51 Something Unexpected

"No, yeah. Uhm, I mean―"

Yu cleared his throat and scratched his head. He tried to smile at the awkwardness between himself and Alina.

"Well, you can say so," he continued. "In the past two days, I―well, let's say, I've been watching the news about that unusual incident."

"Ahh..." Alina nodded. "It turns out that you are indeed interested in this."

"Yeah, I guess."


"No, no. I mean, is the cause of it all known?" Yu took a deep breath.

Aside from calming his own current feelings towards the beautiful doctor, it was also to make the thing in his groin calm down again.

"You know, they just make excuses about unhealthy lifestyles, blah-blah-blah!"

Doctor Alina giggled at the expression of the man before her. She shook her head.

"You know something, Doc?"

"You've read the reasons, haven't you?" Alina replied.

"Yes, I have. But I think it's just a very far-fetched reason."


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