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What is Online In Another World

Read ‘Online In Another World’ Online for Free, written by the author DelzGB, This book is a Fantasy Novel, covering ACTION Fiction, ADVENTURE Light Novel, REINCARNATION Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: In this world, there are those that are fortunate and those who are not. Ethan Bellrose is neither; he is cursed. At nin...


In this world, there are those that are fortunate and those who are not. Ethan Bellrose is neither; he is cursed. At nineteen, he has lived his entire life sheltered in his home as his fragile body blisters under sunlight, breaks under the slightest impact, and falls to any sickness. However, the arrival of a world-changing digital service catches the hopeless young man’s eye: “Reincarnation Online”--a virtual reality experience that gives a new fantastical life to those who are unfulfilled with their current path. For Ethan Bellrose, the choice is simple. Without hesitation, he orders the virtual reality headgear, choosing to abandon his current life and live forevermore in the world of fantasy, magic, and endless adventure–”Arcadius.” Though what he finds is a world not full of leisure and trivial triumph, but a world just as alive and full of darkness, glory, and grandeur as Earth–if not greater. Starting from square one as an infant, given a new name and family, this is the eventful life, full of dreadful lows and exhilarating highs, of “Emilio Dragonheart.” [...Booting System…] [Welcome to Reincarnation Online.] [You will henceforth by the recipient of the Dragonheart System.] [Please, enjoy your stay.]

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Volume 0 :Auxiliary Volume
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Volume 2 :Journey To Vasmoria
Volume 3 :The Village Conflict And The Unending Nightmare
Volume 4 :Core of Nightmares
Volume 5 :Iron Magi / World-Class Trial
Volume 6 :The Trial of Parmesus
Volume 7 :Amidst Death
Volume 8 :Journey Through Death
Volume 9 :New Era
Volume 10 :Island of The Grand


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The novel is already off to a great start. Novels in this genre typically have bad starts, and are often repetitive, but it is something I find myself repeatedly coming back to. Using the Webnovel rating system (World-building, Character design, Writing quality) everything is top tier so far. The mc is very realistic. I can also find myself sympathizing with him and his situation. The decisions he makes are very reasonable, and at most I agree or understand the logic behind them. The side characters also seem realistic( I also like how involved they are) which is ironic considering the fact that is a vr story. I believe that this is a story that can really supply me with what I look for in this genre.


There are a few things you should know about online. One of the big things is the similarities to the show Mushoku tensei. Most of the stuff that it shares is only surface level things, and it is also only in the beginning of the story. After the first ark, more or less, Online starts to pave it’s own way, becoming it’s own story. The characters were the opposite of what I expected. I assumed they were going to lean more into having npc types of behavior. I was unmistakably wrong about this assumption which is ironic considering the fact that this is a vr story. Even up to the current chapters I’m sharing the thoughts of the main character. Is it actually real or is it just a game? Thoughts like these keep me on the edge of my seat whilst reading Online. The world building is simply phenomenal, which is a trend in Delz’s work. Every thing is described in vivid detail while at the same time not going overboard( this could sometimes halt the reading process)(for me at least). The pacing is slow, but stable and the whole story itself appears to be a slow burn. Last, but not least the action scenes. The fights and anything related to action is very detailed. After reading the action, visualizing it using my imagination is super simple. Another thing I like is how the fighting styles and magic in Online kind of reflect the characters utilizing them. I can definitely say that no part of the novel so far has been boring or lackluster. I’m amazed at how good it’s been so far and I’m ready to see how it progresses in the future


Author review here -- Since I'm obviously biased, I won't waste your time -- let me rundown what you should expect from this story! -It has a slow start, in my opinion. You'll be introduced to the new world ahead of the main character and the people around him. -Once it kicks up, it gets going; action is strong point of this story, and you'll see unique takes on swordplay and magic throughout its length. -There are darker sections and themes within the story that may not be for everybody. Be caution if you're sensitive to such things as gore and violence. Most of all, please enjoy! I didn't want to spoil a drop of text, so if you're sold by the synopsis, go ahead!


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Pretty Good story if you ignore MCs intelligence in starting chapters. .


alright, starting off with the important stuff before the story itself: grammar and quality overall: pretty much perfect. i can speak for most of us when I say finding stories with good grammar on here is difficult, so its always greatly welcome to find one that does. for the story, it's definitely still in the early stages, but its got me curious for more


Everything about this that I've read has been wonderful. The whole story reminds me of mushoku tensei a lot, in a good way. The aging doesn't seemed too forced or too dragged out. The chapters are not short what so ever (at least from what I have reached) it will keep you reading for a while.


Well-written and engrossing so far. It'd only be fair for me to redo this review later down the line when there's more content, but for now, I can safely say this is a certified banger.


very good is this author Mmmmmm mmmmmm mmmmmm mmmmmm mmmmmm mmmmmm mmmmmm mmmmmm mmmmmm mmmmmm mmmmmm mmmmmm mmmmmm mmmmmm mmmmmm mmmmmm mmmmmm mmmmmm mmmmmm mmmmmm


Re-review because last time my dog died so I was a bit harsh. Basically a love child between Mushoku Tensei and Cultivation Online, except the MC has a completely unique, but still realistic, personality. There’s really nothing to complain about unless you’re biased like me and don’t think wind is cool.


I dont know what the author has planned but it would be pretty cool if he tries to make another novel with the same concept of the world but a different mc that chooses another world. Recommended read btw


Reveal spoiler


If you read mushoku tensei you'll like this one. there's a lot twist and turns that differentiate from the work but the fundamentals are pretty much alike and the references are all there. Wich is good and I love it. keep it up. The grammar is good. The story takes a slow pace and the development takes its own time... Also there's a lot of possible ramifications each time I read a chapter and that only shows how well thought and written it was made. Congrats. Hope it doesn't follow too much from the original story because it'll be a bit boring though.


Not all that into writing reviews, but this is one of the few times I have felt the need to do so honestly. I am loving this novel quite a bit. I only have one request..... Do not abandon this anytime soon please. too many novels 8 have read and truly enjoyed just for them to stop updating out of the blue.


It’s been hard trying to find some quality work on this site. So far the book seems pretty good. I need more chapters before I can give it a full fledged review, but I can say it’s definitely worth giving it a read.


I was interested to read about the world the MC chose and the potential of eventually going to the others. The grammar is excellent, the characters are well done and the world seems like it will be interesting. However, the MC runs into so many 'major events' that it feels slightly unrealistic. And this is all just on the way to the main Adventurers Guild location to sign up. Each 'event' lasts so many chapters that I just start skimming or skipping some entirely out of boredom. This will be a story where I wait for a build-up of chapters so that I can skim 50 of them just to get past one fight/arc.


big mushoku vibes here, so I dig it early into the story right now so I can only talk about whats here, but what's happened so far definitely has my interest. world is interesting, the mc's parents are cool, and the mc himself is great


The start of the story is quite interesting. This author has a great imagination and presents the story in a stable way. I just hope the quality remains good and this is not dropped.


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