose cute demeanor and playful personality inject joy into their lives. With her wolf-cut black hair and charming green eyes, Rosé brings a spark of brightness to Bianca's otherwise gloomy existence. Completing the quartet is San, an eighteen-year-old with a cold yet generous disposition. His introverted nature resonates with Bianca's, and his red-brown messy hair masks a depth that only Bianca truly comprehends. As Bianca navigates the complexities of her teenage life, these friendships grow and strengthen, each friend providing a unique piece to her puzzle. Together, they embark on a journey that uncovers the different phases and struggles of life, their interconnected stories highlighting the power of resilience, the beauty of empathy, and the magic woven within true friendship. With the enchanted rose as their guiding light, Bianca and her companions discover that in the darkest moments, there exists a shimmer of hope—a realization that transcends the boundaries of their reality and the touch of otherworldly powers. Through the highs and lows of their collective experiences, they learn that true strength lies not in being stronger than they feel, but in finding solace, support, and a glimmer of enchantment within the petals of their unbreakable bond.