The Lonely Rose In Darkness Book

novel - Fantasy Romance

The Lonely Rose In Darkness


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“ I'M EXHAUSTED FROM TRYING TO BE STRONGER THAN I FEEL" The story is about the beautiful teenage girl “Bianca" and her depressing life. The magic begins in her life when she got a beautifull enchanted rose and the three best friends. This story will highlight the different phases and struggles of life connected to reality, especially in our generation with the glimpse of otherworldly powers. * CHARACTERS: ~ BIANCA: (MC) - A sixteen year's old beautiful girl. - Kind-hearted. - Mature and lonely. - Long brunette hair. - Hazel eyes. - short height. - Introvert and intelligent. ~ ROWOON: - A seventeen year's old graceful and good-looking boy. - Kind and mature. - Sandy brown hairs. - Light brown eyes. - Tall and courageous. - Intelligent and have a fighting spirit. ~ ROSÉ: - A sixteen year's old cute girl. - Have a childish personality. - The soul of the squad. - Always being cute. - Have a wolf cut, black hair with blue streaks. - Green eyes. - Decent student. ~ SAN: - An Eighteen year's old attractive and generous boy. - Have a cold mature personality. - Introvert. - Grey eyes. - Red Brown messy hairs. - Decent student.