The Last Rudra Book

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The Last Rudra


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Onish was a yogi on earth. After a long and arduous practice of yogic rituals, he got enlightenment. And when he was trying to go to Brahma Loka (an upper world where exalted beings live), a mighty hand tried to crush his soul. Appalled by sudden accident, Onish used his newly awakened yogic powers called siddhis and fled. His newly awakened power sent him into an unknown world called Mazia, filled with wonders and horrors. After some misfortunate events, he was forced to settle in the body of a boy, named Ishit, who lived in Minaak, a city of spirit wielders. A tale weaver fed him a memory pill and modified his memories. A powerful fiend was gradually recovering his powers. A mysterious voice sighed in Ornish's mind. Some hidden memories surfaced telling him he is from Samara. Who was after him? Why did his siddhi send him to Mazia, a cursed world? Let's discover the mystery of the universe with Onish, a fallen yogi. what this book has: 1. Hard to Kill Bad Ass Villain 2. Eternal Love Story ( It starts after chapter 56 ) 4. Time Travel 5. Multi Magic Systems 6. Mysteries 7. Suta, Spirit-wielders, Wizards, Druids, Moriyans, and many more 8. Multiverse ******************************* ******** 1 chapter a day chapter-length: 1500 -2000 Here you can support me!! https://www.patreon.com/scionofmanu