The Kryptonian Emperor Through The Multiverse

It all began when Varion seized the codex of life from the grasp of the selfish Jor-El. Now witnessed the ascent of the Kryptonian Monarch and his journey across the multiverse. Additional Tags Resident Evil, Predator & Prometheus ========== Do you want to read ahead? Explore more chapters filled with sizzling encounters, and heart-pounding adventures. Then what are you waiting for Join my Patreon right now. Link : patreon.com/thebookaddict

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Meeting The General

"Seeking knowledge? Or seeking trouble?"

Jinx, already holding her knives in hand, seemed poised to act if Bill said another word.

"Let's head back. We still don't know what the boss has planned!" Tran suggested, trying to diffuse the tension.

Back on the plane, Jinx watched the group depart hastily, her mood sour.

"Do you have any idea who they are?" Snake Eye asked.

Shaking his head, Snake Eye remained silent. He had sworn not to divulge any information. Powerful individuals seemed to be appearing a lot these days. Back then, he could have easily taken down dozens of them single-handedly.

He activated his communicator and contacted the surviving special forces personnel.

"What's that? You encountered individuals from another faction?" Jinx relayed the events, listening to the response from another member of the special forces team.

"We have no clue, but they're definitely not from McAllen. Otherwise, you wouldn't be here to tell the tale. Forget about it for now! There are more pressing matters at hand," the voice advised.



At the Blood Orchid Base, Storm Shadow was brought in. While he were unsure why Varion had brought him, it was evident that he shared their identity. Another unfortunate soul about to face their fate.

"Boss, we've brought him in," Tran reported.

Varion glanced at Storm Shadow.

"Well, welcome. You're Storm Shadow, correct?"

Storm remained silent. Running away had crossed his mind, but since arriving here, it seemed futile.

"I know the person who framed you, oh, the person who killed your master and framed it for you. I can even kill him for you, but you need to help me with things from now on, do you have a deal?"

Storm Shadow raised his head sharply: "Are you sure?"

"Mousse, show him."

"Good sir."

The shadow of Zartan appeared in the projection, definitely, it should be the president now.

"Mr. Storm Shadow, according to the information we have obtained, Zartan has been disguised as the President since the last McCarran failure, and has been lurking until recently when you went to rescue Commander Cobra."

"How do you know that he is the one who framed me?"

Varion shook his head: "Don't you have some guesses yourself? If you don't believe it, you can just ask yourself if you catch it."

"Yes, if this is true, I promise you."

Varion laughed, yes, the feeling of collecting characters from various worlds is really good....

His collection ranged from Titans, Aliens, Predator, Na'vi and even viruses like the T-Virus?

"Wait...wait, boss, what did you just say the president was fake?" Bill looked bewildered.

Royce nodded: "If I heard correctly, the boss did say so."

"Gosh, what are these people trying to do? It's crazy".

Storm Shadow snorted coldly, he naturally knew what these people wanted to do, to rule the world.

"Mr. Bill, according to the mission calculations, the Zeus Industries have ambitions to exert global dominance. They've deployed seven space-based weapons into orbit, granting them the capability to strike on a worldwide scale. Surprisingly, their destructive potential rivals that of nuclear bombs, yet without the accompanying nuclear pollution, making it an environmentally friendly weapon."

Bill looked incredulous: "Fuck."

"So, when do we act?" That's what Storm Shadow cares about.

Varion laughed mysteriously.


The next day, in front of a house.

Inside, a group of survivors from the special forces gathered. This was the home of General Joe, but it wasn't quite what everyone expected. The place was packed with weapons and ammunition, hinting at a fear of being under-armed.

"Um... General, are you planning to settle disputes with the neighbors with all this firepower?" someone joked.

General Joe chuckled, "Oh no, my neighbors are all lovely folks."

Everyone inwardly grumbled. Lovely neighbors? Wasn't it more likely that anyone not so lovely would get blasted by cannons? Who turns their home into an armory, anyway?

Suddenly, there was a knock at the door.

The group exchanged glances, swiftly grabbing their weapons and seeking cover.

"General, do you have visitors?" someone asked.

The general's expression soured. "No, my friend doesn't drop by here."

Clicks of loaded bolts filled the room. No one spoke, unsure of who was outside or how many.

"Hey guys, I know you're in there! It's me, Bill! We met yesterday! Open up, I know you're there!"

Bill rubbed his head as Isabel shot him a glare. "I've seen this on TV, when is it ever funny?" Bill shrugged innocently.

The people inside were stunned. Snake Eye didn't say a word. They all cautiously approached the door.

Finally, the door creaked open just a bit, then quickly shut.

"It's those people I told you about last time, but Storm Shadow is with them," the general remarked.

Thinking for a moment, the general spoke up. "Since they found us, they must know what we're up to. Frankly, I don't trust that Jinx girl to keep her nose clean."

Snake Eye nodded, while Jinx looked confused. Was this really the best time for this?

Rip Cord chimed in, "Let's open the door and see what they want."

As the door swung open, the group finally got a glimpse of who was standing outside. Storm Shadow was there, but the others didn't recognize him.

The general was taken aback when he saw Isabelle following behind Storm Shadow, and Rip Cord's eyes widened.

"Do you know her?" he asked.

"Maybe. If I recall correctly, she's been missing for over half a year," the general replied.

Isabelle nodded. "I didn't expect a retired general will have intel on a sniper from a small country." Ironically, she didn't hold the general in high regard.

"What's going on here?" everyone wondered.

The general explained, "Six months ago, this lady vanished after being hit by a strange white light. It sparked a lot of interest, but I never imagined she'd turn up here."

Turning to Storm Shadow, he asked, "And what about you? What's your game?"

"Don't worry, I've switched sides. I'm looking for a common enemy. And I've got intel you don't know about. You're not in the dark," Storm Shadow replied.

Rip Cord shook his head. "How do we know you're telling the truth?"

Tran spoke up, "We could've wiped you out, but we didn't. Brace yourselves, your president won't be around much longer."


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