The Last Man in the Universe

A man with a unique name, Ue (spelling; Yu), decides to accept an offer to join a program called 'Into The Hole' because he is bored with his life. The program requires someone to be flown and enter a Black Hole which for thousands of years has always been a mystery to scientists. This program is sponsored by Hidetoshi Akimura, who spent his entire life dedicated to studying a Black Hole which they named the Black Eye, somewhere in the Norma Arm, Milky Way. While Ue is on his mission to the Black Eye, there is chaos on Earth, a catastrophe that nearly wipes out humanity. The disaster was caused by the Healer serum, a serum previously touted as a miracle serum and highly revered by the public, now become a deadly serum that wipes out more than two-thirds of the Earth's population. Can Ue complete his mission? And what about the fate of the remaining human beings on Earth? Find the answer in this novel.

Ando_Ajo · Sci-fi
Not enough ratings
172 Chs

A Beautiful Dream

Yu was quite happy when he found that the astronaut outfit he was currently wearing was almost the same as the astronaut outfit he always wore when he was in his simulation realm. Not heavy, not bulky, except for the helmet he wasn't wearing which might have limited his vision.

"No matter what happens," said Alina, "you'll be a hero to us, Yu."

The two people who paired this and that on Yu's outfit nodded in agreement with Doctor Alina's words.

Yu couldn't help but smile because right now he didn't know for sure what he was feeling about the journey he was about to take in a few minutes.

"This is a new history for mankind," said Alina. "You always tell me that your life is meaningless. But, you are wrong, you mean a lot to science, to mankind."

Yu was quite moved to hear those words come out of Alina's mouth so that his eyes became teary.

"Thank you."